People born on March 28th are born under the zodiac sign, Aries and ruled by the Sun. They are natural born leaders. Being natural leaders, they do what it takes to be number one. Individuals with this birthdate are blessed with a personality in which they are always looking for the next challenge. March 28th people are known for being extremely creative, organized, and resourceful. People always gravitate to their bubbly personality. They can be argumentative but never to the point where they lose their personal charm and elegance. March 28 native also have a spiritual and meditative bent of mind.

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Lady GagaLady Gaga
33, American
Julia StilesJulia Stiles
38, American

Reba McEntireReba McEntire
64, American

Meaghan OppenheimerMeaghan Oppenheimer
33, American

Vince VaughnVince Vaughn
49, American

Rodrigo DuterteRodrigo Duterte
74, Filipino
President of Philippines
Dianne WiestDianne Wiest
71, American

Jackson WangJackson Wang
25, Chinese, Hong Konger

Derek CarrDerek Carr
28, American
American Football Quatrerback

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin
44, American
Reality TV Personality
Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler
44, American
Fashion Model & Actress

Conchata FerrellConchata Ferrell
76, American
Mario Vargas LlosaMario Vargas Llosa
83, Peruvian

29, British
Fashion & Beauty Vlogger

Sauli KoskinenSauli Koskinen
34, Finnish
Television Host
Zbigniew BrzezinskiZbigniew Brzezinski
89, Polish, American
Former Diplomat, Political Scientist

Maxim GorkyMaxim Gorky
68, Russian
Writer & Dramatist
Daniel DennettDaniel Dennett
77, American

Jerry SloanJerry Sloan
77, American
Basketball Player

Tracey NeedhamTracey Needham
52, American
Annabelle DavisAnnabelle Davis
22, British

Alexander GrothendieckAlexander Grothendieck
86, French
Park Si-yeonPark Si-yeon
40, South Korean

Herschel GrynszpanHerschel Grynszpan
39, German, Polish

Georgia SteelGeorgia Steel
21, British

Aristide BriandAristide Briand
70, French
Prime Minister
Thomas ClarksonThomas Clarkson
86, British
Laura ChinchillaLaura Chinchilla
60, Costa Rican
Former President of Costa Rica

Jerome Isaac FriedmanJerome Isaac Friedman
89, American

Heidi PowellHeidi Powell
37, American

Kristen McAteeKristen McAtee
24, American
YouTube Star
Amancio Ortega GaonaAmancio Ortega Gaona
83, Spanish

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Mary Kate WilesMary Kate Wiles
32, American

Lester R. BrownLester R. Brown
85, American

Lily MarstonLily Marston
29, American

Khayman BurtonKhayman Burton
24, American
Instagram Star
Erin RobinsonErin Robinson
34, American
YouTuber, Entertainment Host

Cuno AmietCuno Amiet
93, Swiss
Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor
Saint Teresa of AvilaSaint Teresa of Avila
67, Spanish

Connor FinnertyConnor Finnerty
16, American

Alexander BurrissAlexander Burriss
29, American
Polyxeni FerfeliPolyxeni Ferfeli
25, Greek
Instagram Star

Jo Seung-wooJo Seung-woo
39, South Korean
Edmund S. MuskieEdmund S. Muskie
81, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Yotam SolomonYotam Solomon
32, Israeli
Fashion designer

Mady VivianMady Vivian
18, American
TikTok ( (TiTok) Star

Zane CarterZane Carter
16, American
TikTok Star

Jonathan Van NessJonathan Van Ness
32, American
Stan WawrinkaStan Wawrinka
34, Swiss
Tennis player

Jason GarrettJason Garrett
53, American
American Football Coach

Brett RatnerBrett Ratner
50, American
American film producer

Bowe BergdahlBowe Bergdahl
33, American
Laura HarrierLaura Harrier
29, American

Nick FrostNick Frost
47, British
Akshaye KhannaAkshaye Khanna
44, Indian

Luke WaltonLuke Walton
39, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Flula BorgFlula Borg
37, German
Curt HennigCurt Hennig
44, American
Professional wrestler

