People born on May 5 fall under Taurus, and are ruled by the planet of love and pleasure, Venus and also Mercury. Individuals born on this date have very independent spirits and are extremely talkative. They are often opinionated and are outgoing in nature. Such people are usually able to keep their emotions in control and have an idealistic outlook. They are extremely broadminded in their views and are good at keeping commitments. These individuals are loyal to their friends and are good at listening to them as well as talking to them. Being born on May 5, these people are highly curious and spontaneous and often enjoy challenging new experiences.

Henry CavillHenry Cavill
36, British
31, British

Karl MarxKarl Marx
64, Prussian
Economist, Philosopher

John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
75, British, Welsh

Sage StalloneSage Stallone
36, American
Actor, Director

Jim KellyJim Kelly
67, American
Tammy WynetteTammy Wynette
55, American

Søren KierkegaardSøren Kierkegaard
42, Danish

Michael PalinMichael Palin
76, British
Comedian, Actor

Nellie BlyNellie Bly
57, American
Danielle FishelDanielle Fishel
38, American
Actress, Television Personality

Brian WilliamsBrian Williams
60, American
Brooke HoganBrooke Hogan
31, American
Reality TV Star

Lance HenriksenLance Henriksen
79, American

Zach McGowanZach McGowan
38, American
Bing RussellBing Russell
76, American

Clark DukeClark Duke
34, American
Hank GreenHank Green
39, American
Internet Celebrity & Entrepreneur

Steve StevensSteve Stevens
60, American

Leon CzolgoszLeon Czolgosz
28, American
Assassin of American President William McKinley
Jenna DavisJenna Davis
15, American
YouTuber, Actress

Leopold II, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
44, Hungarian
Holy Roman Emperor
Jodi HuisentruitJodi Huisentruit
32, American
News Anchor

Guru Amar DasGuru Amar Das
95, Indian
Third Sikh Guru

Lisa EilbacherLisa Eilbacher
63, Saudi Arabian

Lynsi SnyderLynsi Snyder
37, American
Heiress of the In-N-Out Burger company.
Zail SinghZail Singh
78, Indian
President of India
Socratis OttoSocratis Otto
49, Australian

Song Ji-eunSong Ji-eun
29, South Korean
K-pop Singer, Actress

Melinda CuleaMelinda Culea
64, American

Vanessa BryantVanessa Bryant
37, American
Kobe Bryant's Wife, Model
Gabriella DemartinoGabriella Demartino
24, American
Fashion & Beauty Vlogger

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Bart BakerBart Baker
33, American
YouTube personality.

Douglas MawsonDouglas Mawson
76, Australian
Explorer, Geologist

Kalama EpsteinKalama Epstein
19, American

Niki DemartinoNiki Demartino
24, American
YouTube Star
Lewis HilsentegerLewis Hilsenteger
35, Canadian

Arthur Leonard Schawlow Arthur Leonard Schawlow
77, American
Christopher MorleyChristopher Morley
66, American
Journalist, Novelist

Don BenjaminDon Benjamin
32, American
Model, Reality TV Star, Singer

Younes BendjimaYounes Bendjima
26, American
Model, Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend
Jonny GrayJonny Gray
20, Canadian

Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen Ferdinand von Richthofen
72, German
Geographer, Traveler, Scientist
Brandon TemasfieldtBrandon Temasfieldt
24, British

Soren KierkegaardSoren Kierkegaard
42, Danish
Philosopher, Theologian & Religious Author

Ahmad JavadAhmad Javad
45, Azerbaijani

Christopher Maurice BrownChristopher Maurice Brown
30, American
American singer-songwriter

Ashton RowlandAshton Rowland
13, American
TikTok ( Star
Shaun McKnightShaun McKnight
45, American

Adam LZAdam LZ
24, American

Ariadna JuárezAriadna Juárez
19, American

Fiona LoudonFiona Loudon
51, Scottish
Daniel Craig's Ex-Wife
Paula DietzPaula Dietz
71, American
Dennis Rader’s Ex-Wife

Gulshan KumarGulshan Kumar
41, Indian
Businessperson, Film producer
Vincent KartheiserVincent Kartheiser
40, American

Raúl JiménezRaúl Jiménez
28, Mexican
Mexican footballer

Richard E. GrantRichard E. Grant
62, Swazi, British
Zach McGowanZach McGowan
39, American

