Individuals born on March 30 fall under the astrological sign of Aries, the first Zodiac sign, representing birth and are ruled by the planet Mars. Being born under the first sign of the Zodiac, these people are born leaders. Achieving goals is important to them and they are willing to work hard and take initiative to do so. These people are creative and also instinctive when it comes to others and work towards finding the best in people and objects. They do well with re-purposing an old object or assisting and encouraging a person to achieve his/her greatest potentials.

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Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh
37, French, Dutch
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton
74, British

Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman
55, American

Warren BeattyWarren Beatty
82, American

Cha Eun-wooCha Eun-woo
22, South Korean

Sergio RamosSergio Ramos
33, Spanish
Piers MorganPiers Morgan
54, British

John AstinJohn Astin
89, American

Thomas RhettThomas Rhett
29, American

Katy MixonKaty Mixon
38, American
MC HammerMC Hammer
57, American
Hip-Hop Artist

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris
89, Australian
Ji SooJi Soo
26, South Korean
South Korean Actor

Francisco GoyaFrancisco Goya
82, Spanish

Richard RawlingsRichard Rawlings
50, American
Reality TV Star
69, Egyptian

Kalyn PongaKalyn Ponga
21, Australian, New Zealander
Rugby Player
Rupert EvansRupert Evans
42, British

Fiona GubelmannFiona Gubelmann
39, American

Ingvar KampradIngvar Kamprad
93, Swedish
Business magnate
Tessa FerrerTessa Ferrer
33, American

Enrique GilEnrique Gil
27, Filipino
Cassie ScerboCassie Scerbo
29, American

NF (Nathan John Feuerstein)NF (Nathan John Feuerstein)
28, American

Lee Gi-kwangLee Gi-kwang
29, South Korean
Singer, Actor

Mili AvitalMili Avital
47, Israeli, American
Juan Manuel de RosasJuan Manuel de Rosas
83, Argentinian
Dictator of Argentina
Robert BunsenRobert Bunsen
88, German

David SoDavid So
31, American, South Korean

Lindsay FoxLindsay Fox
21, American
YouTube Star

Richard ShermanRichard Sherman
31, American
American Football Player
26, Brazilian

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Jethro TullJethro Tull
66, British
Agricultural Pioneer

Kiana KimKiana Kim
39, South Korean
Model, Actress, Entrepreneur

Celine Dion Celine Dion
51, Canadian

30, American
YouTuber, Vlogger, Animal Rights Activist
Alessia Francesca Saccone-JolyAlessia Francesca Saccone-Joly
2, British
Jonathan & Anna Saccone-Joly's Daughter

Isaac LupienIsaac Lupien
24, Canadian
Dancer, Choreographer, Actor
24, Australian
Social Media Star

Audrey WratherAudrey Wrather
16, American
TikTok Star

Brooke BushBrooke Bush
20, American
19, American

Maggie BairdMaggie Baird
60, American
Celine DionCeline Dion
51, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Voice actor, Musician, Pianist,

Alex BregmanAlex Bregman
25, American
Baseball Player

Mark ConsuelosMark Consuelos
48, Spanish, American

Norah JonesNorah Jones
40, American
Actor, Street artist, Pianist, Singer-songwriter,

Jason DohringJason Dohring
37, American
Robbie ColtraneRobbie Coltrane
69, British

Paul ReiserPaul Reiser
62, American

Ian ZieringIan Ziering
55, American
Actor, television actor, dub actor

Albert PierrepointAlbert Pierrepoint
87, British
Mike RotundaMike Rotunda
61, American
Professional Wrestler

Maurice LaMarcheMaurice LaMarche
61, Canadian
Voice Actor
Charlie WeisCharlie Weis
63, American
Coach, Head coach

Palak MuchhalPalak Muchhal
27, Indian

Juliet LandauJuliet Landau
54, American
Devika RaniDevika Rani
85, Indian

Jetro WillemsJetro Willems
25, Dutch
Association football player
Eddie JordanEddie Jordan
71, Northern Irish

