People born on May 28th are born under the sign of Gemini. Though people born under this sign are known for their inability to ever fully be at ease, individuals who share this birthday are especially known for their tendency to over-analyse and can often feel overwhelmed when presented with a change in plans. They are somewhat selfish. They tend to keep most people at bay, but their ability to naturally relate to others makes them highly likable and people magnets. People born on this date enjoy their alone time, and they have been known to withdraw from social invitations at the last minute if they feel particularly overwhelmed.

Cameron BoyceCameron Boyce
20, American
Actor, Dancer
Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani
75, American
Former Mayor of New York City, U.S. Attorney for

Vinayak Damodar SavarkarVinayak Damodar Savarkar
82, Indian
Independence Activist, Reformer

Michael OherMichael Oher
33, American
American Football Player

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue
51, Australian
Singer-Songwriter and Actress

Seth RollinsSeth Rollins
33, American
Professional Wrestler
George I of Great BritainGeorge I of Great Britain
67, German
King of Britain

Carey MulliganCarey Mulligan
34, British

Jake JohnsonJake Johnson
41, American

Sondra LockeSondra Locke
75, American
François-Henri PinaultFrançois-Henri Pinault
57, French
CEO of Kering

Ian FlemingIan Fleming
56, British
Author of James Bond Series
Megalyn EchikunwokeMegalyn Echikunwoke
36, American

Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
64, American

Jessica RotheJessica Rothe
32, American
Alec BenjaminAlec Benjamin
25, American

Marco RubioMarco Rubio
48, American
U.S. Senator from Florida
Alexandre LacazetteAlexandre Lacazette
28, French

Alexa DavalosAlexa Davalos
37, American

Patch AdamsPatch Adams
74, American
Christa MillerChrista Miller
55, American

William Pitt the YoungerWilliam Pitt the Younger
46, British
Youngest Prime Minister of Britain
Anne ReidAnne Reid
84, British

Rob FordRob Ford
46, Canadian
Former Mayor of Toronto

Elisabeth HasselbeckElisabeth Hasselbeck
42, American
Talk Show Host

Lauri TörniLauri Törni
46, Vietnamese, Russian
Randolph ChurchillRandolph Churchill
57, British
Journalist, Politician
Carroll BakerCarroll Baker
88, American

Raza JaffreyRaza Jaffrey
46, British

Beth HowlandBeth Howland
74, American

19, American
Monica KeenaMonica Keena
40, American

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Steve KingSteve King
70, American
United States Representative

Jesse BradfordJesse Bradford
40, American

Elle McBroomElle McBroom
3, American
Austin McBroom's Daughter

Sepp DietrichSepp Dietrich
73, German
Military Officer
Roman AtwoodRoman Atwood
36, American
YouTube Personality, Comedian & Vlogger

John ToryJohn Tory
65, Canadian
Mayor of Toronto
Britt McHenryBritt McHenry
33, American
Sports Reporter

Charmaine ShehCharmaine Sheh
44, Hong Konger
Actress, Songwriter

Thomas MooreThomas Moore
72, Irish
Louis AgassizLouis Agassiz
66, American

Edvard BenešEdvard Beneš
64, Czech
Former President of Czechoslovakia
Patrick WhitePatrick White
78, Australian
Australian Writer

Khaled MashalKhaled Mashal
63, Jordanian
Political leader

Stanley B. PrusinerStanley B. Prusiner
77, American
Neurologist and Biochemist

Simeon PandaSimeon Panda
33, British
Fitness Professional & Entrepreneur

P.G.T. BeauregardP.G.T. Beauregard
74, American
Army General
Sean O'DonnellSean O'Donnell
23, American
Instagram Star, Photographer, Model

Daniel VedaDaniel Veda
18, American
Pop Singer

Miljenko JergovićMiljenko Jergović
53, Bosnian
Prose writer

Jep RobertsonJep Robertson
41, American
Reality TV Star
Kaelin EdwardsKaelin Edwards
22, American

Mimi DrabikMimi Drabik
18, American
YouTube Star
Oscar MiloszOscar Milosz
61, French

Caroline SartoriusCaroline Sartorius
22, American
Instagram Star, Sister of Jacob Sartorius

