Modern day movies and tele-shows may be interesting and entertaining, but the feel of sitting in a theatre and watching live characters is absolutely incredible! That is the magic that playwrights put into plays. Output of a vivid imagination and a gripping story, plays are a form of literature and are basically intended for theatrical performance. While talking about playwrights and plays, one just cannot overlook the contribution of Americans. Unless you have been living under the rock, names like T.S Eliot, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neil, Sarah Ruhl, Christopher Durang, August Wilson or Edward Albee cannot be unheard of. Truly outstanding in their work, American playwrights have a deep embedded insight for playwriting and a good knowledge and understanding of dramatic structure. Their play with words and sequence of the drama is so natural that at no point in their play, it seems like the characters are restricted to a particular script. Interestingly, plays by these playwrights have not just been performed in America alone but the world over. Enliven your spirit by reading about the life and works of some of the greatest American playwrights of all times. Their body of work would surely keep you entertained!
Sam ShepardSam Shepard
05 November 1943
Arthur MillerArthur Miller
17 October 1915

Tracy LettsTracy Letts
04 July 1965
Actor, Screenwriter

Tennessee WilliamsTennessee Williams
26 March 1911
American playwright

Rod SerlingRod Serling
25 December 1924
Screenwriter, TV Producer, Narrator

Danai GuriraDanai Gurira
14 February 1978
Nora EphronNora Ephron
19 May 1941
Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Gore VidalGore Vidal
03 October 1925

Yolanda KingYolanda King
17 November 1955
Henry JamesHenry James
15 April 1843

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Eugene O'Neill
16 October 1888
David MametDavid Mamet
30 November 1947

Neil SimonNeil Simon
04 July 1927
Playwright & Screenwriter

Joyce Carol OatesJoyce Carol Oates
16 June 1938

Roxann DawsonRoxann Dawson
11 September 1958

Robby BensonRobby Benson
21 January 1956
Dick CusackDick Cusack
29 August 1925

Charlayne WoodardCharlayne Woodard
29 December 1953

Joseph HellerJoseph Heller
01 May 1923

Jack DunphyJack Dunphy
22 August 1914
Frances Hodgson BurnettFrances Hodgson Burnett
24 November 1849

Lillian HellmanLillian Hellman
20 June 1905
Dramatist and Screenwriter
John GalsworthyJohn Galsworthy
14 August 1867
Nobel Laureate in Literature

Paul Laurence DunbarPaul Laurence Dunbar
27 June 1872

Irwin ShawIrwin Shaw
27 February 1913
Robert GreeneRobert Greene
14 May 1959
Writer, Playwright

James WongJames Wong
20 April 1959
Television producer
Thomas Clayton WolfeThomas Clayton Wolfe
03 October 1900

Leslie JordanLeslie Jordan
29 April 1955
Actor, Playwright, Stage actor, Television actor

Zoe KazanZoe Kazan
09 September 1983
Larry KramerLarry Kramer
25 June 1935

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Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
30 April 1976
Singer, Street artist, Composer, Pianist,
Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein
21 May 1966
Playwright, Television actor, Actor, Film actor,

Eric BogosianEric Bogosian
24 April 1953

Ernie HudsonErnie Hudson
17 December 1945

Lorraine HansberryLorraine Hansberry
19 May 1930
Writer, Theatre director, Screenwriter,
Marilyn vos SavantMarilyn vos Savant
11 August 1946
Matthew CowlesMatthew Cowles
28 September 1944
Television actor, Film actor, Stage actor

Stephen TobolowskyStephen Tobolowsky
30 May 1951

Howard ZinnHoward Zinn
24 August 1922
Playwright, Political scientist, Historian of the

Ruby DeeRuby Dee
27 October 1922
Mike O'MalleyMike O'Malley
31 October 1966

Thomas HarrisThomas Harris
11 April 1940
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright,

Morgan SpurlockMorgan Spurlock
07 November 1970
Screenwriter, Film director, Journalist

