Think there is nothing more to Portugal than its sun-kissed beaches, fairytale-inspiring castles, finger licking food and Cristiano Ronaldo? If yes, then you have been surely living under a rock all these years. Agreed, Portugal takes the cake (and the spotlight too!) when it comes to its scenic bounties, its simple and delicious meal and the soccer sensation. But the land of vineyards, pretty towns and fascinating fairs, is also home to some great men and women the world has ever known. Jose Mourinho , Eusebio, Mariza, Jose Saramago, Luis Figo, Francisco and Diogo Arruda, and Vasco da Gama are just a few of the famous Portuguese to whom the world heaps paeans. And the list does not end there. Without ado, let us get on with the biographies of famous Portuguese people to have ever walked the earth. Their memoir accounts for their timelines, trivia, and lesser-known facts. Read on.
Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo
05 February 1985
Football Player
José MourinhoJosé Mourinho
26 January 1963
Football Manager

Vasco da GamaVasco da Gama
1469 AD

Ferdinand MagellanFerdinand Magellan
1480 AD
Navigator, Explorer

Daniela RuahDaniela Ruah
02 December 1983

António GuterresAntónio Guterres
30 April 1949
9th Secretary-General of the United Nations
Luis FigoLuís Figo
04 November 1972
Former Portuguese Footballer

Shiloh FernandezShiloh Fernandez
26 February 1985

Bartolomeu DiasBartolomeu Dias
1450 AD
Portuguese explorer

Sara SampaioSara Sampaio
21 July 1991
Eva Maria dos SantosEva Maria dos Santos
08 June 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo's Daughter

Fernando PessoaFernando Pessoa
13 June 1888
Teresa HeinzTeresa Heinz
05 October 1938
Wife of John Kerry

Fabio CoentraoFabio Coentrao
11 March 1988
Football Player

José SaramagoJosé Saramago
16 November 1922
Henry the NavigatorHenry the Navigator
04 March 1394
Portuguese Political figure

Alexander AlekhineAlexander Alekhine
31 October 1892
French chess player
Joaquim ChissanoJoaquim Chissano
22 October 1939
Former President of Mozambique

Raphael GomesRaphael Gomes
23 June 1992

José Dinis AveiroJosé Dinis Aveiro
1954 AD
Cristiano Ronaldo's Father
Matilde FariaMatilde Faria
Wife of José Mourinho

Maria Dolores dos Santos AveiroMaria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro
31 December 1954
Cristiano Ronaldo's Mother
06 June 1987

Luis de MatosLuis de Matos
23 August 1970

Katia AveiroKatia Aveiro
05 October 1977

Julia ZelgJulia Zelg
07 July 1994
17 November 1986
Association football player
Nuno Espírito SantoNuno Espírito Santo
25 January 1974
Association football player, Association football

Ricardo QuaresmaRicardo Quaresma
26 September 1983
Association football player

André Villas-BoasAndré Villas-Boas
17 October 1977
Association football manager

Carmen MirandaCarmen Miranda
09 February 1909
Actor, Singer, Dancer
João SousaJoão Sousa
30 March 1989
Tennis player

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António de Oliveira SalazarAntónio de Oliveira Salazar
28 April 1889
Economist, Politician, Educationist, University

João MoutinhoJoão Moutinho
08 September 1986
Association football player

André GomesAndré Gomes
30 July 1993
Association football player

27 August 1977
Association football player
Nuno BettencourtNuno Bettencourt
20 September 1966
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter,

Joaquim de AlmeidaJoaquim de Almeida
15 March 1957
Sara MartinsSara Martins
19 August 1977

Adrien SilvaAdrien Silva
15 March 1989
Association football player

Pedro I of BrazilPedro I of Brazil
12 October 1798
Nélson OliveiraNélson Oliveira
08 August 1991
Association football player

Ivan CavaleiroIvan Cavaleiro
18 October 1993
Association football player
Rui CostaRui Costa
29 March 1972
Association football player

Carol II of RomaniaCarol II of Romania
15 October 1893

José FonteJosé Fonte
22 December 1983
Association football player

Carlos I of PortugalCarlos I of Portugal
28 September 1863
King of Portugal

Ricardo CarvalhoRicardo Carvalho
18 May 1978
Association football player
António CostaAntónio Costa
17 July 1961
Politician, Lawyer

Jorge JesusJorge Jesus
24 July 1954
Association football player, Association football

Manuel II of PortugalManuel II of Portugal
15 November 1889

Bruno AlvesBruno Alves
27 November 1981
Association football player
Afonso de AlbuquerqueAfonso de Albuquerque
1453 AD

Manuel I of PortugalManuel I of Portugal
31 May 1469
Carlos QueirozCarlos Queiroz
01 March 1953
Association football player, Association football

Raul MeirelesRaul Meireles
17 March 1983
Association football player

Paulo FutrePaulo Futre
28 February 1966
Association football player
Miguel VelosoMiguel Veloso
11 May 1986
Association football player

Marcelo Rebelo de SousaMarcelo Rebelo de Sousa
12 December 1948
Politician, University teacher, Journalist
Paulo SousaPaulo Sousa
30 August 1970
Association football player, Association football

José Manuel BarrosoJosé Manuel Barroso
23 March 1956
Politician, President

Luís Boa MorteLuís Boa Morte
04 August 1977
Association football player
Paulo FerreiraPaulo Ferreira
18 January 1979
Association football player

Afonso I of PortugalAfonso I of Portugal
25 July 1109
01 September 1976
association football player

Maria II of PortugalMaria II of Portugal
04 April 1819

28 April 1973
Association football player

Eduardo CarvalhoEduardo Carvalho
19 September 1982
Portuguese footballer
John VI of PortugalJohn VI of Portugal
13 May 1767
Simão SabrosaSimão Sabrosa
31 October 1979
Association football player

Luís de CamõesLuís de Camões
1524 AD
Portuguese poet

John I of PortugalJohn I of Portugal
11 April 1357

Juan Rodríguez CabrilloJuan Rodríguez Cabrillo
13 March 1499
John IV of PortugalJohn IV of Portugal
19 March 1604

Rui FonteRui Fonte
23 April 1990
Association football player

José BosingwaJosé Bosingwa
24 August 1982
Association football player

John III of PortugalJohn III of Portugal
07 June 1502

Ricardo Vaz TêRicardo Vaz Tê
01 October 1986
Association football player
Tiago IloriTiago Ilori
26 February 1993
Association football player

Sebastian of PortugalSebastian of Portugal
20 January 1554
Nuno GomesNuno Gomes
05 July 1976
Association football player

Anthony LopesAnthony Lopes
01 October 1990
Association football player

Hélder PostigaHélder Postiga
02 August 1982
Association football player
Tiago MendesTiago Mendes
02 May 1981
Association football player

John II of PortugalJohn II of Portugal
03 March 1455
Paulo BentoPaulo Bento
20 June 1969
Association football player, Association football

Carlos CarvalhalCarlos Carvalhal
04 December 1965
Association football player, Association football

Vítor BaíaVítor Baía
15 October 1969

Pope Damasus IPope Damasus I
0305 AD
Catholic priest , Poet
Eduardo CarvalhoEduardo Carvalho
19 September 1982
Association football player

11 November 1977
Association football player
João Vieira PintoJoão Vieira Pinto
19 August 1971
Association football player

Aristides de Sousa MendesAristides de Sousa Mendes
19 July 1885
24 January 1986
Association football player

Francisco de AlmeidaFrancisco de Almeida
Amália RodriguesAmália Rodrigues
23 July 1920
Singer, actress