Famous People Born On April 7th

People who are born on 7th of April belong to the first zodiac sign, Aries. While, Mars is the governing planet of Aries, Neptune rules this particular day. Due to the combination of these planetary influences, these Arians vary a bit from the usual generalized descriptions of Aries personalities. Being easy to talk to and having a great understanding of the feelings of others, these individuals get along with practically everyone. Unlike most born under this star sign, those born on this day have a warm heart, are highly sociable and are more understanding, while having less ego. Despite the fact that they are prone to impatience and irritability, they will rarely hold a grudge.

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 1 Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday
Famous As: Musician
Birth Year: 1915
Nationality: American
Died: July 17, 1959
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)

 2 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
Famous As: Actor, Martial Artist
Birth Year: 1954
Nationality: Hong Konger
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

 3 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1964
Nationality: New Zealander
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)

 4 Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola
Famous As: FilmMaker
Birth Year: 1939
Nationality: American
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)

 5 Kaitlan Collins

Kaitlan Collins
Famous As: Journalist, Writer, Blogger
Birth Year: 1992
Nationality: American
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)

 6 James Garner

James Garner
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1928
Nationality: American
Died: July 19, 2014
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)

 7 William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth
Famous As: Poet
Birth Year: 1770
Nationality: British
Died: April 23, 1850
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 8 Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown
Famous As: 34th and 39th Governor of California
Birth Year: 1938
Nationality: American
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 9 Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany
Famous As: Politician
Birth Year: 1853
Nationality: British
Died: March 28, 1884

 10 Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar
Famous As: Musician, composer
Birth Year: 1920
Nationality: Indian
Died: December 11, 2012

 11 Franck Ribéry

Franck Ribéry
Famous As: Footballer
Birth Year: 1983
Nationality: French
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

 12 Joe Gallo

Joe Gallo
Famous As: Mobster
Birth Year: 1929
Nationality: Italian, American
Died: April 7, 1972
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)

 13 Jeetendra

Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1942
Nationality: Indian

 14 Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma
Famous As: Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter
Birth Year: 1962
Nationality: Indian

 15 Jason Ralph

Jason Ralph
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1986
Nationality: American
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)

 16 Grace Hightower

Grace Hightower
Famous As: Actress, Robert De Niro’s Wife
Birth Year: 1955
Nationality: American

 17 Wayne Rogers

Wayne Rogers
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1933
Nationality: American
Died: December 31, 2015
Height: 6'3" (190 cm)

 18 Eliseo Soriano

Eliseo Soriano
Famous As: Televangelist
Birth Year: 1947
Nationality: Filipino

 19 Rosey

Famous As: professional wrestler
Birth Year: 1970
Nationality: American
Died: April 17, 2017

 20 Duncan James

Duncan James
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1978
Nationality: British
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)

 21 John Oates

John Oates
Famous As: Guitarist
Birth Year: 1948
Nationality: American
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)

 22 Choi Si-won

Choi Si-won
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1986
Nationality: South Korean
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
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 23 Allie Sherlock

Allie Sherlock
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 2005
Nationality: Irish

 24 Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas
Famous As: Boxer
Birth Year: 1960
Nationality: American
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)

 25 David Frost

David Frost
Famous As: Television Host
Birth Year: 1939
Nationality: British
Died: August 31, 2013
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)

 26 Clarke Peters

Clarke Peters
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1952
Nationality: American
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 27 Christopher Darden

Christopher Darden
Famous As: Lawyer
Birth Year: 1956
Nationality: American

 28 Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg
Famous As: Activist
Birth Year: 1931
Nationality: American

 29 David Otunga

David Otunga
Famous As: Lawyer, Actor, Professional wrestler, Television actor
Birth Year: 1980
Nationality: American
Height: 6'1" (185 cm)

 30 Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1976
Nationality: American
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)

 31 Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1988
Nationality: British
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 32 Jeon So-min

Jeon So-min
Famous As: Actress, Model
Birth Year: 1986
Nationality: South Korean
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)

 33 Gerhard Schröder

Gerhard Schröder
Famous As: Politician
Birth Year: 1944
Nationality: German

 34 Belly

Famous As: rapper
Birth Year: 1984
Nationality: Canadian

 35 Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier
Famous As: Missionary
Birth Year: 1506
Nationality: Spanish
Died: December 3, 1552