Carrie HamiltonCarrie Hamilton
05 December 1963

Gypsy Rose LeeGypsy Rose Lee
08 January 1911
John Cameron MitchellJohn Cameron Mitchell
21 April 1963

David BaldacciDavid Baldacci
05 August 1960
Writer, Screenwriter, Lawyer, Novelist, Author
Sidney SheldonSidney Sheldon
11 February 1917
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright, Film

Christine JorgensenChristine Jorgensen
30 May 1926

Jim SteinmanJim Steinman
01 November 1947
Terrence McNallyTerrence McNally
03 November 1938

Jim BeaverJim Beaver
12 August 1950
Elaine MayElaine May
21 April 1932
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage actor,

Anna Deavere SmithAnna Deavere Smith
18 September 1950
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor, Writer,

Roger Guenveur SmithRoger Guenveur Smith
27 July 1955
Actor, Screenwriter, Television actor

Ron PalilloRon Palillo
02 April 1949
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

William GoldmanWilliam Goldman
12 August 1931
Colman DomingoColman Domingo
28 November 1969

Don DeLilloDon DeLillo
20 November 1936
Writer, Playwright, Screenwriter, Novelist,

Ethan PhillipsEthan Phillips
08 February 1955

Matt LetscherMatt Letscher
26 June 1970
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor
Howard AshmanHoward Ashman
17 May 1950
Composer, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Songwriter, Film

Rupert HolmesRupert Holmes
24 February 1947
Christopher IsherwoodChristopher Isherwood
26 August 1904

Leslye HeadlandLeslye Headland
1981 AD
film director, screenwriter, playwright

Tony KushnerTony Kushner
16 July 1956
Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer, Music educator
Melvin Van PeeblesMelvin Van Peebles
21 August 1932

J. Michael StraczynskiJ. Michael Straczynski
17 July 1954
Screenwriter, Film producer, Novelist, Journalist,
Jonathan LarsonJonathan Larson
04 February 1960
Composer, Writer

Austin PendletonAustin Pendleton
27 March 1940
Actor, Playwright, Writer, Stage actor, Television

Taylor NegronTaylor Negron
01 August 1957
Patricia WettigPatricia Wettig
04 December 1951
Actor, Playwright, Stage actor, Television actor

Tovah FeldshuhTovah Feldshuh
27 December 1952
Television actor, Film actor, Writer, Playwright,
Kenneth LonerganKenneth Lonergan
16 October 1962
Screenwriter, Playwright, Theatre director, Actor,

Robert Anton WilsonRobert Anton Wilson
18 January 1932
Writer, Novelist, Philosopher, Essayist,

Bryan FogelBryan Fogel

Dan ButlerDan Butler
02 December 1954
Actor, Television actor
Bruce Jay FriedmanBruce Jay Friedman
26 April 1930
Joseph BolognaJoseph Bologna
30 December 1934

Edward AlbeeEdward Albee
12 March 1928
Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter, University

Nicholas KazanNicholas Kazan
30 November 1945
screenwriter, film director, film producer

Kevin HagenKevin Hagen
03 April 1928
Actor, Television actor
Lawrence WrightLawrence Wright
02 August 1947

Michael McClureMichael McClure
20 October 1932
Poet, Writer, Playwright

Eli MarienthalEli Marienthal
06 March 1986
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Clare Boothe LuceClare Boothe Luce
10 March 1903
Former U.S. Congressman, Diplomat, Journalist,

Ira LevinIra Levin
27 August 1929
Playwright, Screenwriter, Novelist, Writer,
Thornton Niven WilderThornton Wilder
17 April 1897

Jacob M. AppelJacob M. Appel
21 February 1973
Historian, Novelist, Writer, Playwright, Medical
Preston SturgesPreston Sturges
29 August 1898
American playwright

Peter HedgesPeter Hedges
06 July 1962
John Patrick ShanleyJohn Patrick Shanley
03 October 1950
Screenwriter, Playwright, Writer, Film director,
Jason Robert BrownJason Robert Brown
20 June 1970
Composer, Pianist