Died On February 23rd

Discover the most famous people who died on February 23. The list includes people like John Quincy Adams, John Keats, Edward Elgar, Nellie Melba, Leo Baekeland. Famous personalities featured on this list, include soldiers, historians, political leaders and composers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

Stan LaurelStan Laurel
16 June 1890, British, American
John Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy Adams
11 July 1767, American

14 February 1933, Indian

John KeatsJohn Keats
31 October 1795, British
Romantic poet

Carlos HathcockCarlos Hathcock
20 May 1942, American
Military Personnel

Katherine HelmondKatherine Helmond
05 July 1929, American
Melvin FranklinMelvin Franklin
12 October 1942, American
R&B Singer

Edward ElgarEdward Elgar
02 June 1857, British

Saud of Saudi ArabiaSaud of Saudi Arabia
15 January 1902, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia

Nellie MelbaNellie Melba
19 May 1861, Australian
Opera Singer
Leo BaekelandLeo Baekeland
14 November 1863, Belgian, American
Chemist & Inventor

José Napoleón DuarteJosé Napoleón Duarte
23 November 1925, Salvadoran
Salvadoran Political figure
Carl F. GaussCarl F. Gauss
30 April 1777, German

Carl Friedrich GaussCarl Friedrich Gauss
30 April 1777, German
Mathematician, Geophysicist, Astronomer, Science

L. S. LowryL. S. Lowry
01 November 1887, British
William BoninWilliam Bonin
08 January 1947, American

James HerriotJames Herriot
03 October 1916, British
Writer, Veterinarian, Autobiographer, Children's
Stefan ZweigStefan Zweig
28 November 1881, Austrian, British
Writer, Translator, Journalist, Playwright, Poet,

Ofra HazaOfra Haza
19 November 1957, Israeli
Singer, Voice actor, Actor, Composer, Journalist,

Tomoyuki YamashitaTomoyuki Yamashita
08 November 1885, Japanese
0069 AD, Turkish
Theologian, Priest

Alan ColmesAlan Colmes
24 September 1950, American
Radio personality, Journalist
Robert K. MertonRobert K. Merton
04 July 1910, American

Horst WesselHorst Wessel
09 October 1907, German

Joshua ReynoldsJoshua Reynolds
16 July 1723, British

Jack DragnaJack Dragna
18 April 1891, Italian
Al-Walid IAl-Walid I
0668 AD, Syrian
Caliph of Damascus
Aleksey Nikolayevich TolstoyAleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy
10 January 1883, Russian
writer, Poet

Rudolf LangeRudolf Lange
18 November 1910, German

Heinrich von VietinghoffHeinrich von Vietinghoff
06 December 1887, German
Military personnel

Peter DamianPeter Damian
1007 AD, Italian
monk, diplomat, Catholic priest, philosopher
Telmo ZarraTelmo Zarra
20 January 1921, Spanish
Association football player

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Giambattista BasileGiambattista Basile
1566 AD, Italian
writer, poet, children's writer

Paul ClaudelPaul Claudel
06 August 1868, French
Playwright, Poet, Diplomat, Writer, Diarist, Poet

Pope Eugene IVPope Eugene IV
1383 AD, Italian

Gentile BelliniGentile Bellini
1429 AD, Italian
painter, sculptor, medallist
Hans BellmerHans Bellmer
13 March 1902, French
Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Engraver

Herbert HowellsHerbert Howells
17 October 1892, British
Albrecht von RoonAlbrecht von Roon
30 April 1803, German

Fannie HurstFannie Hurst
18 October 1885, American
Novelist, Screenwriter, Writer

Janez DrnovšekJanez Drnovšek
17 May 1950, Slovenian
Prime Minister
Alice Herz-SommerAlice Herz-Sommer
26 November 1903, Israeli
Musician, Pianist, Educationist, Music educator

Leonard D. WhiteLeonard D. White
17 January 1891, American
Political Scientist, Historian
George TaylorGeorge Taylor
1716 AD, British, American

Christopher HillChristopher Hill
06 February 1912, British

Sir Stanley MatthewsSir Stanley Matthews
01 February 1915, British

Julien RiesJulien Ries
19 April 1920, Belgian
University teacher, Historian of religion,

William AllanWilliam Allan
1782 AD, Scottish
Alexander YegorovAlexander Yegorov
13 October 1883, Russian
Military leader

Jean-Gaston DarbouxJean-Gaston Darboux
14 August 1842, French

Stanisław I LeszczyńskiStanisław I Leszczyński
20 October 1677, Polish