Famous People Born In 1866

Discover the most famous people born in 1866. The list includes people like Wassily Kandinsky, Erik Satie, Beatrix Potter, Anne Sullivan, George Gurdjieff and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include soldiers, political leaders, novelists and philosophers born in 1866. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

H. G. WellsH. G. Wells
21st September, British
Wassily KandinskyWassily Kandinsky
16th December, Russian

Butch CassidyButch Cassidy
13th April, American

Erik SatieErik Satie
17th May, French

Beatrix PotterBeatrix Potter
28th July, British

Ramsay MacDonaldRamsay MacDonald
12th October, British
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Anne SullivanAnne Sullivan
14th April, American
American Teacher, Instructor

Gopal Krishna GokhaleGopal Krishna Gokhale
9th May, Indian
Pioneer of Indian Independence Movement

george gurdjieffGeorge Gurdjieff
1st January, Armenian
Spiritual Teacher

Thomas Hunt MorganThomas Hunt Morgan
25th September, American
Matthew HensonMatthew Henson
8th August, American
First African-American to explore the North Pole

Ferruccio BusoniFerruccio Busoni
1st April, German, Italian
Abraham FlexnerAbraham Flexner
13th November, American

Alfred WernerAlfred Werner
12th December, Swiss

Charles NicolleCharles Nicolle
21st September, French
Sun Yat Sen Sun Yat Sen
12th November, Chinese
Chinese Revolutionary and 'Father of Modern china'

Arthur KeithArthur Keith
5th February, Welsh
Father of Modern Nationalism
Jalil MammadguluzadehJalil Mammadguluzadeh
22nd February, Azerbaijani

Sun Yat-senSun Yat-sen
12th November, Chinese, American
Politician, Physician, Philosopher

George Herbert, 5th Earl of CarnarvonGeorge Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon
26th June, British
Giovanni AgnelliGiovanni Agnelli
13th August
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Businessperson, Racecar

Romain RollandRomain Rolland
29th January, French
Writer, Playwright, Essayist, Historian, Novelist,
Hans von SeecktHans von Seeckt
22nd April, German
Politician, Officer

Aleksandr UlyanovAleksandr Ulyanov
31st March, Russian

Benedetto CroceBenedetto Croce
25th February, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, Art historian, Writer,

Roger FryRoger Fry
14th December, British
Curator, Art historian, Painter, University
John RinglingJohn Ringling
31st May, American
Business Leader
Victor Duleep SinghVictor Duleep Singh
10th July, British

Franz von BayrosFranz von Bayros
28th May, Austrian
Painter, Artist, Illustrator

Lev ShestovLev Shestov
31st January, Russian
philosopher, university teacher

Emilio De BonoEmilio De Bono
19th March
Politician, Officer
Karl Maria WiligutKarl Maria Wiligut
10th December, Austrian
Writer, Occultist

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Léon BakstLéon Bakst
27th January, Belarusian, French
Russian painter

Léon BakstLéon Bakst
27th January, Belarusian, French
Russian painter

Léon BakstLéon Bakst
27th January, Belarusian, French
Russian painter

Elizabeth von ArnimElizabeth von Arnim
31st August, German, British
Writer, Novelist
Herbert Henry DowHerbert Henry Dow
26th February, American
Chemist, Inventor

Serge VoronoffSerge Voronoff
10th July, Swiss, French
Surgeon, Immunologist, Gynaecologist
Ramón del Valle-InclánRamón del Valle-Inclán
28th October, Spanish

Jacinto BenaventeJacinto Benavente
12th August, Spanish

Nathan SöderblomNathan Söderblom
15th January, Swedish
Kuroda SeikiKuroda Seiki
9th August, Japanese

Jeppe AakjærJeppe Aakjær
10th September, Danish
Mary AndersonMary Anderson
19th February, American

Herbert George WellsHerbert George Wells
21st September, British
Journalist, Historian, Novelist

Duncan MacDougallDuncan MacDougall
30th November, American
physician, psychiatrist

Henry GoddardHenry Goddard
14th August, American
psychologist, educationist