Kurt SutterKurt Sutter
59, American
actor, screenwriter, television director,
Tyrone PowerTyrone Power
44, American

Santiago CabreraSantiago Cabrera
41, Chilean, British, Venezuelan

Devin TownsendDevin Townsend
47, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Record
George PapadopoulosGeorge Papadopoulos
80, Greek
Former President of Greece

Craig DavidCraig David
38, British
British singer-songwriter
Takehito KoyasuTakehito Koyasu
52, Japanese
Seiyū, Singer

Christine PelosiChristine Pelosi
53, American
Political adviser

Raai LaxmiRaai Laxmi
32, Indian

Nathan ChenNathan Chen
20, American
Figure skater
Alice FayeAlice Faye
83, American
Roger ReesRoger Rees
71, British, American, Welsh

Peter MolyneuxPeter Molyneux
60, British
Game programmer, Engineer, Programmer, Game

James CracknellJames Cracknell
47, British
Rower, Ocean rower

Yossi BenayounYossi Benayoun
39, Israeli
Association football player
Jessie CaveJessie Cave
32, British

Adrian Carton de WiartAdrian Carton de Wiart
83, British
Military personnel

Kurt LoderKurt Loder
74, American
Film critic

69, Iranian

Kyan DouglasKyan Douglas
49, American
Anna BergmanAnna Bergman
71, Swedish
Actor, Film actor

Henryk SienkiewiczHenryk Sienkiewicz
70, Polish
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Journalist
Max TegmarkMax Tegmark
52, Swedish, American
Physicist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist

Sean StephensonSean Stephenson
40, American
Motivational speaker, Writer

James LaBrieJames LaBrie
56, Canadian
Singer, Musician
Virginie EfiraVirginie Efira
42, Belgian
Actor, Television presenter, Journalist

Archibald Wavell, 1st Earl WavellArchibald Wavell, 1st Earl Wavell
67, British
Politician, Officer
Dieter ZetscheDieter Zetsche
66, German
Engineer, Businessperson, Merchant, Entrepreneur

Simon RimmerSimon Rimmer
56, British

James BeardJames Beard
81, American
Chef, Non-fiction writer

Nicholas GuestNicholas Guest
68, American
Georgios PapadopoulosGeorgios Papadopoulos
80, Greek
Politician, Officer, Military personnel

Peter HowittPeter Howitt
62, British
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter
Juan Pablo SorínJuan Pablo Sorín
43, Argentinian

Meb KeflezighiMeb Keflezighi
44, Eritrean, American
Marathon runner, Long-distance runner, Athletics
Pío PicoPío Pico
93, American

Marsha M. LinehanMarsha M. Linehan
76, American
Psychologist, University teacher, Writer
Sylvia PankhurstSylvia Pankhurst
78, British
Political Activist

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 5

Individuals born on May 5 are sociable with others and are good at reading the feelings of people around them. Even though these people are very sociable, they can keep secrets better than any other people. Nothing can keep these individuals down and they are very successful at accomplishing the things they want. New and interesting things attract these people easily which leads them to be very smart individuals and compliments their interest to learn. Being expressive is a unique trait of this day which can help in communicating with other people.

People born on May 5 often experience health problems that could have been easily avoided. These people like to rush through things, often leading to eating too fast or not taking the time to eat meals throughout the day. They are also more likely to have accidents, stress, and be overly tired often. This can put a strain on their health and overall wellbeing. It is a good idea for these people to try to slow down and take better care of their health and get good nutrition every day. People born on May 5 would benefit from taking time to do yoga or other calming exercises every day.

People born on this day are good at keeping their finances in good condition and are good at keeping a budget to save for the future. Keeping track of their finances and having stability is of great importance to these people.

People born on May 5 often know what they want to do with their life early in their lifetime. Being smart and having good communication skills can allow these people to get almost any job they wish to acquire.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
These people are often not willing to give up their independence to settle down. Both physical and intellectual attractions are necessary in a partner. These people require a lot of respect and trust from their partners before they are willing to fully commit, which can lead to them falling in and out of love quickly. They are playful and open minded in the bedroom. Having children is not at the top of their list, and often wait until after their career needs are met before they will think about settling down and having a family.

Lucky Colors: Light Grey, White, Light shades
Lucky Numbers: 1
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 5, 14, 23