Died On February 7th

Discover the most famous people who died on February 7. The list includes people like Adolphe Sax, Maria Altmann, Josef Mengele, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Lee Hoi-chuen. Famous personalities featured on this list, include non-fiction writers, actors, novelists and opera singers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Canada and many more countries.

Josef MengeleJosef Mengele
16 March 1911, German
War Criminal
Big PunBig Pun
09 November 1971, American

Viola DesmondViola Desmond
06 July 1914, Canadian, American

Dieter DenglerDieter Dengler
22 May 1938, American

Adolphe SaxAdolphe Sax
06 November 1814, Belgian
Inventor of Saxophone

Lee Hoi-chuenLee Hoi-chuen
04 February 1901, Chinese
Opera Singer, Actor
Maria AltmannMaria Altmann
18 February 1916, Austrian, American
Art Collector

Anne Morrow LindberghAnne Morrow Lindbergh
22 June 1906, American
Renowned Author & Aviator

Dean SmithDean Smith
28 February 1931, American
Basketball Coach

Doug HenningDoug Henning
03 May 1947, Canadian
David UnaiponDavid Unaipon
28 September 1872, Australian

King Hussein of JordanKing Hussein of Jordan
14 November 1935, Jordanian
King of Jordan
Walter LangWalter Lang
10 August 1896, American
Film Director

Witold LutoslawskiWitold Lutoslawski
25 January 1913, Polish

Qianlong EmperorQianlong Emperor
25 September 1711, Chinese
Emperor of China
Hussein of JordanHussein of Jordan
14 November 1935, Jordanian

Pope Pius IXPope Pius IX
13 May 1792, Italian
Hans RoslingHans Rosling
27 July 1948, Swedish
Physician, Statistician, Blogger, University

Bobby TroupBobby Troup
18 October 1918, American
Singer-songwriter, Pianist, Actor, Songwriter,

Minoru YamasakiMinoru Yamasaki
01 December 1912, American
0263 AD, Serbian

Blossom DearieBlossom Dearie
28 April 1924, American
pianist, singer, jazz musician
Igor KurchatovIgor Kurchatov
12 January 1903, Russian
Nuclear physicist

Marshall RosenbergMarshall Rosenberg
06 October 1934, American
Psychologist, Academic, Non-fiction writer

Elihu RootElihu Root
15 February 1845, American
Former Secretary of State

Ann RadcliffeAnn Radcliffe
09 July 1764, British
Dave PeverettDave Peverett
16 April 1943, British
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
Robert, Archduke of Austria-EsteRobert, Archduke of Austria-Este
08 February 1915, Austrian

Emperor NintokuEmperor Nintoku
0290 AD, Japanese

John Bowes-LyonJohn Bowes-Lyon
01 April 1886, British
Stockbroker, Cricketer

Tzvetan TodorovTzvetan Todorov
01 March 1939, Bulgarian, French
Non-fiction writer, Historian, Semiologist,
Carlo GoldoniCarlo Goldoni
25 February 1707, Italian
Playwright, Writer, Librettist, Screenwriter,

Daniel François MalanDaniel François Malan
22 May 1874, South African
Minister, Politician

Robert E. ParkRobert E. Park
14 February 1864
sociologist, criminologist, writer, university

Alan PerlisAlan Perlis
01 April 1922, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Scientist,

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Lina CavalieriLina Cavalieri
25 December 1874
Singer, Actor, Opera singer
Pope Pelagius IIPope Pelagius II
0520 AD, Italian

Galileo FerrarisGalileo Ferraris
30 October 1847, Italian
physicist, engineer, inventor
Aleksandr KolchakAleksandr Kolchak
16 October 1874, Russian

Lewis Grassic GibbonLewis Grassic Gibbon
13 February 1901, British
Writer, Novelist

Jose Garcia VillaJose Garcia Villa
05 August 1908, Filipino
Harvey Samuel FirestoneHarvey Samuel Firestone
20 December 1868, American

James SinclairJames Sinclair
26 May 1908, Canadian
George Norman DouglasGeorge Norman Douglas
08 December 1868, British

Vuk Stefanović KaradžićVuk Stefanović Karadžić
06 November 1787, Serbian

Witold LutosławskiWitold Lutosławski
25 January 1913, Polish