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Birthday: March 30, 2000 (Aries)

Born In: United States

Tyler Gadner Wirks, better known as “Kwite,” is an American social-media personality and ‘YouTube’ star. He has gained a massive fan base for his comedy and commentary videos on his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘TheCentralCarnage’ (now known as ‘Kwite’). The channel has already amassed a decent amount of subscribers and an equally amazing count of views. Two of the most popular videos on the channel are ‘Why You Can't Win Against a Content Cop’ and ‘The Creepiest Guys on Reddit - r/creepypms Top Posts | Ft.’ He is also quite popular on other social-media platforms, such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter,’ where he has amassed several thousand followers. He and his fellow ‘YouTube’ stars FPS DIESEL and WildSpartanz also run a podcast named ‘Loud Mouths,’ which is occasionally joined by other “YouTubers.” Kwite has maintained an aura of mystery surrounding him and often appears in a green hoodie, wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask to cover his face.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Tyler Gadner Wirks

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Kwite launched his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘TheCentralCarnage’ (now known as ‘Kwite’), on December 2, 2012. According to sources, his oldest videos consisted of gaming skits. He also made a house tour. However, those videos do not appear on the channel anymore, probably because they have been made private or have been deleted from the channel. Kwite eventually gained immense popularity through his comedy and commentary videos, many of which are on various social-media stars. He often provides commentary on social-media endeavors of ‘YouTube’ sensations Logan Paul and iDubbbzTV through his ‘YouTube’ channel. Some of his ‘YouTube’ videos have earned more than a million views. One of the most popular videos among them is ‘Why You Can't Win Against a Content Cop.’ It was posted on October 17, 2017, and has so far earned more than 2.4 million views. Some of his other popular ‘YouTube’ videos are ‘The Creepiest Guys on Reddit - r/creepypms Top Posts | Ft.,’ ‘GAMECUBE MEMES,’ and ‘Alinity Could Get Deported from Canada.’ His channel has so far succeeded in gaining considerable fame, and that is evident from his fan base. He has over 613 thousand subscribers and a remarkable count of more than 49 million views on his channel.
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Kwite, FPS DIESEL, and WildSpartanz have a podcast called ‘Loud Mouths.’ It mostly features content on ‘YouTube’ scandals, fellow ‘YouTube’ stars, mainstream media, and other news. Other “YouTubers,” too, have joined the podcast occasionally. As of January 27, 2019, it has released episodes only once a week. Kwite has also made his presence felt on other social-media platforms. His ‘Instagram’ account, ‘kwite.png,’ boasts of having more than 84.6 thousand followers, while his ‘Twitter’ account (which he created in October 2013) has also accumulated over 110 thousand followers.
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Unique Appearance & Controversies
His unique manner of appearing in a distinctive green hoodie, along with sunglasses and a surgical mask to cover his face, has raised a lot of curiosity among his viewers and fans. It has contributed to his mystery quotient and popularity. Although it is not known why the ‘YouTube’ sensation prefers to hide his face from his numerous fans and viewers, FPSDiesel once said that it could be because of acne. Rumors also claim that Kwite does not have legs and what the viewers see as his legs are actually prosthetics.
Family & Personal Life
Kwite was born on March 30, 2000, in the US. Not much is known about his family background, parents, early life, or education, except that he grew up in the US. In episode 16 of ‘Loud Mouths,’ he mentioned he was Asian. Some sources mention that Kwite is bisexual and has a preference for men.

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