Gyorgy LigetiGyorgy Ligeti
83, Austrian
15, American

Karina ContiKarina Conti
19, American
Instagram Star
Josh TateJosh Tate
16, British

Christen HarperChristen Harper
26, American

N. T. Rama RaoN. T. Rama Rao
72, Indian
Actor, Politician, Q13006495, Film director, Film
Mark SanfordMark Sanford
59, American
Political Leader

Gladys KnightGladys Knight
75, American
Singer, Actor, Composer, Musician, Television
John FogertyJohn Fogerty
74, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Composer,

Kyle WalkerKyle Walker
29, British
Association football player

Jerry WestJerry West
81, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

James Michael TylerJames Michael Tyler
57, American
David BaddielDavid Baddiel
55, American
Comedian, Novelist, Screenwriter, Writer, Actor
Betty ShabazzBetty Shabazz
Civil Rights Activist, Nurse, Educator

John StonesJohn Stones
25, British
Association football player

Colbie CaillatColbie Caillat
34, American
American singer-songwriter

Jesse BradfordJesse Bradford
40, American
Zahi HawassZahi Hawass
72, Egyptian
Egyptian archaeologist

Craig KimbrelCraig Kimbrel
31, American
Baseball Player

Wendy O. WilliamsWendy O. Williams
48, American

Kirk GibsonKirk Gibson
62, American
Baseball player

Ekaterina GordeevaEkaterina Gordeeva
48, Russian
Figure skater
Nonso AnozieNonso Anozie
40, British

Selim IISelim II
50, Turkish
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Aaron SchockAaron Schock
38, American

Glenn QuinnGlenn Quinn
32, American, Northern Irish

Roland GiftRoland Gift
58, British
Musician, Actor
Justin KirkJustin Kirk
50, American

45, Pakistani
P. G. T. BeauregardP. G. T. Beauregard
74, American
Military personnel, Artilleryman, Inventor,

Zelda RubinsteinZelda Rubinstein
76, American

Kate AshfieldKate Ashfield
47, British

Sada AbeSada Abe
47, Japanese
Geisha, Criminal
Thora HirdThora Hird
91, British

Leland SklarLeland Sklar
72, American
Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Film score composer
Andy HamiltonAndy Hamilton
65, British
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter

Brandon CruzBrandon Cruz
57, American
Gavin HarrisonGavin Harrison

Rachel KempsonRachel Kempson
92, British
Gaku ShibasakiGaku Shibasaki
27, Japanese
Japanese footballer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 28

People born on May 28 are naturally high strung and have a tendency to speak before thinking. Often unaware of the social consequences, they avoid large groups of people in order to not be put in a position of forced social interaction. Be this as it may, once these people open up and feel at ease, they are often well liked and approachable. They are intelligent and wise and are constantly searching for ways to broaden their insights.

People born on this day tend to underplay any health issues that they may be experiencing. They frequently make excuses for their aches and pains and dread going to the doctor. Because of this, serious health problems can go undetected for many years and may lead to an early death. They detest exercise and would rather indulge in foods high in fat in sodium, increasing their risk of developing diabetes and hypertension as they age.

Those born on May 28 are typically wise in financial matters, accruing a substantial amount of wealth at a relatively young age. While this is a wonderful trait to have, these people also have the tendency to become too comfortable in their material wealth and may be inclined to take financial risks, such as routine gambling.

People born on this day are dedicated to their work and are devoted to putting in long hours at the office. Because of this, they are often recognized for their talents and have a tendency to receive promotions on a regular basis. They are not afraid to take credit for their work-related achievements and are also not afraid to own up to their mistakes (which rarely occur in the first place). These people often make effective stock brokers and accountants, as they are detail oriented and enjoy working with numbers.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on this day are loners and do not possess a strong desire to build personal relationships. Their marriages are usually ones of convenience and they prefer to settle into a daily routine with their spouse. They will stay in a marriage, even if it is an unhappy one, since a divorce would be considered a failure in their eyes. They don't feel the need to have children and would prefer the company of a low maintenance pet, such as a cat or fish.

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Lucky Numbers: 2, 15, 23
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 7, 19