Died On January 12th

Discover the most famous people who died on January 12. The list includes people like Agatha Christie, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, Pierre de Fermat, Hermann Minkowski, ?udovít Štúr. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, mathematicians, emperors & kings and philosophers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & India and many more countries.

Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie
15 September 1890, British
Maurice GibbMaurice Gibb
22 December 1949, British

Maximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorMaximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
22 March 1459, Austrian
Holy Roman Emperor

Pierre de FermatPierre de Fermat
17 August 1601, French

Surya SenSurya Sen
22 March 1894, Indian

Hermann MinkowskiHermann Minkowski
22 June 1864, German
Kumar GandharvaKumar Gandharva
08 April 1924, Indian
Hindustani classical singer

Ľudovít ŠtúrĽudovít Štúr
28 October 1815, Slovak

Charles BrentonCharles Brenton Huggins
22 September 1901, Canadian, American
Physician & Surgeon

Amrish PuriAmrish Puri
22 June 1932, Indian
William Peter BlattyWilliam Peter Blatty
07 January 1928, American

Lorraine HansberryLorraine Hansberry
19 May 1930, American
Writer, Theatre director, Screenwriter,
Leopoldo GaltieriLeopoldo Galtieri
15 July 1926, Argentinian
Military personnel, Politician

Tongzhi EmperorTongzhi Emperor
27 April 1856, Chinese

Cyrus VanceCyrus Vance
27 March 1917, American
Former United States Secretary of State
Dave SimeDave Sime
25 July 1936, American
Athletics competitor

Friedrich SchleiermacherFriedrich Schleiermacher
21 November 1768, German, Polish
Philosopher, Theologian, Translator, University
Nevil ShuteNevil Shute
17 January 1899, British

William Grenville, 1st Baron GrenvilleWilliam Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville
25 October 1759

Holland SmithHolland Smith
20 April 1882, American
Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of OrangeAnne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange
02 November 1709
Politician, Painter

Kinji FukasakuKinji Fukasaku
03 July 1930, Japanese
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Giovanni BoldiniGiovanni Boldini
31 December 1842

William Redington HewlettWilliam Redington Hewlett
20 May 1913, American
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Computer scientist

Abdul-Qadir GilaniAbdul-Qadir Gilani
24 March 1077, Iranian
poet, faqih

Claude BerriClaude Berri
01 July 1934, French
French film director
1786 AD, Japanese
Howard Atwood KellyHoward Atwood Kelly
20 February 1858, American
Surgeon, Writer, Gynaecologist, University teacher

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich SchlegelKarl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
29 February 1772, German
philosopher, translator, writer, literary critic,

William G. PerryWilliam G. Perry
1913 AD, French, American

Đorđe VajfertĐorđe Vajfert
15 June 1850, Serbian
Industrialist, Banker, Coin collecting, Book
James AllenJames Allen
28 November 1864, British

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Edward BernardEdward Bernard
1638 AD, British

Zilda ArnsZilda Arns
25 August 1934, Brazilian
Brazilian pediatrician

Robert BlackRobert Black
21 April 1947, British, Scottish
serial killer

Marc DavisMarc Davis
30 March 1913, American
Floyd MannFloyd Mann
20 August 1920, American
Security officer

William Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron GrenvilleWilliam Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville
25 October 1759, British
Prime Minister
Agatha Mary Clarissa MillerAgatha Mary Clarissa Miller
15 September 1890, British

Laurence Johnston PeterLaurence Johnston Peter
16 September 1919, Canadian, American