Economy plays a vital role in our society. From the prices of commodities and services to the normal functioning of a household and a country, it is the economy that controls our life and living predominantly as an external force. Though there have been greatest of economists who contributed comprehensively through their research, analysis and documentation, 20th century saw a surge in the number greatly. British economist, William Arthur Lewis was the first to explore the problems of the developing world in the post-war era through his theory of economic growth. US economist, James Buchanan was one of the famed and celebrated economists of the century who is best remembered as the founder of ‘public choice theory’. And while talking of greatest economists of the 20th century, US economist, Milton Friedman definitely deserves top mention. He was best known for his advocacy of monetarism, the control of aggregate demand solely by control of the money supply and his unflinching support of the market in virtually all areas of economic life. US economist, Kenneth Arrow developed the first rigorous proof of the existence of general equilibrium in a capitalist economy. And there are many others including, Irving Fisher, John Richard Hicks, Amartya Sen, Douglass North, Robert Merton, and so on. Discover some amazing life facts and career graph of the famous economists of the 20th century.
Manmohan SinghManmohan Singh
26 September 1932, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India
Amartya SenAmartya Sen
03 November 1933, Indian
Economist & Philosopher

Milton FriedmanMilton Friedman
31 July 1912, American
Economist, Statistician

Maximilian Carl Emil WeberMax Weber
21 April 1864, German

Raghuram RajanRaghuram Rajan
03 February 1963, Indian

Paul VolckerPaul Volcker
05 September 1927, American
Former Chair of the Federal Reserve
Alan GreenspanAlan Greenspan
06 March 1926, American
American economist

Peter NavarroPeter Navarro
15 July 1949, American

David KahnemanDaniel Kahneman
05 March 1934, Israeli, American
American-Israeli psychologist

Muhammad YunusMuhammad Yunus
28 June 1940, Bangladeshi
António de Oliveira SalazarAntónio de Oliveira Salazar
28 April 1889, Portuguese
Former Acting President of Portugal

Ben BernankeBen Bernanke
13 December 1953, American
Carlos Salinas de GortariCarlos Salinas de Gortari
03 April 1948, Mexican

Joseph SchumpeterJoseph Schumpeter
08 February 1883, Austrian, Czech

Richard ThalerRichard Thaler
12 September 1945, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics (2017)
Benjamin GrahamBenjamin Graham
09 May 1894, American
Economist, Investor

Michael PorterMichael Porter
23 May 1947, American
Economist, Researcher, Author, Advisor, Speaker
Simone WeilSimone Weil
03 February 1909, French
Philosopher, mystic and social activist

Anita Bose PfaffAnita Bose Pfaff
29 November 1942, German

Paul SamuelsonPaul Samuelson
15 May 1915, American
John Kenneth GalbraithJohn Kenneth Galbraith
15 October 1908, Canadian

Hjalmar SchachtHjalmar Schacht
22 January 1877, German, Danish
Kristalina GeorgievaKristalina Georgieva
13 August 1953, Bulgarian
Managing Director of the IMF

Kenneth ArrowKenneth Arrow
23 August 1921, American
Economist & Political Theorist

Robert SolowRobert Solow
23 August 1924, American

Gary BeckerGary Becker
02 December 1930, American
Ronald CoaseRonald Coase
29 December 1910, British
Simon KuznetsSimon Kuznets
30 April 1901, American

Harry Max MarkowitzHarry Markowitz
24 August 1927, American

Wassily LeontiefWassily Leontief
05 August 1906, Russian, American, Russian
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Myron ScholesMyron Scholes
01 July 1941, Canadian, American
Franco ModiglianiFranco Modigliani
10 June 1918, Italian

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Douglass NorthDouglass North
05 November 1920, American

Robert Lucas Jr.Robert Lucas Jr.
15 September 1937, American

Jan TinbergenJan Tinbergen
12 April 1903, Dutch
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

William Forsyth SharpeWilliam F. Sharpe
16 June 1934, American
James TobinJames Tobin
05 March 1918, American

Robert MundellRobert Mundell
24 October 1932, Canadian
Robert FogelRobert Fogel
01 July 1926, American

John HarsanyiJohn Harsanyi
29 May 1920, Hungarian, American

Leonid KantorovichLeonid Kantorovich
19 January 1912, Russian, Russian
Abhijit BanerjeeAbhijit Banerjee
21 February 1961, Indian, American

William VickreyWilliam Vickrey
21 June 1914, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics
Lawrence R. KleinLawrence Klein
14 September 1920, American

