Died On January 4th

Discover the most famous people who died on January 4. The list includes people like Albert Camus, Erwin Schrödinger, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Henri Bergson, Joan Aiken. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, composers, philosophers and physicists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Albert CamusAlbert Camus
07 November 1913, Algerian, French
T. S. EliotT. S. Eliot
26 September 1888, American

Cornelius VanderbiltCornelius Vanderbilt
27 May 1794, American
Business Tycoon & Philanthropist

Erwin SchrödingerErwin Schrödinger
12 August 1887, Austrian

Phil LynottPhil Lynott
20 August 1949, Irish, British

Phyllis GatesPhyllis Gates
07 December 1925, American
Interior Decorator
Henri BergsonHenri Bergson
18 October 1859, French
Philosopher and Writer

Iron Eyes CodyIron Eyes Cody
03 April 1904, American

Mary Eliza Mahoney Mary Eliza Mahoney
16 April 1845, American

Joan AikenJoan Aiken
04 September 1924, American
Tony LipTony Lip
30 July 1930, American

Gerry RaffertyGerry Rafferty
16 April 1947, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter
Stuart ScottStuart Scott
19 July 1965, American

Maktoum bin Rashid Al MaktoumMaktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum
1943 AD, Emirati
Vice President

Tsutomu YamaguchiTsutomu Yamaguchi
16 March 1916, Japanese
Christopher IsherwoodChristopher Isherwood
26 August 1904, British, American

Elizabeth Ann SetonElizabeth Ann Seton
28 August 1774, American
Teacher, Abbé, Memoirist, Nun
Mohamed BouaziziMohamed Bouazizi
29 March 1984, Tunisian
Street vendor

Donald CampbellDonald Campbell
23 March 1921, British
Racecar driver

Rahul Dev BurmanRahul Dev Burman
27 June 1939, Indian
Casey JohnsonCasey Johnson
24 September 1979, American
Actor, Socialite, Television actor

Moses MendelssohnMoses Mendelssohn
06 September 1729, German
Philosopher, Translator, Writer, Bible translator
Brian HorrocksBrian Horrocks
07 September 1895, British
Athletics competitor, Military personnel

Mae QuestelMae Questel
13 September 1908, American

Salmaan TaseerSalmaan Taseer
31 May 1944, Pakistani
politician, businessperson, entrepreneur,

Robert StigwoodRobert Stigwood
16 April 1934, Australian
Businessperson, Record producer, Film producer,
Paul ChambersPaul Chambers
22 April 1935, American
Composer, Jazz musician
Mick KarnMick Karn
24 July 1958, Cypriot, British

Alfred von SchlieffenAlfred von Schlieffen
28 February 1833, German

Marais ViljoenMarais Viljoen
02 December 1915, South African

Hans LammersHans Lammers
27 May 1879, German
Judge, Politician, Jurist
Poon LimPoon Lim
08 March 1918, Chinese, American

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Gopalswamy Doraiswamy NaiduGopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu
23 March 1893, Indian

Pino DanielePino Daniele
19 March 1955, Italian
Composer, Singer, Jazz guitarist, Songwriter

Benito Pérez GaldósBenito Pérez Galdós
10 May 1843, Spanish
Spanish novelist

Georg von HertlingGeorg von Hertling
31 August 1843, German
Silas Weir MitchellSilas Weir Mitchell
15 February 1829, American

Thomas Nelson Jr.Thomas Nelson Jr.
26 December 1738, American
American statesman
Gabriel CramerGabriel Cramer
31 July 1704, Swiss
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher

Anselm FeuerbachAnselm Feuerbach
12 September 1829, German
Painter, University teacher

Stephen HalesStephen Hales
17 September 1677, British
Botanist, Physicist, Chemist
Eve ArnoldEve Arnold
21 April 1912, American
Journalist, Photographer, Photojournalist

Sancho II of PortugalSancho II of Portugal
08 September 1209, Portuguese
Charlotte E. RayCharlotte E. Ray
13 January 1850, American
American lawyer

Tryon EdwardsTryon Edwards
07 August 1809, American

Thomas Stearns EliotThomas Stearns Eliot
26 September 1888, British, American