Famous People Who Died In 1951

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1951. This list includes people like William Randolph Hearst, Henrietta Lacks, Philippe Pétain, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ludwig Wittgenstein and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, composers, novelists and playwrights who died in 1951. This list includes people from United States, Germany, Austria & France and many more countries.

William Randolph HearstWilliam Randolph Hearst
29 April 1863, American
Newspaper Baron
Ludwig WittgensteinLudwig Wittgenstein
26 April 1889, Austrian

Shoeless Joe JacksonShoeless Joe Jackson
16 July 1887, American
Baseball Player

Henrietta LacksHenrietta Lacks
01 August 1920, American
Source of HeLa Cell Line

Philippe PétainPhilippe Pétain
24 April 1856, French
Marshal of France

Arnold SchoenbergArnold Schoenberg
13 September 1874, Austrian
Liaquat Ali KhanLiaquat Ali Khan
01 October 1895, Pakistani
First Prime Minister of Pakistan

Sinclair LewisSinclair Lewis
07 February 1885, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Will Keith KelloggWill Keith Kellogg
07 April 1860, American
Founder of the Kellogg Company

Pauline Pfeiffer Pauline Pfeiffer
22 July 1895, American
Journalist & Second Wife of Ernest Hemingway
Charles G. DawesCharles G. Dawes
27 August 1865, American
Vice President of the United States

Ernest BevinErnest Bevin
09 March 1881, British
British statesman
Arnold SommerfeldArnold Sommerfeld
05 December 1868, German

Sigmund RombergSigmund Romberg
29 July 1887, American

Otto Fritz MeyerhofOtto Fritz Meyerhof
12 April 1884, German
Physician and Biochemist
Andre GideAndre Gide
22 November 1869, French

Ferdinand PorscheFerdinand Porsche
03 September 1875, Austrian, German
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor
Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimCarl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
04 June 1867, Finnish, Polish
Statesman, Explorer, Politician, Officer

Fanny BriceFanny Brice
29 October 1891, American
Film Actress, Comedian, Radio Personality, Theater

Abdullah I of JordanAbdullah I of Jordan
31 January 1882, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Jordan
Raymond Fernandez and Martha BeckRaymond Fernandez and Martha Beck
17 December 1914, American
Serial killer

Ivor NovelloIvor Novello
15 January 1893, British
Actor, Playwright, Composer, Writer, Screenwriter,
Jesse E. JamesJesse E. James
31 August 1875, American
Lawyer, Actor

Otto OhlendorfOtto Ohlendorf
04 February 1907, German
Economist, Politician, Military personnel

René GuénonRené Guénon
15 November 1886, French

Ben ChifleyBen Chifley
22 September 1885, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Railroad engineer
Nellie McClungNellie McClung
20 October 1873, Canadian
Novelist, Writer, Politician, Human rights
Choudhry Rahmat AliChoudhry Rahmat Ali
16 November 1897, Pakistani

J. C. LeyendeckerJ. C. Leyendecker
23 March 1874, American
Illustrator, Painter, Artist

Tommy GaglianoTommy Gagliano
1884 AD, American
American mobster

Zaifeng, Prince ChunZaifeng, Prince Chun
12 February 1883, Chinese
Oscar MicheauxOscar Micheaux
02 January 1884, American
American author

Willie MorettiWillie Moretti
24 February 1894, Italian, American

August HorchAugust Horch
12 October 1868, German
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Racecar driver

Oswald PohlOswald Pohl
30 June 1892, German
Politician, Torturer

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Alfred HugenbergAlfred Hugenberg
19 June 1865, German
Politician, Entrepreneur, Financier, Diplomat,
Sadegh HedayatSadegh Hedayat
17 February 1903
Writer, Translator, Novelist

Fritz ThyssenFritz Thyssen
09 November 1873, German
William, German Crown PrinceWilliam, German Crown Prince
06 May 1882, German

Nikolai MedtnerNikolai Medtner
05 January 1880, British
Composer, Pianist, University teacher

Ivanoe BonomiIvanoe Bonomi
18 October 1873, Italian
Politician, Prime Minister
Artur SchnabelArtur Schnabel
17 April 1882, Austrian
Composer, Pianist, Music educator

Ernst von WeizsäckerErnst von Weizsäcker
12 May 1881, German
politician, diplomat
Tadeusz BorowskiTadeusz Borowski
12 November 1922, Polish
Journalist, Poet, Writer

Andrei PlatonovAndrei Platonov
16 August 1899
Writer, Playwright, Science fiction writer

Serge KoussevitzkySerge Koussevitzky
26 July 1874
Composer, Conductor, Musician

Hermann BrochHermann Broch
01 November 1886, Austrian
Writer, Playwright

Serge VoronoffSerge Voronoff
10 July 1866, Swiss, French
Surgeon, Immunologist, Gynaecologist
Riad Al SolhRiad Al Solh
1894 AD, Lebanese

27 May 1913, German
Painter, Photographer

Oscar Stanton De PriestOscar Stanton De Priest
09 March 1871, American
American Politician

Abraham CahanAbraham Cahan
07 July 1860, American
Writer, Politician, Novelist, Autobiographer,
Leo SingerLeo Singer
03 May 1877, Austrian

Philip JaisohnPhilip Jaisohn
07 January 1864, American, South Korean
Carl Otto LamplandCarl Otto Lampland
29 December 1873, American

Lloyd Cassel DouglasLloyd Cassel Douglas
27 August 1877, American

Óscar CarmonaÓscar Carmona
24 November 1869, Portuguese
Politician, Military personnel