Famous People Who Died In 2014

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 2014. This list includes people like Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lauren Bacall, Richard Attenborough, Shirley Temple and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, directors, composers and actresses who died in 2014. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Spain and many more countries.

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
21 July 1951, American
American stand-up comedian
Shirley TempleShirley Temple
23 April 1928, American

Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman
23 July 1967, American
Actor, Director & Producer

Richard AttenboroughRichard Attenborough
29 August 1923, British
Actor, Director, Producer

James GarnerJames Garner
07 April 1928, American

Maya AngelouMaya Angelou
04 April 1928, American
Lauren BacallLauren Bacall
16 September 1924, American
Actress, Model

Joe CockerJoe Cocker
20 May 1944, British
Singer & Musician

Mickey RooneyMickey Rooney
23 September 1920, American

Rik MayallRik Mayall
07 March 1958, British
Rubin CarterRubin Carter
06 May 1937, Canadian

Joan RiversJoan Rivers
08 June 1933, American
Robert HansenRobert Hansen
15 February 1939, American
Serial Killer

Louis ZamperiniLouis Zamperini
26 January 1917, American
Prisoner of War Survivor

Richard KielRichard Kiel
13 September 1939, American
Casey KasemCasey Kasem
27 April 1932, American
Radio Jockey, Voice Actor

Hiroo OnodaHiroo Onoda
19 March 1922, Japanese
Imperial Japanese Army Intelligence officer
Pete SeegerPete Seeger
03 May 1919, American
American singer

Mike NicholsMike Nichols
06 November 1931, American
Film Director, Theater Director, Film Producer

Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
21 July 1943, American
Elizabeth PeñaElizabeth Peña
23 September 1959, Cuban, American

Ariel SharonAriel Sharon
26 February 1928, Israeli
Prime Minister of Israel
John PinetteJohn Pinette
23 March 1964, American

H. R. GigerH. R. Giger
05 February 1940, Swiss

Jan HooksJan Hooks
23 April 1957, American

Sid CaesarSid Caesar
08 September 1922, American
Comedian, Actor
Tony BennTony Benn
03 April 1925, British
Former British Politician
Gough WhitlamGough Whitlam
11 July 1916, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Marcia StrassmanMarcia Strassman
28 April 1948, American

Maximilian SchellMaximilian Schell
08 December 1930, Swiss
Actor, Director

Polly BergenPolly Bergen
14 July 1930, American
Tommy RamoneTommy Ramone
29 January 1949, Hungarian, American
Record Producer, Drummer

Ben BradleeBen Bradlee
26 August 1921, American
Newspaper Editor & Journalist

Ian PaisleyIan Paisley
06 April 1926, Irish

Skye McCole BartusiakSkye McCole Bartusiak
28 September 1992, American

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Mary SoamesMary Soames
15 September 1922, British
Youngest Child of Winston Churchill
Jean-Claude DuvalierJean-Claude Duvalier
03 July 1951, Haitian
Former President of Haiti

21 February 1929, Mexican
Oscar de la RentaOscar de la Renta
22 July 1932, American
Fashion Designer

Alexander GrothendieckAlexander Grothendieck
28 March 1928, French

David BrennerDavid Brenner
04 February 1936, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor
Amiri BarakaAmiri Baraka
07 October 1934, American

Monica SpearMónica Spear
01 October 1984, Venezuelan
Model, Actress
Nadine GordimerNadine Gordimer
20 November 1923, South African
Writer, Political Activist

Samantha LewthwaiteSamantha Lewthwaite
05 December 1983, British
Suspected Terrorist

Gary BeckerGary Becker
02 December 1930, American

Luise Rainer Luise Rainer
12 January 1910, German, British, American

Stephanie KwolekStephanie Kwolek
31 July 1923, American
Walter Dean MyersWalter Dean Myers
12 August 1937, American

Gabriel Garcia MarquezGabriel Garcia Marquez
06 March 1927, Colombian
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Gerald EdelmanGerald Edelman
01 July 1929, American

Komla DumorKomla Dumor
1972 AD, Ghanaian
Derek McAllisterDerek McAllister
06 November 1994, American

Roger TomlinsonRoger Tomlinson
17 November 1933, British
Father of GIS
Martin Lewis PerlMartin Lewis Perl
24 June 1927, American

Carlos Páez VilaróCarlos Páez Vilaró
01 November 1923, Uruguayan

Aaron AllstonAaron Allston
08 December 1960, American
Game Designer, Author
Valeriya NovodvorskayaValeriya Novodvorskaya
17 May 1950, Russian
Russian Politician

James HellwigJames Hellwig
16 June 1959, American
Professional Wrestler
Harold RamisHarold Ramis
21 November 1944, American
American actor

Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof
13 March 1989, British
Journalist, Television presenter, Model,

Eli WallachEli Wallach
07 December 1915, American
Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins
26 October 1942, British

Phillip HughesPhillip Hughes
30 November 1988, Australian
Matthew CowlesMatthew Cowles
28 September 1944, American
Television actor, Film actor, Stage actor

Jack BruceJack Bruce
14 May 1943, British
Composer, Singer, Jazz musician, Diarist, Pianist,

Johnny WinterJohnny Winter
23 February 1944, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Record

Ann B. DavisAnn B. Davis
03 May 1926, American
23 January 1942, Mozambican
10 November 1927, Lebanese
singer, stage actor, film actor

Alfredo Di StéfanoAlfredo Di Stéfano
04 July 1926, Argentinian, Colombian, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Tito VilanovaTito Vilanova
17 September 1968, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Ruby DeeRuby Dee
27 October 1922, American
Fred PhelpsFred Phelps
13 November 1929, American
Lawyer, Pastor, Journalist

Masaru EmotoMasaru Emoto
22 July 1943, Japanese
Essayist, Writer

Gerry GoffinGerry Goffin
11 February 1939, American
Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter

Simone BattleSimone Battle
17 June 1989, American
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Elaine StritchElaine Stritch
02 February 1925, American
Theater Actress
Balu MahendraBalu Mahendra
20 May 1939, Indian
Film director, Actor, Camera operator,

Christine CavanaughChristine Cavanaugh
16 August 1963, American
Actor, Television actor
Mary Ann MobleyMary Ann Mobley
17 February 1937, American
Actor, Television actor, Model

K. BalachanderK. Balachander
09 July 1930, Indian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

B. K. S. IyengarB. K. S. Iyengar
14 December 1918, Indian
Paco de LucíaPaco de Lucía
21 December 1947, Spanish
Guitarist, Composer, Jazz musician, Jazz

Alexander ShulginAlexander Shulgin
17 June 1925, American
Biochemist, Pharmacologist, Chemist
P. D. JamesP. D. James
03 August 1920, British

Karl AlbrechtKarl Albrecht
20 February 1920, German

Jack BrabhamJack Brabham
02 April 1926, Australian
Formula One driver, Directeur sportif

Ian McLaganIan McLagan
12 May 1945, British
Autobiographer, Composer, Musician, Keyboardist,
Don PardoDon Pardo
22 February 1918, American
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality

Wojciech JaruzelskiWojciech Jaruzelski
06 July 1923, Polish
Acker BilkAcker Bilk
28 January 1929, British
Clarinetist, Jazz musician

Ralph H. BaerRalph H. Baer
08 March 1922, German, American
Inventor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Patent inventor

Jeremy LloydJeremy Lloyd
22 July 1930, British
Screenwriter, Actor

Dave LegenoDave Legeno
12 October 1963, British
Actor, Boxer
Virna LisiVirna Lisi
08 November 1936, Italian