Throughout history, there have been many women choreographers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female choreographers such as Julianne Hough, Rosie Perez, Abby Lee Miller, Paula Abdul, Isadora Duncan.The women choreographers featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Paula AbdulPaula Abdul
19 June 1962, American
Julianne HoughJulianne Hough
20 July 1988, American

Teyana TaylorTeyana Taylor
10 December 1990, American

Abby Lee MillerAbby Lee Miller
21 September 1966, American
Dance Instructor, Reality TV Judge

Rosie PerezRosie Perez
06 September 1964, American
Film Actress & Show Host

Katherine LaNasaKatherine LaNasa
01 December 1966, American
Alyssa EdwardsAlyssa Edwards
16 January 1980, American
Drag Performer

Khandi AlexanderKhandi Alexander
04 September 1957, American
Dancer, Actress

Isadora DuncanIsadora Duncan
27 May 1877, American
Dancer & Choreographer
Cheryl BurkeCheryl Burke
03 May 1984, American

Witney CarsonWitney Carson
17 October 1993, American
Dancer. Choreographer
Patsy SwayzePatsy Swayze
07 February 1927, American

Anna PavlovaAnna Pavlova
12 February 1881, Russian

Zohra SehgalZohra Sehgal
27 April 1912, Indian

Martha GrahamMartha Graham
11 May 1894, American
Modern dancer and choreographer

Chachi GonzalesChachi Gonzales
23 January 1996, American
Choreographer & Dancer
Grethe Barrett HolbyGrethe Barrett Holby
26 April 1948, American
Opera Producer

Darcey BussellDarcey Bussell
27 April 1969, British

Twyla TharpTwyla Tharp
01 July 1941, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Katherine DunhamKatherine Dunham
22 June 1909, American
Dancer, Choreographer, Social Activist, Author
Emma SlaterEmma Slater
25 December 1988, British

Flavia CacaceFlavia Cacace
13 March 1980, Italian
Kristina RihanoffKristina Rihanoff
22 September 1977, Russian

Galina UlanovaGalina Ulanova
08 January 1910, Russian
Ballet Dancer, Choreographer

Sonal MansinghSonal Mansingh
30 April 1944, Indian
Odissi Dancer
Janette ManraraJanette Manrara
16 November 1983, American

Mia MichaelsMia Michaels
23 February 1966, American
Agnes de MilleAgnes de Mille
18 September 1905, American
American dancer and choreographer

May J LeeMay J Lee
17 May 1988, South Korean
Dancer, Choreographer

Lia KimLia Kim
10 July 1987, South Korean
Annie GuestAnnie Guest
13 December 1986, American
Jamie Lee Curtis’ Daughter

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Mary WigmanMary Wigman
13 November 1886, German
Dancer, Choreographer
Mina MyoungMina Myoung
03 April 1994, South Korean
Dancer, Choreographer

Doris HumphreyDoris Humphrey
17 October 1895, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Rina LipaRina Lipa
14 May 2001, British

Dianna WilliamsDianna Williams
29 November 1978, American
Choreographer/Reality TV Star
Jordan ClarkJordan Clark
29 December 1991, Canadian
Dancer, Actress
JoJo GomezJoJo Gomez
09 July 1993, American
Dancer, Choreographer

Logan FabbroLogan Fabbro
03 June 1998, Canadian
Actress, Dancer

Rumer NoelRumer Noel
01 January 1992, American
Dancer, Choreographer

Eboni NicholsEboni Nichols
12 May 1978, American
Tamina Pollack-ParisTamina Pollack-Paris
18 February 1989, Canadian

Dana AlexaDana Alexa
26 December 1989, American
Dancer, Choreographer

Polina GlenPolina Glen
25 March 1994, Russian
Dancer, Choreographer

Gianna MartelloGianna Martello
10 June 1989, American
Reality TV Star, Choreographer

Amymarie GaertnerAmymarie Gaertner
05 August 1994, American
Sarah GeorgianaSarah Georgiana
26 January 2007, American

