People born on May 22nd are born under the third sign of the zodiac which is Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. Due to this, often individuals with this birthday display more than one personality. However, they are adaptable and easy-going by nature. Since this birthday is also associated with ideas and communication, these people are great at both. They have a creative mind and are very good at communication. The curious nature and free spirit of May 22 people is almost always noticeable because it is so striking. However, this person can get easily bored. May 22nd people are also spiritual by nature but they rarely reveal this aspect of theirs.

Novak DjokovicNovak Djokovic
32, Serbian
Tennis Star
Bernie TaupinBernie Taupin
69, British
Lyricist & Singer

Ted KaczynskiTed Kaczynski
77, American
Terrorist, Anarchist
60, British

Emma Chamberlain Emma Chamberlain
18, American

Maggie QMaggie Q
40, American
Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell
49, British

Laurence OlivierLaurence Olivier
82, British
Ginnifer GoodwinGinnifer Goodwin
41, American

Daniel BryanDaniel Bryan
38, American
Professional Wrestler
Alison EastwoodAlison Eastwood
47, American

Katie PriceKatie Price
41, British
Model, Television Personality
Richard WagnerRichard Wagner
69, German
Composer, conductor, theatre director
George BestGeorge Best
59, British, Northern Irish

Camren BicondovaCamren Bicondova
20, American
Actress, Dancer
Harvey MilkHarvey Milk
48, American

Dustin MoskovitzDustin Moskovitz
35, American
28, South Korean

Ann CusackAnn Cusack
58, American

Charles AznavourCharles Aznavour
95, French
Dieter DenglerDieter Dengler
62, American

Paul WinfieldPaul Winfield
64, American
Mary CassattMary Cassatt
82, American

Johnny GillJohnny Gill
53, American
Peyton Elizabeth LeePeyton Elizabeth Lee
15, American

Richard BenjaminRichard Benjamin
81, American
75, Belgian
Cartoonist (Creator of Tintin)
Clyde TolsonClyde Tolson
75, American
Associate Director of the FBI

A. J. LangerA. J. Langer
45, American
American actress
Raja Ram Mohan RoyRaja Ram Mohan Roy
61, Indian
socio-religious reformer

Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSir Arthur Conan Doyle
71, British, Scottish
Writer & Physician
29, American
YouTuber, musician, music interviewer

Lexy PanterraLexy Panterra
30, American

Vereena SayedVereena Sayed
16, American
YouTuber, Instagrammer
Herbert C. BrownHerbert C. Brown
92, American

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Parker Ballinger Parker Ballinger
6, American
Christopher & Jessica Ballinger's Son
Roan Joseph BronsteinRoan Joseph Bronstein
19, American
Phil Bronstein's son

Molly O MaliaMolly O Malia
18, American
Instagram Star, Model
Betty WilliamsBetty Williams
76, Northern Irish

George A. OlahGeorge A. Olah
89, Hungarian, American
43, British
Musical Artist
16, American
TikTok ( Star

Talia SagginarioTalia Sagginario
20, American
Arturo VidalArturo Vidal
32, Chilean
Chilean footballer

Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle
71, British
Physician, Writer, Poet, Cricketer, Novelist,
Julian EdelmanJulian Edelman
33, American
American football player

Ram Mohan RoyRam Mohan Roy
61, Indian
Philosopher, Social reformer

Dale WintonDale Winton
Radio DJ
Hideaki AnnoHideaki Anno
59, Japanese
Film director, Animator, Actor, Screenwriter, Film

The Great GamaThe Great Gama
85, Pakistani
Amateur wrestler
Annabel ChongAnnabel Chong
47, American
Adult Film Star, Actor

Sun RaSun Ra
79, American
American composer
Denise WelchDenise Welch
61, British
Actor, Autobiographer

Bob KatterBob Katter
74, Australian
Piero FerrariPiero Ferrari
74, Italian
Entrepreneur, Engineer
Mike BreenMike Breen
58, American
Sports commentator

Joe LauzonJoe Lauzon
35, American
Mixed martial artist
Johnny OlsonJohnny Olson
75, American
Actor, Radio personality

Sarfraz AhmedSarfraz Ahmed
32, Pakistani
Joseph AlliluyevJoseph Alliluyev
63, Russian

