Famous People Born In 1881

Discover the most famous people born in 1881. The list includes people like Pablo Picasso, Alexander Fleming, Pope John XXIII, Smedley Butler, Cecil B. DeMille and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, military leaders and philosophers born in 1881. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & France and many more countries.

Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso
25th October, Spanish
Mustafa Kemal AtaturkMustafa Kemal Ataturk
19th May, Turkish
Founder of the Republic of Turkey,

Alexander FlemingAlexander Fleming
6th August, British, Scottish
Biologist, Pharmacologist, Discovered Penicillin

Cecil Blount DeMilleCecil B. DeMille
12th August, American
Film Director, Producer

Bela BartokBela Bartok
25th March, Hungarian
Composer, Pianist

Pope John XXIIIPope John XXIII
25th November, Italian
P G WodehouseP G Wodehouse
15th October, British, American
Playwright and Author

Alexander KerenskyAlexander Kerensky
22nd April, Russian
Political Leader

Smedley ButlerSmedley Butler
30th July, American
Guccio GucciGuccio Gucci
26th March, Italian, British
Italian Businessman

Stefan ZweigStefan Zweig
28th November, Austrian
Ludwig von MisesLudwig von Mises
29th September, Austrian
Economist, Philosopher, Sociologist

Enver PashaEnver Pasha
22nd November, Turkish
Military Officer

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of HalifaxEdward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax
16th April, British
Former Viceroy of India

Harry WarnerHarry Warner
12th December, American

Anna PavlovaAnna Pavlova
12th February, Russian
Alexei RykovAlexei Rykov
25th February, Russian

Kliment VoroshilovKliment Voroshilov
4th February, Russian
Military Officer

Walther von BrauchitschWalther von Brauchitsch
4th October, German
Military Commander

Pierre Teilhard de ChardinPierre Teilhard de Chardin
1st May, French
Irving LangmuirIrving Langmuir
31st January, American

Ettore BugattiEttore Bugatti
15th September, French
Automobile Designer
Ernest BevinErnest Bevin
9th March, British
British statesman

William BoeingWilliam Boeing
1st October, German, American
Founder of Boeing Company

Fernand LégerFernand Léger
4th February, French
Cubist Painter
Hermann StaudingerHermann Staudinger
23rd March, German

Rose MacaulayRose Macaulay
1st August, British
Hans Fischer Hans Fischer
27th July, German

Walter Rudolf HessWalter Rudolf Hess
17th March, Swiss

Clinton DavissonClinton Davisson
22nd October, American
Franklin Pierce AdamsFranklin Pierce Adams
15th November, American

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Wesley Branch RickeyWesley Branch Rickey
20th December, American
Baseball player
Teilhard de ChardinTeilhard de Chardin
1st May, French

Paul Ludwig Ewald von KleistPaul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
8th August, German
Military commander

Erwin von WitzlebenErwin von Witzleben
4th December, German, Polish
Military personnel, Officer

Lu XunLu Xun
25th September, Chinese
Writer, Essayist, Poet, Literary critic,
François DarlanFrançois Darlan
7th August, French
Politician, Military personnel
Jess WillardJess Willard
29th December, American

Vincenzo PeruggiaVincenzo Peruggia
8th October
Art thief, House painter, Glazier

George EnescuGeorge Enescu
19th August, French, Romanian
Romanian composer

Theodore von KarmanTheodore von Karman
11th May, Hungarian
King OliverKing Oliver
19th December, American

Maximilian von WeichsMaximilian von Weichs
12th November, German
Military personnel

Hans KelsenHans Kelsen
11th October, Austrian, American
Lawyer, Judge, Philosopher, Educationist,

Victor KlempererVictor Klemperer
9th October, German
Linguist, Politician, Writer, Autobiographer,

Władysław SikorskiWładysław Sikorski
20th May, Polish, American
Politician, Military personnel
William Z. FosterWilliam Z. Foster
25th February, American

Alcide De GasperiAlcide De Gasperi
3rd April, Austrian, Italian
prime minister,politician
Max GersonMax Gerson
18th October, German, American

Alfred Radcliffe-BrownAlfred Radcliffe-Brown
17th January, British

Clive BellClive Bell
16th September, British
Art Critic
Natalia GoncharovaNatalia Goncharova
3rd June, French, Russian
painter, choreographer

Natalya GoncharovaNatalya Goncharova
3rd June, Russian
Russian artist
Edgar Albert GuestEdgar Guest
20th August, American

Artur PhlepsArtur Phleps
29th November, Romanian

Alastair DennistonAlastair Denniston
1st December, British
Field hockey player, Cryptographer, Mathematician

Georg von KüchlerGeorg von Küchler
30th May, German
Military commander

Washington Augustus Roebling IIWashington Augustus Roebling II
30th November
Walter KruegerWalter Krueger
26th January, American
Military personnel

H.H. K'ungH.H. K'ung
11th September, Chinese

Eleanor FarjeonEleanor Farjeon
13th February, British

Adolfo de la HuertaAdolfo de la Huerta
26th May, Mexican
Sir George Thomas, 7th BaronetSir George Thomas, 7th Baronet
14th June, British
Badminton player

Juan Ramón JiménezJuan Ramón Jiménez
24th December, Spanish
Ernst von WeizsäckerErnst von Weizsäcker
12th May, German
politician, diplomat

John DillJohn Dill
25th December, British
Senior officer

Khioniya GusevaKhioniya Guseva
30th November, Russian
Ramón GrauRamón Grau
13th September, Cuban
politician, physician

H. J. RoundH. J. Round
2nd June, British
Ed WalshEd Walsh
14th May, American
Baseball pitcher

Felix von LucknerFelix von Luckner
9th June, German
Writer, Military personnel

Crystal EastmanCrystal Eastman
25th June, American
Julian EltingeJulian Eltinge
14th May, American

Charles Emmanuel GraceCharles Emmanuel Grace
25th January, American
Lewis Fry RichardsonLewis Fry Richardson
11th October, British
Paramedic, Cartographer, Mathematician,

Mordecai KaplanMordecai Kaplan
11th June, Lithuanian, American

Albert GleizesAlbert Gleizes
8th December, French
Painter, Artist

L. E. J. BrouwerL. E. J. Brouwer
27th February, Dutch
Carlo CarràCarlo Carrà
11th February, Italian
Henry Maitland WilsonHenry Maitland Wilson
5th September, British
Field marshal

Nikolai MyaskovskyNikolai Myaskovsky
20th April
Composer, Educationist, Musicologist, Music

Sveinn BjörnssonSveinn Björnsson
27th February, Danish, Icelander

Otto Wille KuusinenOtto Wille Kuusinen
4th October, Finnish
Ludwig BinswangerLudwig Binswanger
13th April, Swiss
Swiss psychiatrist

Hugh Lawson WhiteHugh Lawson White
19th August, American

Mary MacLaneMary MacLane
1st May, Canadian, American

Raymond HoodRaymond Hood
29th March, American

Giovanni PapiniGiovanni Papini
9th January, Italian
Mary WebbMary Webb
25th March, British

Otto BauerOtto Bauer
5th September, Austrian
Robert Vansittart, 1st Baron VansittartRobert Vansittart, 1st Baron Vansittart
25th June, British

Asta NielsenAsta Nielsen
11th September, Danish
Mikhail LarionovMikhail Larionov
3rd June, Russian
John Gresham MachenJohn Gresham Machen
28th July, American