Famous People Born On March 4th

People born on March 4 are born under the 12th sun sign Pisces, and they are ruled by the planetary influences of both Neptune, and the Moon. These individuals can seem a bit spacey and unaware. They are trusting of almost everyone, which can make them seem very naive, as well as get them into trouble. Forgiveness comes easily for March 4 natives, but it is more due to forgetfulness than anything else. Pisces people born on this day can be very self-centered, but to friends and lovers, they are very compassionate and kind.

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 1 Catherine O'Hara

Catherine O'Hara
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1954
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Primetime Emmy-winning Canadian-American actor and comedian Catherine O'Hara soared to fame with the sketch-comedy show SCTV. She is known for her frequent appearances in the films of Tim Burton and Christopher Guest. She is the sister of singer Mary Margaret O'Hara and is herself a fairly decent singer.

 2 Draymond Green

Draymond Green
Famous As: Basketball Player
Birth Year: 1990
Birthplace: Saginaw, Michigan, United States

Professional basketball player Draymond Green currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He plays primarily at the power forward position. A three-time NBA champion and a three-time NBA All-Star, he won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2017. He identifies himself as a Christian and follows a modest lifestyle.

 3 Angela White

Angela White
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1985
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

 4 Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Famous As: Composer
Birth Year: 1678
Birthplace: Venice, Italy
Died: July 28, 1741

Italian Baroque composer, virtuoso violinist, and teacher, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, is regarded as one of the greatest Baroque composers. He was extremely popular during his lifetime and composed many instrumental concertos and operas. He was also a Roman Catholic priest and worked at a home for abandoned children. Even though he died in 1741, his music continues to be popular.

 5 Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1958
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

 6 Park Min-young

Park Min-young
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1986
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Park Min-young is one of the most popular South Korean actresses of the current generation. After starting her career by appearing in commercials, Park Min-young went on to play leading roles in TV series, such as A New Leaf and Healer. Park's popularity increased after appearing in Healer. She has also won several awards for her acting performances.

 7 Richard Benjamin Harrison

Richard Benjamin Harrison
Famous As: Businessman, TV Personality
Birth Year: 1941
Birthplace: Danville, Virginia, United States
Died: June 25, 2018

Businessman Richard Benjamin Harrison became famous as a reality TV personality when he started appearing in the History Channel series Pawn Stars as the co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. His already successful business started thriving following the show’s success. He was nominated for the 2012 Time 100 list.

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 8 Natasa Stankovic

Natasa Stankovic
Famous As: Model
Birth Year: 1992
Birthplace: Požarevac, Serbia

 9 Kay Lenz

Kay Lenz
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1953
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

 10 Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham
Famous As: David & Victoria Beckham's Son
Birth Year: 1999
Birthplace: Westminster, England

The oldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham has established himself as a model and amateur photographer. Although he initially played soccer for the Arsenal F.C. Academy, he later chose to become a model. He has appeared on the cover pages for magazines like Vogue and Interview. As an amateur photographer, he has interned for photographer Rankin.

 11 K Michelle

K Michelle
Famous As: Singer-songwriter
Birth Year: 1986
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

 12 Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1944
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Died: June 27, 2014

Bobby Womack began his career with his family band The Valentinos, after gaining a record deal with The Soul Stirrers singer Sam Cooke. He later began a solo career and became famous for tracks such as Lookin’ for a Love. He also contributed to the soundtrack of Across 110th Street.

 13 Paula Prentiss

Paula Prentiss
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1938
Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, United States

 14 Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan
Famous As: Inventor
Birth Year: 1877
Birthplace: Paris, Kentucky, United States
Died: July 27, 1963

Garrett Morgan is remembered for inventing the Morgan safety hood, which served as a prototype for later gas masks. He also invented the T-shaped traffic signal and a range of hair-care products, such as hair straightening creams. An NAACP member, he also launched a newspaper to cater to African-Americans.

 15 Brittney Powell

Brittney Powell
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1972
Birthplace: Würzburg, Germany
Best known for her relationship with the late pint-sized actor Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame, Brittney Powell gained popularity with Celebrity Wife-Swap. She has also appeared in single-episode or cameo roles in a number of series, such as Friends and Titans. She has a son from a previous marriage.