Nikolaj Lie KaasNikolaj Lie Kaas
46, Danish
Stage actor, Film actor, Screenwriter

Garry WillsGarry Wills
85, American
Historian, Biographer
Arlene PhillipsArlene Phillips
76, British

Arseniy YatsenyukArseniy Yatsenyuk
45, Ukrainian
Economist, Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer, Banker
Chrissie ChauChrissie Chau
34, Chinese
Actor, Model

Erin McNaughtErin McNaught
37, Australian
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant, Music
Michael PflegerMichael Pfleger
70, American

Cathy McMorris RodgersCathy McMorris Rodgers
50, American
CariDee EnglishCariDee English
35, American
Model, actor
Howard KendallHoward Kendall
69, British
Association football player, Association football

Christopher BrowningChristopher Browning
75, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian
Shuji NakamuraShuji Nakamura
65, Japanese, American
Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, Professor

Noa TishbyNoa Tishby
42, Israeli
actor, singer, model, television presenter
Natasha ShneiderNatasha Shneider
52, American
Actor, Musician, Pianist

Traci BrooksTraci Brooks
44, Canadian
Professional wrestler, Model

Mauro BoselliMauro Boselli
34, Argentinian
Association football player
Giacomo MatteottiGiacomo Matteotti

Karoline HerfurthKaroline Herfurth
35, German
Actor, Film director
Ernest OppenheimerErnest Oppenheimer
77, South African
Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Financier, Banker

Iva DaviesIva Davies
64, Australian
Theodore KaczynskiTheodore Kaczynski
77, American

Yvonne de GaulleYvonne de Gaulle
79, French
Daniel François MalanDaniel François Malan
84, South African
Minister, Politician
Jean TinguelyJean Tinguely
66, Swiss, French
sculptor, painter edit

Valentin InzkoValentin Inzko
70, Austrian
Linguist, Diplomat
Jürgen MelzerJürgen Melzer
38, Austrian
Tennis player

Kenny BallKenny Ball
82, British
Trumpeter, Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz musician
Tranquillo BarnettaTranquillo Barnetta
34, Swiss
Association football player

Shane KoyczanShane Koyczan
43, Canadian
Louis de Buade de FrontenacLouis de Buade de Frontenac
76, French
Colonial administrator

Lynn BarberLynn Barber
75, British
Anatol RapoportAnatol Rapoport
95, American
Mathematician, University teacher

Marisol EscobarMarisol Escobar
85, American, Venezuelan
Sculptor, Painter
Hubert RobertHubert Robert
74, French
Curator, Painter

Bismarck du PlessisBismarck du Plessis
35, South African
Rugby union player
William SturgeonWilliam Sturgeon
67, British
Physicist, Inventor

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 22

May 22nd people are hardworking by nature and enjoy the inner satisfaction of their completed projects. Interestingly, unlike other people, these individuals do not need many accolades to boost their self-esteem.  They have a tenacious and independent personality that is known for creative ideas and innovation but tends to over reach and can be unrealistic. May 22nd people take a long time to come to a conclusion or form a decision. People born on May 22 who recognize their own weaknesses and rise above a tendency to be obsessive and controlling make huge contributions to society with inventions, art and music.

The health of a person born on May 22 is usually very good because the person born on this day likes to be fit and will be dedicated to a fitness program and watch his/her weight carefully. Because this person makes fitness a priority, he/she does not indulge in rich foods, alcohol or sweets. May 22nd people are often vegetarian and are normally slim. A May 22nd born person should take care to consume enough protein and drink enough water.

People sharing the date May 22nd as their birthday are not as motivated by money as they are by their passion or causes. A May 22nd person can be very single minded about an issue he/she cares about. If a May 22 person is able to find a career or vocation that matches his/her interest or passion, this person will never have to worry about money.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Because May 22 people have a tendency to be controlling and obsessive, they need to be careful in their relationships. They should not try to control the independent free spirit that gets attracted them. However, when it comes to them, May 22nd individuals hate to be controlled and tied down. They want a partner who understands them, is there for them but at the same time, allows them to be free and independent. In terms of parenting, May 22nd parents can be very strict and controlling and yet, they are fair. It is important to these parents that they instil in their children a sense of honesty and integrity.

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Lucky Numbers: 4, 9
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 25