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Ellie Louise is a young British YouTuber. Check out this biography to know about her childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: September 20, 2001

Nationality: British

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Virgo

Born Country: England

Born in: England

Famous as: YouTuber

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Females


siblings: Sophie

City: Hertfordshire, England

Popularity Index
Vloggers #473 Fitness YouTubers #6 Beauty Vloggers #76 Social Media Stars #473 YouTubers #1037
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Ellie Louise is a young British YouTuber who posts content on gymnastics, beauty, fashion, and fitness on her self-titled personal YouTube channel. She is also a part of the collaborative channel ‘Seven Perfect Angels,’ where she holds the Friday slot. Prior to joining this collab channel, the teenaged YouTuber had been a part of the channel ‘Seven Funtastic Girls,’ an all-girl collaboration channel featuring girls of all ages, which also had YouTubers like Madison, Lily, and Kalika. Introduced to the world of social media at an early age, Ellie has literally grown up in front of the camera. She was just four when she started doing gymnastics and proved to be a natural in the sport. Her confidence, grace, and poise while performing the moves gave an inkling to her parents that their little girl was someone special. Her parents then decided to videotape her and share the videos on social media sites. Her videos started gaining attention and soon the young British girl became a popular online figure. As of June 2017, Ellie Louise’s personal YouTube channel has over 116k followers while the collab channel ‘Seven Perfect Angels’ boasts of more than 2.2 million subscribers!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Ellie Louise was active, confident, and artistic from a young age. In order to help her develop into a well-rounded personality, her parents arranged for her to get training in gymnastics when she was four years old. Little Ellie proved to be naturally skilled at the sport and it did not take her long to bloom into a graceful gymnast who could perform perfectly timed moves. Her YouTube career too began quite early on. She was just 12 when she auditioned for the SAKs channels and easily cleared it.
  • Her gymnastic skills definitely helped her in acing the audition! Soon she found herself a part of the YouTube channel ‘Seven Funtastic Girls’ where she was featured on a number of popular videos like ‘The day Ellie became a Gymnast!’ and ‘Ellie's Missing Mermaid Powers!’ With time, the preteen gained more visibility and charmed the audience with her gymnastic skills, witty one-liners, and of course, her cute and innocent looks.
  • Her increasing popularity led her to become a part of various well-known SAKs channels, such as ‘Seven Super Girls,’ ‘Seven Twinkling Tweens,’ and ‘Seven Perfect Angels.’ Along with appearing on these collab channels, Ellie started her own self-titled channel where she began posting videos on gymnastics, beauty, fashion and fitness. Even though her personal channel is not as popular as the collab ones, it is surely growing in prominence with each day. Some of her most popular videos are ‘Gymnastics Truth or Dare!,’ ‘How to do the Splits,’ and ‘How Ellie Became a Living Doll!’
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