79 Year Old Males

The list of famous 79 year old males includes Harold Wilson, Al Pacino, Alex Trebek, Ringo Starr, Anthony Eden. Famous males featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, directors and philosophers and from other domains of life. This list of 79 Year Old includes people from United States, England, Germany & France and many more countries.

Al PacinoAl Pacino
25 April 1940, American
Alex TrebekAlex Trebek
22 July 1940, Canadian, American
American-Canadian Television personality

Ringo StarrRingo Starr
07 July 1940, British

Chuck NorrisChuck Norris
10 March 1940, American
Martial artist

James BrolinJames Brolin
18 July 1940, American

Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
13 July 1940, British
Phil SpectorPhil Spector
26 December 1939, American
Record Producer

James CaanJames Caan
26 March 1940, American

Carlos SlimCarlos Slim
28 January 1940, Mexican

Michael GambonMichael Gambon
19 October 1940, Irish, British
Smokey RobinsonSmokey Robinson
19 February 1940, American

Sam WaterstonSam Waterston
15 November 1940, American
Cliff RichardCliff Richard
14 October 1940, British

Jim BakkerJim Bakker
02 January 1940, American

Mario AndrettiMario Andretti
28 February 1940, Croatian, Italian, American
Lance HenriksenLance Henriksen
05 May 1940, American

Nursultan NazarbayevNursultan Nazarbayev
06 July 1940, Kazakh
1st President of Kazakhstan
Paul PelosiPaul Pelosi
15 April 1940, American

Frankie AvalonFrankie Avalon
18 September 1940, American
Actor, Singer

Giorgio MoroderGiorgio Moroder
26 April 1940, Italian
Jack NicklausJack Nicklaus
21 January 1940, American

Joe TorreJoe Torre
18 July 1940, American
Muhammad YunusMuhammad Yunus
28 June 1940, Bangladeshi

Don ImusDon Imus
23 July 1940, American
Radio Talk Show Host

Kip ThorneKip Thorne
01 June 1940, American

Michel TemerMichel Temer
23 September 1940, Brazilian
37th President of Brazil
J. M. CoetzeeJ. M. Coetzee
09 February 1940, South African
Novelist, Author
Don NelsonDon Nelson
15 May 1940, American
Basketball Player

Chuck CloseChuck Close
05 July 1940, American

Alan KayAlan Kay
17 May 1940, American
Computer Scientist

Tabaré VázquezTabaré Vázquez
17 January 1940, Uruguayan
President of Uruguay
Roman GabrielRoman Gabriel
05 August 1940, American
American Football Player

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Robert WinstonRobert Winston
15 July 1940, British
Surgeon, Scientist, TV Presenter

23 October 1940, Brazilian
Brazilian footballer

Tony TanTony Tan
07 February 1940, Singaporean
Seventh President of Singapore

Tom JonesTom Jones
07 June 1940, British
Welsh singer
Harold E. VarmusHarold E. Varmus
18 December 1939, American

Brian JosephsonBrian Josephson
04 January 1940, British
Joseph L. GoldsteinJoseph L. Goldstein
18 April 1940, American
Molecular Geneticist

Kumar Bhattacharyya, Baron BhattacharyyaKumar Bhattacharyya, Baron Bhattacharyya
06 June 1940, British
Life peer

Mark WhiteMark White
17 March 1940, American
Former Governor of Texas
Oscar Arias SanchezOscar Arias Sanchez
13 September 1940, Costa Rican
President of Costa Rica

Rene AuberjonoisRene Auberjonois
01 June 1940, American
Actor, Singer
Georgi IvanovGeorgi Ivanov
02 July 1940, Bulgarian

Roy William Thomas Jr.Roy William Thomas Jr.
22 November 1940, American
Comic Book Writer

Sharad PawarSharad Pawar
12 December 1940, Indian

Martin SheenMartin Sheen
03 August 1940, American

Kenneth ClarkeKenneth Clarke
02 July 1940, British
Max MosleyMax Mosley
13 April 1940, British
Racecar driver, Lawyer, Politician, Directeur

Terry GilliamTerry Gilliam
22 November 1940, British, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Animator, Film

Billy McNeillBilly McNeill
02 March 1940, British
Association football player, Association football

David JasonDavid Jason
02 February 1940, British
James CromwellJames Cromwell
27 January 1940, American

Vicente FernándezVicente Fernández
17 February 1940, Mexican
Singer, Actor, Film actor
John AmosJohn Amos
27 December 1939, American
television actor, film actor,stage actor

Brian De PalmaBrian De Palma
11 September 1940, American
film director, screenwriter, film producer

Burt YoungBurt Young
30 April 1940, Italian, American
Jeffrey ArcherJeffrey Archer
15 April 1940, British
Politician, Novelist, Writer, Playwright, Science

Herbie HancockHerbie Hancock
12 April 1940, American
Singer-songwriter, Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz
Constantine II of GreeceConstantine II of Greece
02 June 1940, Greek

K. J. YesudasK. J. Yesudas
10 January 1940, Indian

Dr. JohnDr. John
21 November 1940, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Jazz musician,
Stuart SutcliffeStuart Sutcliffe
23 June 1940, British
Painter, musician

Jimmy GreavesJimmy Greaves
20 February 1940, British
Manfred MannManfred Mann
21 October 1940, British
jazz musician, pianist, record producer, composer

Bill MedleyBill Medley
19 September 1940, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Patrick LeahyPatrick Leahy
31 March 1940, American

Dario ArgentoDario Argento
07 September 1940, Italian
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter,
Barry CorbinBarry Corbin
16 October 1940, American
Bob KnightBob Knight
25 October 1940, American
Basketball coach, Basketball player

The Iron SheikThe Iron Sheik
15 March 1940, American
Professional wrestler, Actor

James L. BrooksJames L. Brooks
09 May 1940, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Writer

Fran TarkentonFran Tarkenton
03 February 1940, American
American footballer
Dan HedayaDan Hedaya
24 July 1940, American

Barney FrankBarney Frank
31 March 1940, American

Howard HessemanHoward Hesseman
27 February 1940, American
Actor, Television actor

Tommy CashTommy Cash
05 April 1940, American

David GatesDavid Gates
11 December 1940, American
Anthony CassoAnthony Casso
21 May 1940, American

Bernardo BertolucciBernardo Bertolucci
16 March 1940, Italian
Chuck MangioneChuck Mangione
29 November 1940, American

Vikram GokhaleVikram Gokhale
30 October 1940, Indian, British Indian Ocean Territory

Thomas HarrisThomas Harris
11 April 1940, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright,
Chip TaylorChip Taylor
01 January 1940, American
Lyricists & Songwriters

Phil LeshPhil Lesh
1940 AD, American
Songwriter, Bassist
Geoffrey BoycottGeoffrey Boycott
21 October 1940, British

John HavlicekJohn Havlicek
08 April 1940, American
Basketball player

John HageeJohn Hagee
12 April 1940, American
Pastor, Theologian, Saxophonist

Joe GibbsJoe Gibbs
25 November 1940, American
American football coach
Michael MoorcockMichael Moorcock
18 December 1939, British

Lamar AlexanderLamar Alexander
03 July 1940, American
Denis LawDenis Law
24 February 1940, British
Association football player

Larry HankinLarry Hankin
31 August 1940, American
Richard MarcinkoRichard Marcinko
21 November 1940, American
Navy officer

Austin PendletonAustin Pendleton
27 March 1940, American
Actor, Playwright, Writer, Stage actor, Television
Ted KoppelTed Koppel
08 February 1940, British, American