Famous People Who Died At 99

The list of famous people who died at 99 includes Homer, Morarji Desai, Gulzarilal Nanda, Michael DeBakey, Charles H. Townes. Famous personalities featured on this list, include artists, philosophers, surgeons and actors and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 99 includes people from United States, India, France & Poland and many more countries.

0800 BC, Greek
Greek author
Morarji DesaiMorarji Desai
29 February 1896, Indian
Politician, Prime Minister of India

Gulzarilal NandaGulzarilal Nanda
04 July 1898, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India

Michael DeBakeyMichael DeBakey
07 September 1908, American
Cardiac Surgeon

Fe del MundoFe del Mundo
27 November 1911, Filipino

Charles Hard TownesCharles H. Townes
28 July 1915, American
Maurice AllaisMaurice Allais
31 May 1911, French

Tadeusz ReichsteinTadeusz Reichstein
20 July 1897, Polish

John WoodenJohn Wooden
14 October 1910, American
Officer, Basketball coach, Basketball player

Lillian GishLillian Gish
04 October 1893, American
Max SchmelingMax Schmeling
28 September 1905, German, American

Hastings BandaHastings Banda
15 February 1898, Malawian
Carl BarksCarl Barks
27 March 1901, American
Screenwriter, Writer, Painter, Farmer, Journalist

Al HirschfeldAl Hirschfeld
21 June 1903, American
Caricaturist, Artist, Postage stamp designer

Ernesto SabatoErnesto Sabato
24 June 1911, Argentinian, Spanish
Physicist, Writer
Bob SheppardBob Sheppard
20 October 1910, American
Officer, Baseball player

Owen BarfieldOwen Barfield
09 November 1898, British
Philosopher, Writer
Harold GarfinkelHarold Garfinkel
29 October 1917, American
Sociologist, Educationist, University teacher

Michael E. DeBakeyMichael E. DeBakey
07 September 1908, American
Cardiac surgeon, University teacher

Gemistus PlethoGemistus Pletho
1355 AD, Turkish
William Henry JacksonWilliam Henry Jackson
04 April 1843, American
Painter, Photographer, Explorer, Artist,

Nilakantha SomayajiNilakantha Somayaji
14 June 1444, Indian
mathematician, astronomer, astrologer
George DevolGeorge Devol
20 February 1912, American
Entrepreneur, Inventor

Bernard Le Bovier de FontenelleBernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle
11 February 1657, French
Philosopher, Poet, Writer, Playwright, Satirist,

Nathalie SarrauteNathalie Sarraute
18 July 1900, French, Russian

Eve ArnoldEve Arnold
21 April 1912, American
Journalist, Photographer, Photojournalist
1489 AD, Turkish
Elżbieta ZawackaElżbieta Zawacka
19 March 1909, Polish
Historian, University teacher

Tadeus ReichsteinTadeus Reichstein
20 July 1897, Swiss, Polish

Ersilio ToniniErsilio Tonini
20 July 1914, Italian
Theologian, Catholic priest

John Robert WoodenJohn Robert Wooden
14 October 1910, American
Basketball Coach, Basketball player, Coach
Eddie AlbertEddie Albert
22 April 1906, American
American actor