 36 Oliver Burke

Oliver Burke
Famous As: Association football player
Birth Year: 1997
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)

 37 Tiki Barber

Tiki Barber
Famous As: American Football Player
Birth Year: 1975
Nationality: American
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 38 Ronde Barber

Ronde Barber
Famous As: American football player
Birth Year: 1975
Nationality: American
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 39 Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles
Famous As: Former Diplomat & Head of CIA
Birth Year: 1893
Nationality: American
Died: January 29, 1969

 40 Jared Cook

Jared Cook
Famous As: American football tight end
Birth Year: 1987
Nationality: American
Height: 6'5" (196 cm)

 41 Herb Baumeister

Herb Baumeister
Famous As: Serial killer
Birth Year: 1947
Nationality: American
Died: July 3, 1996

 42 Kurt von Schleicher

Kurt von Schleicher
Famous As: Former Chancellor of Germany
Birth Year: 1882
Nationality: German
Died: June 30, 1934

 43 Janis Ian

Janis Ian
Famous As: Singer, Songwriter, Musician & Author
Birth Year: 1951
Nationality: American

 44 Pearl Lowe

Pearl Lowe
Famous As: Singer, Fashion Designer
Birth Year: 1970
Nationality: British
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 45 Timothy Peake

Timothy Peake
Birth Year: 1972
Nationality: British

 46 Will Keith Kellogg

Will Keith Kellogg
Famous As: Founder of the Kellogg Company
Birth Year: 1860
Nationality: American
Died: October 6, 1951

 47 Andrew Sachs

Andrew Sachs
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1930
Nationality: German, British
Died: November 23, 2016
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)

 48 Gorden Kaye

Gorden Kaye
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1941
Nationality: British
Died: January 23, 2017
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 49 Jennifer Schwalbach Smith

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1971
Nationality: American
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

 50 Alan J. Pakula

Alan J. Pakula
Famous As: American film director
Birth Year: 1928
Nationality: American
Died: November 19, 1998

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 7th   

The unique individuals born on 7th of April possess a genuine zest for life and tend to appreciate and prefer the simple things. Their insatiable curiosity about the world has the possibility of leading the Arians to take some daring and foolish risks in life. People are often drawn to the youthfulness and playfulness of these individuals. They are blessed with immense capability, adaptability and a supportive nature and like to help others. The positivity and liveliness that they express ensure that, these Arians are rarely without companionship. While, they often like to be the center of attention, an independent streak occasionally leads them to seek solitude.

Persons born on April 7 are active and tend to lead a healthy lifestyle as they involve themselves in vigorous exercise. This attitude toward their health makes illness uncommon. As they have a very active mind, these individuals can be prone to headaches, sadness and depression. A tendency to put their body under pressure can also cause issues on occasion. While these can be troublesome, individuals born on this day are unlikely to ignore any serious symptoms. To keep stress levels low and ultimately benefit the body, patience would be an excellent skill to learn. Meditating, while, in a warm bath or spa tub will also help de-stress and relax these Arians.

Doing something that merely provides the necessities of life will not be adequate for these dreamers and doers. They harbor an urge for something that will provide an above average income. This stems from the wish to climb to the top of their chosen profession.

The determination and versatility of these Arian individuals give them the opportunity of to achieve great things and succeed in a wide range of fields. If there is a goal they want to reach, they are more than willing to put in any amount of work required to accomplish it. This drive may be the perfect quality for a career in business or advertising. The intellectual interests of this group may lead them into fields such as law or science as well. These individuals may also do well in a public position, allowing others to be inspired by the example set by them.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Although, these individuals may fall in love numerous times, each time will be a new and fresh experience. Generally, they are vastly caring and generous when it comes to romance. Aries individuals will benefit from finding a partner that understands their outspokenness and shares their fun-loving ways. An ideal mate would be the one that offers both physical and mental stimulation, as well as allows a similar degree of independence. In a long term relationship, those born on April 7th are extremely devoted, sensual and perceptive lovers. Some unrealistic expectations may bring jealousy and suspicion in addition to moodiness and tendency to take things a bit too personally. As parents, these Arians strive to inspire their children to live life on their own terms.

Lucky Color: Red & Blue
Lucky Numbers: 2 & 7
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday & Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 7th