Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking
08 January 1942, British
Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist
Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
17 January 1706, British, American
Founding Father of the United States

Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton
04 January 1643, British

Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
02 January 1920, American
Writer, Professor

Louis PasteurLouis Pasteur
27 December 1822, French
Chemist and Microbiologist

John von NeumannJohn von Neumann
28 December 1903, Hungarian, American
George Washington CarverGeorge Washington Carver
01 January 1864, American
Scientist & Inventor

Charles BabbageCharles Babbage
26 December 1791, British
Father of the computer

Dian FosseyDian Fossey
16 January 1932, Rwandan, American
Zoologist, Conservationist
Johannes KeplerJohannes Kepler
27 December 1571, German
Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer

Albert HofmannAlbert Hofmann
11 January 1906, Swiss
The First Person to Synthesize LSD
James WattJames Watt
19 January 1736, Scottish
Inventor of Steam Engine

Donald KnuthDonald Knuth
10 January 1938, American
Computer Scientist

Satyendra Nath BoseSatyendra Nath Bose
01 January 1894, Indian

Edward TellerEdward Teller
15 January 1908, American

Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
08 January 1823, British
Naturalist, Explorer, Geographer, Anthropologist
Klaus FuchsKlaus Fuchs
29 December 1911, German
Theoretical Physicist and Atomic Spy

René GirardRené Girard
25 December 1923, French

Har Gobind KhoranaHar Gobind Khorana
09 January 1922, American

Aldo LeopoldAldo Leopold
11 January 1887, American
Arthur EddingtonArthur Eddington
28 December 1882, British

James Prescott JouleJames Prescott Joule
24 December 1818, British
Jacob BernoulliJacob Bernoulli
27 December 1654, Swiss

Leonid KantorovichLeonid Kantorovich
19 January 1912, Russian, Russian

Robert Woodrow WilsonRobert Woodrow Wilson
10 January 1936, American
Brian JosephsonBrian Josephson
04 January 1940, British

Ian FrazerIan Frazer
06 January 1953, Australian
Australian scientist
Ernst RuskaErnst Ruska
25 December 1906, German
Inventor of Electron Microscope

Samuel Chao Chung TingSamuel C. C. Ting
07 January 1936, American

Wilhelm WienWilhelm Wien
13 January 1864, German
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Charles HermiteCharles Hermite
24 December 1822, French

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Paul Hermann MüllerPaul Hermann Müller
12 January 1899, Swiss
Walther BotheWalther Bothe
08 January 1891, German

Rolf M. Zinkernagel Rolf M. Zinkernagel
06 January 1944, Swiss

Roger GuilleminRoger Guillemin
11 January 1924, French

Gerhard HerzbergGerhard Herzberg
25 December 1904, Canadian, German
Physical Chemist, Physicist
John E. WalkerJohn E. Walker
07 January 1941, British
Carl Ludwig SiegelCarl Ludwig Siegel
31 December 1896, German

Katharine Burr BlodgettKatharine Burr Blodgett
10 January 1898, American

Sune BergströmSune Bergström
16 January 1916, Swedish

Andre Marie AmpereAndre Marie Ampere
20 January 1775, French
Physicist and Mathematician
Kary B. MullisKary B. Mullis
28 December 1944, American

David Morris LeeDavid Morris Lee
20 January 1931, American

James BondJames Bond
04 January 1900, American

John Horton ConwayJohn Horton Conway
26 December 1937, British

Mary SomervilleMary Somerville
26 December 1780, British, Scottish
Mathematician, Linguist, Translator, Astronomer,
Alicia NashAlicia Nash
01 January 1933, Salvadoran, American

Kary MullisKary Mullis
28 December 1944, American
Biochemist, Molecular biologist, Chemist
Robert StroudRobert Stroud
08 January 1890, American

Bjarne StroustrupBjarne Stroustrup
30 December 1950, Danish
Computer scientist, Engineer, Scientist,

Owsley StanleyOwsley Stanley
19 January 1935, American
Chemist, Engineer, Audio engineer
Matt MullenwegMatt Mullenweg
11 January 1984, American
Entrepreneur, Programmer, Computer scientist,