 16 Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1932
Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa
Died: November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba was a South African singer, actress, songwriter, civil rights activist, and United Nations goodwill ambassador. One of the first African musicians to make an impact on the international stage, Makeba is credited with popularizing Afropop genres. She also advocated against apartheid through music and played a major role in the civil rights movement.

 17 Dav Pilkey

Dav Pilkey
Famous As: Cartoonist
Birth Year: 1966
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Dav Pilkey is an American cartoonist, illustrator, and author of children's literature. Pilkey is best known for illustrating and authoring a popular children's book series named Captain Underpants which earned him the prestigious Disney Adventures Kids' Choice Award in 2007.

 18 Jason Newsted

Jason Newsted
Famous As: Bassist, Singer, Musician
Birth Year: 1963
Birthplace: Battle Creek

 19 Patsy Kensit

Patsy Kensit
Famous As: Actor, Singer
Birth Year: 1968
Birthplace: Hounslow

 20 Henry the Navigator

Henry the Navigator
Famous As: Explorer
Birth Year: 1394
Birthplace: Porto, Portugal
Died: November 13, 1460
Henry the Navigator was a central figure in the 15th-century European maritime expansion and maritime discoveries. He is credited with the early development of Portuguese maritime trade and exploration. He is also credited with developing a new and much lighter ship called the caravel, which changed the way sailors sailed at that time. 

 21 Muhammad Ali of Egypt

Muhammad Ali of Egypt
Famous As: Ottoman Governor of Egypt
Birth Year: 1769
Birthplace: Kavala, Greece
Died: August 2, 1849

Muhammad Ali of Egypt was the de facto ruler of Egypt from 1805 to 1848. He was also the Albanian Ottoman governor and is considered the founder of modern Egypt. He implemented drastic reforms in the military, economic and cultural spheres in Egypt. He established the Muhammad Ali dynasty that ruled Egypt until the revolution of 1952.

 22 Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson
Famous As: Politician
Birth Year: 1966
Birthplace: Sacramento, California, United States

 23 Bernd Leno

Bernd Leno
Famous As: Football player
Birth Year: 1992
Birthplace: Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

 24 Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini
Famous As: Novelist
Birth Year: 1965
Birthplace: Kabul, Afghanistan

 25 Ronn Moss

Ronn Moss
Famous As: Actor, Singer
Birth Year: 1952
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

 26 Tamzin Merchant

Tamzin Merchant
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1987
Birthplace: Haywards Heath, Sussex, England

Tamzin Merchant is best known as Georgiana Darcy from the film Pride & Prejudice and as Catherine Howard from the series The Tudors. She has also appeared in the series Salem and Carnival Row. She is also a stage actor, has written poems, and supports the charity Build Africa.

 27 Chris Squire

Chris Squire
Famous As: Bassist, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Film score composer
Birth Year: 1948
Birthplace: London
Died: June 28, 2015

 28 Margo Harshman

Margo Harshman
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1986
Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States

Margo Harshman is an American actress best known for playing Tawny Dean in the popular comedy television series, Even Stevens, for which she was nominated at the 2005 Young Artist Awards. After starting her showbiz journey by entering a beauty pageant at the age of two, Margo Harshman tried her hand at dance, gymnastics, and music before becoming an actress.

 29 Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish
Famous As: Association football player, Association football manager
Birth Year: 1951
Birthplace: Glasgow

 30 Knute Rockne

Knute Rockne
Famous As: Football player
Birth Year: 1888
Birthplace: Voss Municipality, Norway
Died: March 31, 1931

 31 Anne Haney

Anne Haney
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1934
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Died: May 26, 2001

 32 John Garfield

John Garfield
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1913
Birthplace: New York City
Died: May 21, 1952

 33 Whitney Port

Whitney Port
Famous As: Television personality
Birth Year: 1985
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

 34 Elise Neal

Elise Neal
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1966
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

 35 James Ellroy

James Ellroy
Famous As: Writer
Birth Year: 1948
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

 36 Jenna Boyd

Jenna Boyd
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1993
Birthplace: Bedford, Texas, United States

