Famous People Who Died In 1912

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1912. This list includes people like John Jacob Astor IV, Bram Stoker, Robert Falcon Scott, Clara Barton, Joseph Lister and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include sailors, political leaders, explorers and novelists who died in 1912. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, France & Germany and many more countries.

John Jacob Astor IVJohn Jacob Astor IV
13 July 1864, American
Bram StokerBram Stoker
08 November 1847, Irish
Creator of Dracula

Robert Falcon ScottRobert Falcon Scott
06 June 1868, British

Clara BartonClara Barton
25 December 1821, American

Joseph ListerJoseph Lister
05 April 1827, British
Surgeon and Scientist

Isidor StrausIsidor Straus
06 February 1845, American
August StrindbergAugust Strindberg
22 January 1849, Swedish

Daniel BurnhamDaniel Burnham
04 September 1846, American
Architect, Urban Designer

William boothWilliam Booth
10 April 1829, British
Founder of the Salvation Army, Preacher

Lawrence Alma-Tadema Lawrence Alma-Tadema
08 January 1836, British
Andrew LangAndrew Lang
31 March 1844, Scottish
Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic

James S. ShermanJames S. Sherman
24 October 1855, American
27th Vice President of the U.S.A
Wilbur WrightWilbur Wright
16 April 1867, American

William Thomas SteadWilliam Thomas Stead
05 July 1849, British

Frederic PassyFrédéric Passy
20 May 1822, French
Economist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Henri PoincareHenri Poincare
29 April 1854, French
Mathematician and Philosopher

Emperor MeijiEmperor Meiji
03 November 1852, Japanese
Jules MassenetJules Massenet
12 May 1842, French
Composer, Musicologist, Music educator, University

Thomas AndrewsThomas Andrews
07 February 1873, British
Marine architect, Entrepreneur, Designer,

Louis CyrLouis Cyr
11 October 1863, Canadian
Allan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume
06 June 1829, British
Botanist, Ornithologist, Civil servant

William McMaster MurdochWilliam McMaster Murdoch
28 February 1873, British
Chief mate
Frederick VIII of DenmarkFrederick VIII of Denmark
03 June 1843, Danish

Samuel Coleridge-TaylorSamuel Coleridge-Taylor
15 August 1875, British
Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Lawrence OatesLawrence Oates
17 March 1880, British
Explorer, Military personnel

Karl MayKarl May
25 February 1842, German
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer, Screenwriter
Archibald Gracie IVArchibald Gracie IV
17 January 1859, American
historian, writer
William John McGeeWilliam John McGee
17 April 1853, American
Explorer, Anthropologist, University teacher

Henry Tingle WildeHenry Tingle Wilde
21 September 1872, British
Chief mate

Luitpold, Prince Regent of BavariaLuitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria
12 March 1821, German

Arthur MacArthur, Jr.Arthur MacArthur, Jr.
02 June 1845, American
Jacques FutrelleJacques Futrelle
09 April 1875, American
American journalist

Ion Luca CaragialeIon Luca Caragiale
01 February 1852, Romanian
linguist, poet, writer, journalist, playwright

Nogi MaresukeNogi Maresuke
25 December 1849, Japanese
Politician, Military personnel

Jules Joseph LefebvreJules Joseph Lefebvre
14 March 1834, French

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George DarwinGeorge Darwin
09 July 1845, British
Mathematician, Astronomer
Osborne ReynoldsOsborne Reynolds
23 August 1842, British
Physicist, Civil engineer, Engineer

Edward Adrian WilsonEdward Adrian Wilson
23 July 1872, British
Explorer, Ornithologist, Painter, Scientist
Whitelaw ReidWhitelaw Reid
27 October 1837, American

Gerhard Armauer HansenGerhard Armauer Hansen
29 July 1841, Norwegian

Edward SmithEdward Smith
27 January 1850, British
James AllenJames Allen
28 November 1864, British

Johann Martin SchleyerJohann Martin Schleyer
18 July 1831, German
Jack PhillipsJack Phillips
11 April 1887, British

Auguste Marie François BeernaertAuguste Marie François Beernaert
26 July 1829, Swiss
Former Prime Minister of Belgium

Major Archibald ButtMajor Archibald Butt
1865 AD
Military Leader

Washington Augustus Roebling IIWashington Augustus Roebling II
1881 AD