The zodiac sign of people born on 11 June is Gemini. The ruling planet of these individuals is the Moon, which guarantees and influences an innate appreciation for art and beauty and hatred for clutter. The people born under the influence of the Moon are believed to act quickly in all circumstances and they are also able to think quickly on complicated issues of life. They are greatly instinctive and maintain their originality despite all odds. The natives of June 11 are touched with a sense of egotistical behavior and are highly ambitious in their motives. They possess the quality of becoming great leader. Their leadership qualities are prominent in their individuality and character.

Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf
33, American
Kodak BlackKodak Black
22, American

Joshua JacksonJoshua Jackson
41, Canadian

Henry HillHenry Hill
69, American

Gene WilderGene Wilder
86, American

Peter DinklagePeter Dinklage
50, American
Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie
60, British

Joe MontanaJoe Montana
63, American
American Football Player

Adrienne BarbeauAdrienne Barbeau
74, American

Vince LombardiVince Lombardi
57, American
American football player
Jorja SmithJorja Smith
22, British

Claire HoltClaire Holt
31, Australian
Anne NevilleAnne Neville
28, British
Queen of England

Jacques CousteauJacques Cousteau
87, French
French Explorer

Christina CrawfordChristina Crawford
80, American
Author, Actress
Greta Van SusterenGreta Van Susteren
65, American
News Anchor

Ben JonsonBen Jonson
65, British
Dramatist, Poet & Actor
Chad EverettChad Everett
75, American

Charlie TahanCharlie Tahan
21, American

Jane GoldmanJane Goldman
49, British
Jeannette RankinJeannette Rankin
92, American
First Woman Elected to U.S Congress

Nikolai BulganinNikolai Bulganin
79, Russian
Former Premier of the Soviet Union
Donnie Van ZantDonnie Van Zant
67, American
Vocalist & Music Composer

Choi Ji-wooChoi Ji-woo
44, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Barbara MintyBarbara Minty
66, American
Steve McQueen's Ex Wife

Katelyn NaconKatelyn Nacon
20, American
Kim Hee-sun Kim Hee-sun
42, South Korean
South Korean Actress
John ConstableJohn Constable
60, British
Romantic Painter

Richard ToddRichard Todd
90, Irish

Go Kyung-pyoGo Kyung-pyo
29, South Korean
Actor, Comedian

Breanna YdeBreanna Yde
16, American
Actress, singer
Millicent FawcettMillicent Fawcett
82, British

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Ingrid NewkirkIngrid Newkirk
70, British, American
President of People for the Ethical Treatment of

Wesley TuckerWesley Tucker
22, American
YouNow Star, Viner, YouTuber

Robin WarrenRobin Warren
82, Australian
Australian pathologist

34, Dominican
YouTuber, Game Commentator
Alfred KroeberAlfred L. Kroeber
84, American
Cultural Anthropologist

30, American
YouTube star
Michael CacoyannisMichael Cacoyannis
90, Greek
Film Director

Ned FulmerNed Fulmer
32, American
Instagram Star

Wesley RugglesWesley Ruggles
82, American
Film Director
22, American

Richard Georg StraussRichard Georg Strauss
85, German
Nathan TriskaNathan Triska
20, American
TikTok ( Star, Viner, YouTuber

Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah DevMahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
51, Nepalese
Former King of Nepal

Caden ConriqueCaden Conrique
18, American

Daniel James HowellDaniel James Howell
28, British
YouTuber, Radio Personality

Alexander Bain - PhilosopherAlexander Bain - Philosopher
85, Scottish
Scottish philosopher
Jake WebberJake Webber
21, American
Instagram Star

Brian RedmonBrian Redmon
25, American

18, American
Instagram Star, YouTuber

Ryan DunnRyan Dunn
34, American
Stunt Performer
Steven A. CohenSteven A. Cohen
63, American
Art collector, Financier

Mehmet OzMehmet Oz
59, Turkish, American
Television personality
Lalu Prasad YadavLalu Prasad Yadav
71, Indian

Magda GaborMagda Gabor
81, American
Actor, Socialite, Television actor

Ivana BaqueroIvana Baquero
25, Spanish
Jackie StewartJackie Stewart
80, British
Entrepreneur, Sport shooter, Racecar driver

Erving GoffmanErving Goffman
60, Canadian, American
Sociologist, Non-fiction writer
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
53, American

Diana TaurasiDiana Taurasi
37, American
Basketball player

Peter BergmanPeter Bergman
66, American
Carmine CoppolaCarmine Coppola
80, American
composer, conductor, film score composer