 37 Aja Volkman

Aja Volkman
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1987
Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon, USA

 38 Gunnar Hansen

Gunnar Hansen
Famous As: Actor
Birth Year: 1947
Birthplace: Reykjavík, Iceland
Died: November 7, 2015

 39 Obi Toppin

Obi Toppin
Famous As: Basketball player
Birth Year: 1998
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States

 40 Dina Pathak

Dina Pathak
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1922
Birthplace: Amreli, Baroda State, British India
Died: October 11, 2002

 41 Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup
Famous As: American football player
Birth Year: 1996
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

 42 Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens
Famous As: Singer
Birth Year: 1982
Birthplace: Ashland, Oregon

 43 Matisse Thybulle

Matisse Thybulle
Famous As: Basketball player
Birth Year: 1997
Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

 44 Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron
Famous As: Screenwriter, Film director, Novelist, Poet
Birth Year: 1948
Birthplace: Libertyville

 45 Norman Bethune

Norman Bethune
Famous As: Physician
Birth Year: 1890
Birthplace: Gravenhurst, Canada
Died: November 12, 1939

Canadian thoracic surgeon Norman Bethune served as an army physician for the Canadian Army during World War I. He revolutionized medical science by introducing the concept of mobile blood-transfusion. A Communist Party of Canada member, he later served the Chinese army against Japan, becoming a revered name in China.

 46 Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono
Famous As: Actor, Writer
Birth Year: 1969
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Born to famous entertainers, Sonny and Cher Bono, actor Chaz Bono made his first television appearance in his parents’ show. Later, he pursued a musical career with a band named Ceremony. A lesbian, he underwent a female-to-male gender transition and created a documentary Becoming Chaz about his experience. He has also authored books and featured in films and television projects.

 47 Jared Sullinger

Jared Sullinger
Famous As: Basketball player
Birth Year: 1992
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, United States

 48 Adrian Lyne

Adrian Lyne
Famous As: Film director
Birth Year: 1941
Birthplace: Peterborough

 49 Amanda Collin

Amanda Collin
Famous As: Actress
Birth Year: 1986
Birthplace: Denmark

 50 Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson
Famous As: Writer
Birth Year: 1950
Birthplace: Liverpool, England

Ken Robinson was a British author and speaker. An influential figure, Robinson served as an international advisor to several non-profits, education and arts bodies, and government. From 1989 to 2001, he served as a professor at the University of Warwick. Born into a working class family from Liverpool, Robinson went on to win many honors including the George Peabody Medal.

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 4

Individuals born on this day are stubborn by nature. They often put themselves in situations which could be very dangerous to them, but they are rest assured that things will only happen as they are meant to happen. They put a lot of focus on literal expression, and don't do well with jokers. March 4 Pisces have a lot of trouble completely letting go of past disagreements. Since they are highly opinionated, they do not necessarily have empathy for other’s views or opinions.  

People born on this day put a high emphasis on healthy living, but they are also very lazy. They often have very particular tastes which they strictly adhere to when it's convenient for them, unless they are influenced by an outside source to act differently. Maintaining youth is a running theme with these folks. They idealize perfect ways of living, but rarely live up to them in real world application. March 4 natives are highly enthusiastic beings. It is due to this that they more than often put strain on themselves.

Money is generally unimportant to March 4th Pisces. So long as their basic needs are met, they do not require great amounts of money in order to find their happiness. They are somewhat more responsible than Pisces born on other days, as they know what their bills are and make sure they stay paid up on their debts. They do not take debt lightly and prefer to make sure everything is paid back. They are honest, and not prone to stealing.

The pliable personality traits of these individuals, coupled with their desires to be financially responsible, makes these individuals a good candidate for a lot of jobs. They hold jobs well even if they do not like what they are doing, but they may desire to be doing something else. This responsibility makes them different from other Pisces. If they can decide what it is they want, they will be able to accomplish it.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
Because they are so indecisive, people born on this day often have a lot of trouble determining whom they want to be their mate. Often they desire an ex, and whatever it was they didn't want when they were with an ex. This has an effect on the whole of their romantic experiences. They are hesitant and flighty, and so require someone who is very patient and almost solely dedicated to them.

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