Sir James A. MirrleesJames Mirrlees
05 July 1936, British

Theodore William Schultz Theodore Schultz
30 April 1902, American

Joseph E. StiglitzJoseph E. Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist & Author

Reinhard SeltenReinhard Selten
05 October 1930, Polish
Daniel Little McFaddenDaniel McFadden
29 July 1937, American

Richard StoneRichard Stone
30 August 1913, British

James MeadeJames Meade
23 June 1907, British

Maurice AllaisMaurice Allais
31 May 1911, French
Roy HarrodRoy Harrod
13 February 1900, British

Trygve HaavelmoTrygve Haavelmo
13 December 1911, Norwegian
Herbert SimonHerbert Simon
15 June 1916, American
Economist, Political scientist, sociologist,

Sir Arthur LewisSir Arthur Lewis
23 January 1915, Saint Lucian

Gary CohnGary Cohn
27 August 1960, American
Investment Banker
John HicksJohn R Hicks
08 April 1904, British

Merton H. MillerMerton H. Miller
16 May 1923, American
George Joseph StiglerGeorge Joseph Stigler
17 January 1911, American

Tjalling C. KoopmansTjalling C. Koopmans
28 August 1910, Dutch

Gerard DebreuGerard Debreu
04 July 1921, French, American
Sir Clive William John GrangerSir Clive William John Granger
04 September 1934, British

Esther DufloEsther Duflo
25 October 1972, French
Economist, Professor
Christine LagardeChristine Lagarde
01 January 1956, French
Economist, Lawyer, Diplomat, Politician,

Subramanian SwamySubramanian Swamy
15 September 1939, Indian
Economist, Politician, Author

Fareed ZakariaFareed Zakaria
20 January 1964, American
Journalist, Reporter, Essayist, Writer, Economist

Paul KrugmanPaul Krugman
28 February 1953, American
Columnist, Economist, Essayist, Blogger,
Alex SalmondAlex Salmond
31 December 1954, British
Economist, Politician
Viktor YanukovychViktor Yanukovych
09 July 1950, Ukrainian
Politician, Engineer, Economist, Racecar driver

Queen Máxima of the NetherlandsQueen Máxima of the Netherlands
17 May 1971
Economist, Judge

Joseph StiglitzJoseph Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist, University teacher, Science writer,

George OsborneGeorge Osborne
23 May 1971, British
Politician, Economist
Niall FergusonNiall Ferguson
18 April 1964, British
Writer, Economic historian, Historian, University

Francis FukuyamaFrancis Fukuyama
27 October 1952, American
Writer, Political scientist, Blogger, Economist

William Rees-MoggWilliam Rees-Mogg
14 July 1928, British
Journalist, Writer, Economist

Thomas PikettyThomas Piketty
07 May 1971, French
Economist, University teacher

Thabo MbekiThabo Mbeki
18 June 1942, South African
Politician, Economist
Li KeqiangLi Keqiang
01 July 1955
Politician, Economist

Mark CarneyMark Carney
16 March 1965, Canadian
Economist, Banker, Entrepreneur
Scott AdamsScott Adams
08 June 1957, American
Comics artist, Economist, Journalist

Lawrence SummersLawrence Summers
30 November 1954, American
Economist, University teacher, Professor,

Jens StoltenbergJens Stoltenberg
16 March 1959, Norwegian
Economist, Politician
Urjit PatelUrjit Patel
28 October 1963, Indian

Robert ReichRobert Reich
24 June 1946, American
Yanis VaroufakisYanis Varoufakis
24 March 1961, Australian, Greek
Economist, Politician, Professor, Non-fiction

Herbert A. SimonHerbert A. Simon
15 June 1916, American
Economist, Psychologist, Politician, Sociologist,

Viktor YushchenkoViktor Yushchenko
23 February 1954, Ukrainian
Economist, Politician, Banker

Jeffrey SachsJeffrey Sachs
05 November 1954, American
Economist, University teacher
Emma Georgina RothschildEmma Georgina Rothschild
16 May 1948, British
Economic historian, Historian, University teacher,

Janet YellenJanet Yellen
13 August 1946, American
Economist, Professor, Banker
Vicente FoxVicente Fox
02 July 1942, Mexican
Politician, Economist

Sepp BlatterSepp Blatter
10 March 1936, Swiss
Functionary, Economist
Elinor OstromElinor Ostrom
07 August 1933, American
Economist, Political scientist, University teacher

Mario DraghiMario Draghi
03 September 1947, Italian
Economist, Banker, University teacher
Dan ArielyDan Ariely
29 April 1967, Israeli, American