List of famous Chinese men with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Famous People From China

The Chinese are famous for their intelligence, dedication and industriousness. China, one of the most populous countries of the world is also one of the fastest growing ones. Often touted as an emerging superpower, China is indeed a great nation to reckon with. Chinese men have since the beginning of civilization contributed a lot to the world in the fields of astronomy, science, religion, philosophy, mathematics, arts, and literature. The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever teachers to have walked this earth while the philosopher Laozi is almost revered as a deity. The Chinese are blessed with an innate sense of artistry and aesthetics and Chinese artists and painters like An Zhengwen, Cáo Xuěqín, and Chéng Zhèngkuí have enriched the world of fine arts through the past many centuries.

Bruce LeeBruce Lee
(Actor, Martial Artist)

27 November 1940

James Wong Howe James Wong Howe

28 August 1899

Mao ZedongMao Zedong
(Communist Leader of China)

26 December 1893

Xi JinpingXi Jinping
(General Secretary of the Communist Party of China)

15 June 1953

Jack MaJack Ma
(Founder & Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group)

10 September 1964

Yao MingYao Ming
(Basketball Player)

12 September 1980

Chiang Kai-shekChiang Kai-shek
(President of the Republic of China)

31 October 1887

(Renowned Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher)

28 September 0551

Kris WuKris Wu
(Actor, model, singer)

06 November 1990

Qin Shi HuangQin Shi Huang

0259 BC

Deng XiaopingDeng Xiaoping

22 August 1904

(Last Emperor of China)

07 February 1906

(Buddhist Monk)

0483 AD

Sun TzuSun Tzu
(Ancient Military General, Strategist & Philosopher)

0544 BC

Cao CaoCao Cao
(Chinese warlord)

18 March 0155

Lu HanLu Han

20 April 1990

Hu JintaoHu Jintao
(Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China)

21 December 1942

Jiang ZeminJiang Zemin

17 August 1926

Liu Xiaobo Liu Xiaobo
(Chinese Human Rights Activist)

28 December 1955

Hans ZhangHans Zhang

06 October 1984

Edison Chen Edison Chen
(Actor, Singer, Record Producer)

07 October 1980

Wang JianlinWang Jianlin
(Business Magnate)

24 October 1954

Lin GengxinLin Gengxin

13 February 1988

Deng LunDeng Lun

21 October 1992

Lin DanLin Dan
(Badminton Player)

14 October 1983

Vin ZhangVin Zhang

19 January 1993

Zhao ZiyangZhao Ziyang
(Former Prime Minister of China)

17 October 1919

Hu GeHu Ge

20 September 1982

Deng ChaoDeng Chao
(Actor, Singer)

02 February 1979

Lee Hoi-chuenLee Hoi-chuen
(Opera Singer, Actor)

04 February 1901


0372 BC

Emperor Wu of HanEmperor Wu of Han
(Emperor of China)

30 June 0156

Wang Jingwei (Wang Ching-wei)Wang Jingwei
(Politician, Diplomat)

04 May 1883

Yip ManYip Man
(Martial Artist)

01 October 1893

Chen XiaoChen Xiao

05 July 1987

Mo YanMo Yan
(Novelist & Short Story Writer)

17 February 1955

Emperor Yang of SuiEmperor Yang of Sui
(Emperor of China’s Sui dynasty)

0569 AD

Lin YutangLin Yutang

10 October 1895

Tsung-Dao LeeTsung-Dao Lee

24 November 1926

Franklin DiazFranklin Chang Díaz
(Former NASA Astronaut)

05 April 1950

Lao Tzu (Laozi)Lao Tzu (Laozi)

0601 BC

Sun Yat Sen Sun Yat Sen
(Chinese Revolutionary and 'Father of Modern china')

12 November 1866

An WangAn Wang
(Co-founder of Wang Laboratories)

07 February 1920

Hu Yi TianHu Yi Tian

26 December 1993

Akong RinpocheAkong Rinpoche
(Founder of the Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland)

25 December 1939

Donnie YenDonnie Yen
(Actor, Film producer, Film director, Choreographer, Martial artist, Judoka, Karateka, Taekwondo athlete, Thai boxer)

27 July 1963

Hu YitianHu Yitian

26 December 1993

Tank ManTank Man

Sun Yat-senSun Yat-sen
(Politician, Physician, Philosopher)

12 November 1866

Stephen ChowStephen Chow
(Film director, Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter, Comedian)

22 June 1962


John WooJohn Woo
(Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film editor)

01 May 1946

Zheng HeZheng He
(Chinese diplomat)

23 September 1371

Wong Kar-waiWong Kar-wai
(Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer)

17 July 1958

Zhou EnlaiZhou Enlai
(Politician, Diplomat)

05 March 1898

Guan YuGuan Yu

Qianlong EmperorQianlong Emperor
(Emperor of China)

25 September 1711


0602 AD

Ai WeiweiAi Weiwei

28 August 1957

Toshiro MifuneToshiro Mifune
(Actor, Film producer, Film actor)

01 April 1920

Leslie CheungLeslie Cheung
(Singer, Composer, Film director, Actor, Songwriter)

12 September 1956

Zhuge LiangZhuge Liang
(Politician, military strategist, writer, engineer and inventor)

0181 AD

Liu BeiLiu Bei

0161 AD

Hawick LauHawick Lau
(Singer, Actor)

13 October 1974

Kangxi EmperorKangxi Emperor

04 May 1654

Stanley HoStanley Ho
(Politician, Entrepreneur)

25 November 1921

Wallace HuoWallace Huo
(Actor, Television actor, Film actor)

26 December 1979

J. G. BallardJ. G. Ballard
(Novelist, Writer, Autobiographer, Screenwriter, Science fiction writer)

15 November 1930

Yuan ShikaiYuan Shikai
(Former President of the Republic of China)

16 September 1859

Yellow EmperorYellow Emperor

Emperor Taizong of TangEmperor Taizong of Tang
(Emperor of China)

28 January 0598

Guangxu EmperorGuangxu Emperor
(Emperor of China)

14 August 1871

Zhang YimouZhang Yimou
(Film director, Actor, Screenwriter)

14 November 1951

Hongwu EmperorHongwu Emperor

21 October 1328

Bosco WongBosco Wong

13 December 1980

Hua GuofengHua Guofeng

16 February 1921

Wong Fei-hungWong Fei-hung
(Physician, Acupuncturist)

09 July 1847

Lang LangLang Lang
(Chinese pianist)

14 June 1982

Lin BiaoLin Biao
(Politician, Military personnel)

05 December 1907

Li BaiLi Bai

0701 AD

Yongle EmperorYongle Emperor
(Emperor of China)

02 May 1360