Musicians From Nevada

Nevada has produced a number of Musicians who have made it big. These include Jena Malone, Ronnie Radke, Dan Reynolds, Sunny Ozell, Brandon Flowers and others.

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 1 Jena Malone

Jena Malone
Famous As: Actress
Birthdate: November 21, 1984
Sun Sign: Scorpio

As a child actor, Jena Malone delivered a Saturn Award-winning performance in Contact. She later starred in Donnie Darko, Sucker Punch, Into the Wild. and The Hunger Games franchise. She also sings as part of Jena Malone and the Blood Stains and is a talented photographer who has held exhibitions.

 2 Dan Reynolds

Dan Reynolds
Famous As: Singer-songwriter
Birthdate: July 14, 1987
Sun Sign: Cancer

Dan Reynolds is an American singer, record producer, and songwriter. He is credited with founding the popular pop-rock band, Imagine Dragons, for which he serves as the lead vocalist. Also known for his philanthropic efforts, Reynolds helped form The Tyler Robinson Foundation, which helps young people battling cancer. He also supports people struggling with mental health.

 3 Ronnie Radke

Ronnie Radke
Famous As: Lead Singer Of Rock Band 'Falling in Reverse'
Birthdate: December 15, 1983
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Ronald Radke was the co-founder of the post-hardcore band Escape the Fate. After a prison sentence in his early career, he joined the band Falling in Reverse. He has also had a fairly successful solo career and was part of Revolver Magazine's list of 100 Greatest Living Rock Stars.

 4 Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers
Famous As: Lead singer and keyboardist of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers
Birthdate: June 21, 1981
Sun Sign: Gemini

 5 Sunny Ozell

Sunny Ozell
Famous As: Singer-Songwriter
Birthdate: December 23, 1978
Sun Sign: Capricorn

 6 Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis
Famous As: Singer-songwriter
Birthdate: January 8, 1976
Sun Sign: Capricorn

 7 Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas
Famous As: Actor
Birthdate: July 10, 1980
Sun Sign: Cancer
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 8 Barry Zito

Barry Zito
Famous As: Baseball player
Birthdate: May 13, 1978
Sun Sign: Taurus

 9 Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre
Famous As: Conductor, Composer, Musicologist, Choir director
Birthdate: January 2, 1970
Sun Sign: Capricorn

 10 Louis Prima Jr.

Louis Prima Jr.
Famous As: Singer
Birthdate: June 16, 1965
Sun Sign: Gemini