Rudy Giuliani Biography

(Former Mayor of New York City)

Birthday: May 28, 1944 (Gemini)

Born In: East Flatbush, New York, United States

Rudolph William Louis ‘Rudy’ Giuliani is a former American politician, lawyer, businessman and a public speaker. His public service career kicked off in the ‘80s when he served in the United States Attorney's Office, for the Southern District of New York City, ultimately becoming U.S. Attorney in a few years. In this important public position, he displayed his powerful leadership by rigorously arresting the drug dealers thus helping the city clean up the mess created by rising cocaine consumption, he took hold of white-collar criminals and targeted organized crime groups. He is one of the most effective U.S. Attorneys in American history. Later, he served two consecutive terms as the Mayor of the New York City and continued with his toughness on the negatives of the city, making the lives of more than 60,000 people better in quality and more self sufficient. But it was during the 9/11 terrorists attack on the City that brought the national leadership traits in Giuliani on the surface, and he became a great source for public reassurance and consolation at the time. He received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his exceptional contribution in the times of crisis.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Rudolph William Louis Giuliani

Age: 79 Years, 79 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Donna Hanover, Judith Giuliani, Regina Peruggi

father: Harold Angel Giuliani

mother: Helen C. Giuliani

children: Andrew Giuliani, Caroline Giuliani

Born Country: United States

Lawyers Public Speakers

Height: 1.76 m

political ideology: Democratic (Before 1975), Independent (1975–1980), Republican (1980–present)

Ideology: Republicans

Founder/Co-Founder: Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, Giuliani Partners

More Facts

education: 1968 - New York University School of Law, 1965 - Manhattan College, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, University of Toronto Mississauga, New York University

awards: 1998 - The Hundred Year Association of New York's Gold Medal Award for his outstanding contributions to the City of New York
2002 - Fiorello LaGuardia Public Service Award for Valor and Leadership in the Time of Global Crisis
2003 - Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award

2002 - Ronald Reagan Freedom Award

Childhood & Early Life
Rudy Giuliani was born on May 28, 1944 in New York to Harold Giuliani and Helen. He belonged to a working-class, Italian Immigrant family. His father was convicted for assault and robbery and was a part of an organized crime group.
He attended the local Catholic school in Garden City South, St. Anne’s and later went to the Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School and graduated with a high score, which paved his way in securing an admission in Manhattan College.
In the beginning, he aspired to become a priest since he had been studying theology for many years in college. He graduated in 1965 and instead pursued law in the New York University School of Law in Manhattan.
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After graduating from the law school in 1968, Giuliani volunteered for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign and side by side, clerked for Judge Lloyd Francis MacMahon, United States District Judge for Southern District of New York.
In 1970, he joined the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and was made the Chief of Narcotics Unit and the executive U.S. attorney in the next few years.
In the mid-1970s, he was named the Associate Deputy Attorney General and chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Harold "Ace" Tyler.
In 1977, he left the United States Attorney’s Office and concentrated on his private practice for which he associated with the firm ‘Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler’ in New York.
He came back to Washington in 1981 to serve as President Reagan's Associate Attorney General, the No. 3 position in the Justice Department and a few years later, Giuliani was made the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.
He took up his position as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to personally litigate cases and for the next six years he concentrated on impeaching drug dealers, organized crime groups, and corruption in government
With his image as one of the most effective U.S. Attorneys in the American history, Giuliani ran for the mayor of New York City in 1989. He lost by a little margin to Democrat David Dinkins.
In 1993, he again stood against Dinkins and won the elections as the city wanted their mayor to work rigorously for its welfare, reduce the crime rate and secure it from the clutches of drugs, which Giuliani could make possible.
Giuliani’s leadership proved to be beneficial for the city, which is why he was chosen for another term but due to his ruthless ways of dealing with issues, people started to despise him and he lost his popularity by 2000.
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Just when Giuliani’s dynamism seemed to be fading away as his leadership tactics had hurt various sensibilities, he emerged back on the scene as a powerful leader during the 9/11 attacks in 2000.
He was honored for his role in the times when the city was going through its worst; he synchronized rescue operations that saved almost 20,000 lives and came out as the national voice of hope and support.
He retired from the office in 2001 and was substituted by Michael Bloomberg, whose election was a success because Giuliani, the beloved political leader of the New York City, personally endorsed him.
In 2008, Giuliani decided to stand for the Republican presidential nomination but he could not gather success from his campaign, in spite of the fact that people had respected him for his contribution to the New York City.
Major Works
Giuliani’s two consecutive terms as the mayor of New York is considered to be the time that established his dynamism as a leader. He reduced the crime rate by 1/3 and helped 600,000 New Yorkers in securing jobs and a better life for themselves.
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Awards & Achievements
Giuliani was awarded an honorary knighthood by Her Majesty in 2002, for his contributions as a leader during 9/11 attacks. He also received the Fiorello LaGuardia Public Service Award, the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award, the Margaret Thatcher Medal of Freedom, etc.
Personal Life & Legacy
Giuliani was married to his childhood sweetheart, Regina Peruggi from 1968-1975. He took legal separation from her as well as the Roman Catholic annulment from the Church.
He was married to local television personality, Donna Hanover from 1884-2002 and has two children with her, Caroline and Andrew. The differences in their marriage began when Giuliani started his alleged affair with one of his staff.
Whilst in his marriage with Hanover, he started an affair with Judith Nathan, a twice-divorced sales manager for a pharmaceutical company and got married to her in 2003. He has a step-daughter, Whitney, from his marriage to Nathan.
At the age of 55, Giuliani was diagnosed with prostate cancer, for which he took four months of neoadjuvant Lupron hormonal therapy, then low dose-rate prostate brachytherapy and ultimately the external beam radiotherapy. His father had died of Prostate cancer.
Giuliani joined the law firm of Bracewell & Patterson LLP (renamed Bracewell & Giuliani LLP) as a name partner and basis for expanding firm's new New York office in 2005.
Giuliani was one of the members of the Congress formed ‘the Iraq Study Group’ in 2006, in-charged with assessing the Iraq War and making recommendations. He later resigned from the panel.
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