Byron ScottByron Scott
58, American
American basketball coach
Ken HowardKen Howard
71, American

Rick BarryRick Barry
75, American
Basketball Player

Neil KinnockNeil Kinnock
77, Welsh
Lacey TurnerLacey Turner
31, British

Michael ParkinsonMichael Parkinson
84, British
Television presenter, Journalist, Writer,
Dirk BogardeDirk Bogarde
78, British
English actor

Henry PaulsonHenry Paulson
73, American
Former United States Secretary of the Treasury

Michail AntonioMichail Antonio
29, British

Victoria OsteenVictoria Osteen
58, American
Kagney Linn KarterKagney Linn Karter
32, American
Shakib KhanShakib Khan
40, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi film actor

Moon Moon SenMoon Moon Sen
71, Indian

Annie WerschingAnnie Wersching
42, American

Marlin PerkinsMarlin Perkins
81, American
Lauren WeisbergerLauren Weisberger
42, American

Orla BradyOrla Brady
58, Northern Irish

Theo AlbrechtTheo Albrecht
88, German

Bernice KingBernice King
56, American

Nicolas HamiltonNicolas Hamilton
27, British
Racecar driver
Bernice KingBernice King
51, American
Political Leaders

Steve MandandaSteve Mandanda
34, Congolese, French
Association football player
Chris BarrieChris Barrie
59, German, British

Princess Märtha of SwedenPrincess Märtha of Sweden
53, Norwegian

Edmund MuskieEdmund Muskie
81, American
Iris ChangIris Chang
36, Chinese, American
Historian, Journalist, Writer

Amaia SalamancaAmaia Salamanca
33, Spanish
Actor, Model
Ingrid of SwedenIngrid of Sweden
90, Swedish

James RubinJames Rubin
59, American

Conrad SchumannConrad Schumann
56, German

Francisco de MirandaFrancisco de Miranda
66, Venezuelan
Military leader
Bart ConnerBart Conner
61, American
Artistic gymnast

Laurie BrettLaurie Brett
50, British
Alexandra BillingsAlexandra Billings
57, American

Beverley CallardBeverley Callard
62, British
Jimmie DoddJimmie Dodd
54, American

John Amos ComeniusJohn Amos Comenius
78, Czech
Writer, Linguist, Presbyter, Theologian,
Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich of RussiaTsarevich Ivan Ivanovich of Russia
28, Russian

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 28

Individuals born on March 28 are cheerful, bubbly and exciting individuals. Although people are always attracted to them, they are very independent and love their alone time. This is mainly because of how they view life and how they approach it. Seemingly confident, these people need to work on their self-confidence and can sometimes be a little unrealistic. This is one thing that holds them back from moving forward.

Individuals who share their birthdate on March 28 tend to face a lot of personal and work stress. This can be highly detrimental for their physical and emotional wellbeing. March 28 natives should work on reducing the anxiety levels. These individuals are also prone to allergies and have sensitive skin. Adequate water intake is highly recommended for March 28 people to help flush the toxins and harmful chemicals out of the body.

March 28 people though do not have a knack for building a strong financial account; do have a good luck with money. Since they are hardworking by nature, finding a means for money is easy to come by for people born on this day. They have a can-do attitude which may help in bring success.

Career wise, these people need to feel a sense of purpose. Because they get bored so easily, it is sometimes hard to find their niche in something that keeps them on their toes. As such, individuals born on this day are often seen changing their job or career. They have a desire for careers in the creative or political fields.

Relationships, Marriage, And Children
People born on March 28th usually have a straight idea of what they expect from a relationship. They are usually direct and straightforward in finding their partners. In long lasting relationships, these people are very romantic and passionate. They love to keep the relationship alive by indulging in fun exciting adventures. March 28 people are always concerned about the well-being and happiness of their partner. In matters of children, these people are very nurturing but will put a foot down when disobeyed. They are very dominant when it comes to parental roles but their motives are never questioned. They are one to raise a happy family.

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