Tony HoareTony Hoare
11 January 1934, British
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer, Writer,
Michael P. AndersonMichael P. Anderson
25 December 1959, American
Officer, Astronaut, Physicist

Brian KernighanBrian Kernighan
01 January 1942, Canadian
Computer scientist

Tu YouyouTu Youyou
30 December 1930, Chinese
chemist, pharmacologist, inventor, university

André-Marie AmpèreAndré-Marie Ampère
20 January 1775, French
French physicist

Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier
15 January 1963, American
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist
David BellamyDavid Bellamy
18 January 1933, British

Charles GoodyearCharles Goodyear
29 December 1800, American
Inventor, Chemist, Engineer

Alexey StakhanovAlexey Stakhanov
03 January 1906

Don NormanDon Norman
25 December 1935, American
Engineer, Computer scientist, Psychologist, Writer
David Starr JordanDavid Starr Jordan
19 January 1851, American
Botanist, Peace activist, Zoologist,

Lynn ConwayLynn Conway
10 January 1938, American
computer scientist, engineer, inventor
Natan SharanskyNatan Sharansky
20 January 1948, Israeli
Politician, Writer, Mathematician, Human rights

Paul EhrenfestPaul Ehrenfest
18 January 1880, Austrian
Physicist, Theoretical physicist, University

Alfred TarskiAlfred Tarski
14 January 1901, Polish, American
Mathematician, Philosopher
Jacob BronowskiJacob Bronowski
18 January 1908, British
Mathematician, Poet, Non-fiction writer

Johann Philipp ReisJohann Philipp Reis
07 January 1834, German
Physicist, Inventor
Jürgen SchmidhuberJürgen Schmidhuber
17 January 1963, German
Computer scientist

Emilio PalmaEmilio Palma
07 January 1978, Argentinian
Systems analyst, Computer scientist

Sydney BrennerSydney Brenner
13 January 1927, British, South African
Raghunath Anant MashelkarRaghunath Anant Mashelkar
01 January 1943, Indian
Engineer, Scientist

Yellapragada SubbarowYellapragada Subbarow
12 January 1895, Indian
Matthew Fontaine MauryMatthew Fontaine Maury
14 January 1806, American

Rudolf ClausiusRudolf Clausius
02 January 1822, German
Physicist, University teacher, Mathematician,

Fischer BlackFischer Black
11 January 1938, American
Economist, Mathematician

Igor KurchatovIgor Kurchatov
12 January 1903, Russian
Nuclear physicist
Massimo PigliucciMassimo Pigliucci
16 January 1964, American
Biologist, Philosopher, Geneticist, Writer,
Vladimir BukovskyVladimir Bukovsky
30 December 1942, Russian
Writer, Human rights activist

Robert FluddRobert Fludd
17 January 1574, British

Leonard AdlemanLeonard Adleman
31 December 1945, American
Computer Scientist

Lazzaro SpallanzaniLazzaro Spallanzani
10 January 1729, Italian
Biologist, Zoologist, Scientist, Naturalist,
Antonie PannekoekAntonie Pannekoek
02 January 1873
Astronomer, Historian of science, Philosopher,

Stephen Cole KleeneStephen Cole Kleene
05 January 1909, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,

Joseph WeizenbaumJoseph Weizenbaum
08 January 1923, German, American
Computer Scientist

Albert C. BarnesAlbert C. Barnes
02 January 1872, American

Eliza LucasEliza Lucas
28 December 1722, Antiguan, American
Business person
Jan Baptist van HelmontJan Baptist van Helmont
12 January 1579, Belgian
chemist, scientist

Shannon LucidShannon Lucid
14 January 1943, American
Astronaut, Chemist
Yosef Ben-JochannanYosef Ben-Jochannan
31 December 1918, American
Historian, Archaeologist

Nicolas StenoNicolas Steno
01 January 1638, Danish
Rodney BrooksRodney Brooks
30 December 1954, Australian, American
Andrew YaoAndrew Yao
24 December 1946, Chinese, American
Computer Scientist