Frankie LaineFrankie Laine
93, American

Thomas BilyeuThomas Bilyeu
43, American
Paul VerlainePaul Verlaine
51, French
Poet, Essayist, Writer, Librettist

Mehmed IIMehmed II
49, Turkish
Simon WebbeSimon Webbe
41, British
Singer, Actor, Composer, Musician

Helena MattssonHelena Mattsson
35, Swedish, American

Richard HelmsRichard Helms
89, American
Government official

Nagesh KukunoorNagesh Kukunoor
52, Indian
Film director, Actor, Film producer
Samantha StosurSamantha Stosur
35, Australian
Tennis player
Brooke AstorBrooke Astor
35, American

Leleti KhumaloLeleti Khumalo
49, South African
Actor, Film actor

Roland KickingerRoland Kickinger
51, Austrian

Jan KollerJan Koller
46, Czech
Association football player
Karel PoborskýKarel Poborský
47, Czech

Erhard MilchErhard Milch
79, German
Politician, Military personnel

Melanie KleinMelanie Klein
78, Austrian, British

Stanley WojcickiStanley Wojcicki
82, American
Physicist, University teacher

Gerard GordeauGerard Gordeau
Mixed martial artist, Professional wrestler,
37, Canadian

Anna SewellAnna Sewell
58, British
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer
Jerry LucasJerry Lucas
79, American
Basketball Player

Lloyd WrightLloyd Wright
88, American

Anatoliy TymoshchukAnatoliy Tymoshchuk
40, Ukrainian
Association football player
Stefan BanachStefan Banach
53, Polish
Mathematician, University teacher

Emma JungEmma Jung
73, Swiss
Erwin PanofskyErwin Panofsky
75, German, American
Art historian

Tsakhiagiin ElbegdorjTsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
56, Mongolian
Politician, Writer, Journalist

Klaus SchwabKlaus Schwab
81, German
Economist, Educationist, University teacher

Ryan DonkRyan Donk
Association football player
Adam GoldsteinAdam Goldstein
36, American

Ernst GombrichErnst Gombrich
92, Austrian, British
Art Historian
Bahar SoomekhBahar Soomekh
44, American
Actor, Television actor

Jamie McDonnellJamie McDonnell
33, British
Dana GillespieDana Gillespie
70, British
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Tom SharpeTom Sharpe
85, British
Brian BehlendorfBrian Behlendorf
46, American
Engineer, Computer scientist

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 30

People born on this day are courageous and ambitious. They live life to the fullest and are not afraid of taking chances. These people prefer to learn from their own experiences and thrive in instances when they can do things in their own fashion; where they can use their expressive tendencies to create masterpieces. These individuals are often known to possess a great sense of humor. Although they seem so put together, there are occasions when these people have a touch of vulnerability, causing them to struggle to hide their pain and disappointment from others and be sensitive to others views of them. Through their expressive nature, these people can excel in all areas of life.

Individuals born on March 30th often think that they are immune to illness. They tend to be active and busy which makes them forget about the basic mind/body requirements. A proneness to stress may become the biggest component to any health issues they may encounter, trying to take on too many projects at once and not taking enough time to relax and unwind. Since these people are active, regular exercise or mind-body therapies could help decrease their stress and their likelihood of possibly dealing with heart related issues later on in life.

Since people born under this sun sign are ambitious in nature, they have the potential to have great luck in the finance department. These individuals tend to be responsible with the management of their money and have even been known for their saving ability.

With their creative and ambitious personality, March 30th people could become entrepreneurs, venturing to start something that they could be allowed to do their own thing with. These individuals also have a knack for being excellent teachers or leaders of a company due to their expressive and often times, inspirational way of sharing knowledge.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
People born on this day have wonderful personality traits that can easily attract others. They often come from large, loving family circles, including many friends. They're known for their loyalty to friends and family. In love, they seem to be lucky and attract partners who are willing to help and support them in their endeavours. Individuals with this birthday are blessed with children late in life. Only when some of their dreams and aspirations are achieved, they think about having a family of their own. However, despite the delay, these people make extraordinary parents in their time.

Lucky Colors: Pink, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 3
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday and Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 13, 30