Saxon SharbinoSaxon Sharbino
20, American
Kiichiro ToyodaKiichiro Toyoda
57, Japanese

Yasunari KawabataYasunari Kawabata
72, Japanese

Tom PryceTom Pryce
27, Welsh
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Joseph WarrenJoseph Warren
34, American
Military physician, Physician
Hazel ScottHazel Scott
61, Trinidadian, American
Jazz Pianist
Jean AlesiJean Alesi
55, French
Racecar driver, Racing driver

Henrik, Prince Consort of DenmarkHenrik, Prince Consort of Denmark
85, Danish, French
Poet, Writer, Visual artist, Pianist

Julia Margaret CameronJulia Margaret Cameron
63, British

Dean ElgarDean Elgar
32, South African
William StyronWilliam Styron
81, American
military personnel, novelist, autobiographer,

Vágner LoveVágner Love
35, Brazilian
Association football player

Mahendra of NepalMahendra of Nepal
51, Nepalese

Paul KalkbrennerPaul Kalkbrenner
42, German
Record producer, Club DJ, Disc jockey

Roscoe OrmanRoscoe Orman
75, American
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Writer,
Robert MunschRobert Munsch
74, Canadian, American

Athol FugardAthol Fugard
87, South African
Actor, Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Journalist,
Josh RamsayJosh Ramsay
34, Canadian
singer, songwriter

Henry CisnerosHenry Cisneros
72, American

Queen Fabiola of BelgiumQueen Fabiola of Belgium
86, Spanish
Nurse, Children's writer
Carl BarronCarl Barron
55, Australian

Eugene SimonEugene Simon
27, British
George Herbert WalkerGeorge Herbert Walker
78, American
Banker, Financier

Carmen Polo, 1st Lady of MeirásCarmen Polo, 1st Lady of Meirás
87, Spanish

Nathaniel PhilbrickNathaniel Philbrick
63, American
Writer, Historian

Andy GavinAndy Gavin
49, American
Computer scientist, Novelist
Gonzalo CastroGonzalo Castro
32, German, Spanish
Association football player

Dai VernonDai Vernon
98, Canadian, American
Stage magician
Timothy C. DraperTimothy C. Draper
61, American

Jerry UelsmannJerry Uelsmann
85, American
Renée VivienRenée Vivien
32, British

David MumfordDavid Mumford
82, American
Mathematician, University teacher
Denis MatsuevDenis Matsuev
44, Russian

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 11

People born on this day are blessed with very high leadership qualities, which help them to succeed and make a difference in their lives and also in the society. These individuals are very intelligent, influential and brave. But, they sometimes lose control over themselves and hence become nervous and suffer from debilitating dilemma. They suffer from pangs of agitation and hence, they fail to relax like other people. They are dominated by their emotions rather than their intellect. They love to take decisions based on their emotional grounds and pay less heed to logic. The people born on June 11 also dislike owing things to friends and family. They are also blessed with creativity and are peace lovers. They are hard workers who love to make the most of any situation. These individuals love to plan their work beforehand.

The native of June 11 suffers from mood swings. Due to the unpredictable nature of their moody disposition, they sometimes suffer from imaginary ailments. The real diseases too are aggravated by the constant dominance of their emotional swing. These individuals love to oscillate between all types of emotions. The imaginary health problems do subside once they are in joyous moods. The mood swings also result in unhealthy eating habits and to cope up with the changing emotions they sometimes end up eating and drinking more than they should.

People born on June 11 successfully handle their expenditure and savings. They always strike a balance between the money they earn and the money they spend on daily necessities. Money is not very important to these individuals but they do understand the value of money.

Although, these people are capable of becoming great leaders yet they love to work under a group of people. The people born on June 11 possess a creative bend of mind. They love to choose a career that guarantees immense satisfaction and generates a decent income. They never compromise a good career in terms of money. These individuals do search for a creative flair in the careers they choose and they enjoy their work throughout.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Native born on June 11 are less playful as romantic partners and they are more tilted towards a strong emotional demeanor. They are very good in communicating with their partners and thus, they succeed in expressing their inner thoughts. But, the outbreak of expectations sometimes leads to unavoidable stress and disharmony in the committed relationship. These individuals have very strong family values and they love to maintain that even when they are outside their homes. They succeed in becoming lovable and romantic partners who love to express their affection in private rather than in public. People born on 11 June are loving parents and in spite of remaining very busy with work and career they try very hard to maximize their focus to their family and to their kids. These individuals are outstanding and dedicated partners and remain committed throughout their lives.

Lucky Colors: Green, Cream and White Shades.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 7, 11, 14, 16, 10, 23, 15, 19.
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 30.
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.