Bree WasylenkoBree Wasylenko
13 June 1988, Canadian
Actress, Dancer
Saroj KhanSaroj Khan
22 November 1948, Indian
Dance Choreographers

21 March 1970, Indian

Debbie AllenDebbie Allen
16 January 1950, American
Q'orianka KilcherQ'orianka Kilcher
11 February 1990, German

Ashley RobertsAshley Roberts
14 September 1981, American
Gates McFaddenGates McFadden
02 March 1949, American

Debashree RoyDebashree Roy
13 June 1961, Indian

Carrie Ann InabaCarrie Ann Inaba
05 January 1968, American
Actor, Singer, Choreographer, Dancer, Television

Briana EviganBriana Evigan
23 October 1986, American

Ann ReinkingAnn Reinking
10 November 1949, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor
Toni BasilToni Basil
22 September 1943, American

Kimberly WyattKimberly Wyatt
04 February 1982, American

Ruth ConnellRuth Connell
20 April 1979, Scottish

Françoise GilotFrançoise Gilot
26 November 1921, French, American
Painter, Choreographer, Model
27 March 1963, Brazilian
Actor, Television presenter, Film producer,

Vaibhavi MerchantVaibhavi Merchant
17 December 1975, Indian
Dancer, Choreographer, Actor
Lola FloresLola Flores
21 January 1923, Spanish
Actor, Singer, Choreographer

Dora MaarDora Maar
22 November 1907, French
Photographer, Artist, Painter, Poet,

Paloma PicassoPaloma Picasso
19 April 1949, Spanish, French
Entrepreneur, Choreographer, Painter, Jewellery
Meredith MonkMeredith Monk
20 November 1942, American

Marge ChampionMarge Champion
02 September 1919, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor
Peta MurgatroydPeta Murgatroyd
14 July 1986, New Zealander, American

Wendee LeeWendee Lee
20 February 1960, American
Actor, Television actor, Choreographer,

Jeanne CoyneJeanne Coyne
28 February 1923, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor
Pina BauschPina Bausch
27 July 1940, German
Choreographer, Ballet dancer, Dancer, Artist,

Robin AntinRobin Antin
06 July 1961, American
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Television
Laurieann GibsonLaurieann Gibson
14 July 1969, Canadian

Loie FullerLoie Fuller
15 January 1862, American
Actor, Lighting designer, Choreographer, Artist,

Maya PlisetskayaMaya Plisetskaya
20 November 1925, Spanish, Russian
Ballet dancer, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Prima

Arlene PhillipsArlene Phillips
22 May 1943, British
Carolee SchneemannCarolee Schneemann
12 October 1939, American
Artist, Choreographer, Painter, University
Natalia MakarovaNatalia Makarova
21 November 1940, American
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Ballet master, Actor

Sophie CalleSophie Calle
09 October 1953, French
Photographer, Visual artist, Writer, Choreographer

Alicia AlonsoAlicia Alonso
21 December 1920, Cuban

Sylvie GuillemSylvie Guillem
25 February 1965, French
Ballet dancer, Choreographer
Ruth St. DenisRuth St. Denis
20 January 1879, American

Ninette de ValoisNinette de Valois
06 June 1898, Irish, British

June TaylorJune Taylor
14 December 1917, American

Susan StromanSusan Stroman
17 October 1954, American
Theatre Director

Kherington PayneKherington Payne
26 January 1990, American
Actor, Singer, Choreographer, Dancer, Television
Yvonne RainerYvonne Rainer
24 November 1934, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Choreographer, Dancer

Judith JamisonJudith Jamison
10 May 1943
Maud AllanMaud Allan
27 August 1873, Canadian

Tamara KarsavinaTamara Karsavina
09 March 1885, Russian
Prima Ballerina
Nora KayeNora Kaye
17 January 1920, American
Diana VishnevaDiana Vishneva
13 July 1976, Russian
Choreographer, Ballet dancer, Prima ballerina