Famous People Born In 1871

Discover the most famous people born in 1871. The list includes people like Ernest Rutherford, Marcel Proust, Rosa Luxemburg, Cordell Hull, James Weldon Johnson and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, psychologists and journalists born in 1871. This list includes people from France, United States, United Kingdom & Germany and many more countries.

Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford
30th August, New Zealander, British
Physicist, Chemist
Marcel ProustMarcel Proust
10th July, French
French novelist

Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg
5th March, German, Polish
Marxist Theorist

Cordell HullCordell Hull
2nd October, American
Secretary of State, USA

James Weldon JohnsonJames Weldon Johnson
17th June, American

Orville WrightOrville Wright
19th August, American
Co-inventor of First Successful Airplane
Grazia DeleddaGrazia Deledda
27th September, Italian
Nobel Laureate in Literature

Jack Butler YeatsJack Butler Yeats
29th August, Irish, British
Irish artist

François Auguste Victor GrignardVictor Grignard
6th May, French

Paul ValeryPaul Valery
30th October, French
Ma BarkerMa Barker
8th October, American

Guangxu EmperorGuangxu Emperor
14th August, Chinese
Emperor of China
Stephen CraneStephen Crane
1st November, American
Writer, Journalist, Poet, Baseball player,

Friedrich EbertFriedrich Ebert
4th February, German
Politician, President

Ioannis MetaxasIoannis Metaxas
12th April, Greek
Politician, Officer, Military personnel
Pietro BadoglioPietro Badoglio
28th September, Italian
Prime Minister

Emily CarrEmily Carr
13th December, Canadian
Painter, Autobiographer
Theodore DreiserTheodore Dreiser
27th August, American

Karl LiebknechtKarl Liebknecht
13th January, German
German socialist

John Millington SyngeJohn Millington Synge
16th April, Irish
Playwright, Poet
Guillermo KahloGuillermo Kahlo
26th October, Mexican

David Beatty, 1st Earl BeattyDavid Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty
17th January, Irish, British
Politician, Military personnel
Albert LebrunAlbert Lebrun
29th August, French

Nicolae IorgaNicolae Iorga
17th January, Romanian
politician, linguist, geopolitician, poet

Giacomo BallaGiacomo Balla
18th July, Italian
Painter, Sculptor, Composer

Lyonel FeiningerLyonel Feininger
17th July, American
Painter, Artist
Heinrich MannHeinrich Mann
27th March, Czech
Alexander von ZemlinskyAlexander von Zemlinsky
14th October, Austrian
conductor, composer, writer

Gerardo MachadoGerardo Machado
28th September, Cuban

Georges RouaultGeorges Rouault
27th May, French
Curator, Painter, Graphic artist

Ernst ZermeloErnst Zermelo
27th July, German
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher
Lesya UkrainkaLesya Ukrainka
25th February, Ukrainian

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Leonid AndreyevLeonid Andreyev
21st August, Russian
playwright, writer, journalist, lawyer

Hubert Cecil BoothHubert Cecil Booth
4th July, British

Maurice GarinMaurice Garin
3rd March, French, Italian

Aarnoud van HeemstraAarnoud van Heemstra
22nd July
Margaret Floy WashburnMargaret Floy Washburn
25th July, American

Albert François LebrunAlbert François Lebrun
29th August, French
Politician, Engineer
Claus SchillingClaus Schilling
5th July, German
Military physician, Non-fiction writer

Christian MorgensternChristian Morgenstern
6th May, German
Poet, Writer, Translator, Literary editor,

Oscar Stanton De PriestOscar Stanton De Priest
9th March, American
American Politician
Florence SabinFlorence Sabin
30th November
Biologist, Immunologist, Educator

William SternWilliam Stern
29th April, German
psychologist, writer, university teacher
Maud Wood ParkMaud Wood Park
25th January, American

Louis FlesLouis Fles
19th October

William McDougallWilliam McDougall
22nd June, British
psychologist, university teacher

Émile BorelÉmile Borel
7th January, French
Mathematician, Politician, University teacher

Louise-Rose-Etiennette GerardLouise-Rose-Etiennette Gerard
5th April, French