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(TikTok Fitness Star)

Birthday: January 10, 2001 (Capricorn)

Born In: San Diego, California, United States

Demi Bagby, once called the 'world's toughest teen', is an American CrossFit athlete, bodybuilder and social media celebrity. She became famous after making a miraculous recovery from an accident that had left her nearly paralysed. The San Diego-born gritty teenager attracted attention for documenting her unbelievable journey of recovery on various social media sites. Bagby has been involved in physical training since a very young age and started calisthenics when she turned 15. She also played soccer while growing up and was a part of the cheerleading squad. In fact, it was a freak accident during a cheerleading event that broke her back. The mishap not only put an end to her cheerleading career but doctors also told her that she may never be able to walk on her feet again. After being immobilized for months, not only did Bagby recover, but went on to become a champion in the field of CrossFit athletics. Her gravity-defying activities have made her an Instagram sensation, and her account boasts a follower count of 1.3 million users.
Quick Facts

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females


siblings: Devon Bagby

U.S. State: California

City: San Diego, California

Rise to Stardom
In 2014, when Demi Bagby was 14 years old, she met with an accident that changed her life forever. While performing with her cheerleading squad, a misstep severely damaged her back, and she was left paralysed and bed-ridden. It took three months for her to get out of the bed but intense physical training was unthinkable for her. This devastated her to no end as she had always been a physically active child, involved in athletics and cheer-leading. While recovering, however, she came to know about CrossFit regimes and calisthenics, and was immediately fascinated by it. She resolved that if she ever recovered properly, she would dedicate her life to CrossFit training. Bagby then fought an uphill battle of healing from her terrible injury. Finally, and quite miraculously, she was able to prove the medical professionals wrong when she started her CrossFit training, just one year after the fateful mishap. During this time, she began bodyweight training as well. She soon started to perform difficult strength movements, such as pull ups, to regain strength in her body. Initially, the courageous teen had to face several heart-breaking setbacks as the accident had left her weak and she couldn’t perform certain movements. But Bagby refused to give up. She soon advanced to complicated exercises, such as muscle ups. As her physical condition improved, her motivation also peaked, and she kept climbing new mountains. Her incredible journey of recovering from an almost crippling accident to becoming a fitness role model and social media celebrity is inspirational for people across the world. Apart from CrossFit training, Bagby is engaged in many other physical activities, such as calisthenics, acrobatics, yoga, parkour, lifting, and surfing. The battle that Bagby fought was hard but she proved to the world, that anything is possible with strong will and perseverance.
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Family & Personal life
Demi Bagby was born on January 10, 2001 in San Diego, California. She still lives there. A very athletic child, she was a cheer-leader as well as a soccer player. She is the youngest among two brothers and two sisters. One of her brothers is actor Devon Bagby.

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