People born on July 7, fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer. For the seventh day in July, the ruling planet is Neptune, and individuals born on this day consistently strive to improve themselves. They share the intellect and drive that most Cancerians are known for and always try not to burden others, with their emotional turmoil. They are highly sensitive and can often be controlled by others around them, which may at times lead to resentment with their loved ones, who try to prohibit them from being influenced by others. They are also prone to spouts of anger and need to keep control on their temperament. Though they are known to be moody, they are still highly dedicated to their family, and will try their best to keep their loved ones happy.

Jack WhitehallJack Whitehall
31, British
Ringo StarrRingo Starr
79, British

Robin WeigertRobin Weigert
50, American

Ally BrookeAlly Brooke
26, American

Peter Michael Escovedo III Peter Michael Escovedo
58, American

Robert A. HeinleinRobert A. Heinlein
80, American
Science Fiction Writer
Gustav MahlerGustav Mahler
50, Austrian

Troy GarityTroy Garity
46, American

Kirsten VangsnessKirsten Vangsness
47, American
Actress, Writer

Choi Tae-joonChoi Tae-joon
28, South Korean
South Korean Actor
Amy CarlsonAmy Carlson
51, American

Ralph SampsonRalph Sampson
59, American
Basketball Player
Hamish LinklaterHamish Linklater
43, American

Kim BumKim Bum
30, South Korean

Tracy ReinerTracy Reiner
55, American
Satchel PaigeSatchel Paige
75, American
Baseball Player

Hanna AlströmHanna Alström
38, Swedish
Jorja FoxJorja Fox
51, American

Maria Francisca PerelloMaria Francisca Perello
31, Spanish
Girlfriend of Rafael Nadal

Nuon CheaNuon Chea
93, Cambodian
Chief Ideologist of the Khmer Rouge
Ana KasparianAna Kasparian
33, American
News Show Host

David McCulloughDavid McCullough
86, American
Author, Historian
Joe SpanoJoe Spano
73, American

Synyster GatesSynyster Gates
38, American

Ross MalingerRoss Malinger
35, American

Mo CollinsMo Collins
54, American
M. S. DhoniM. S. Dhoni
38, Indian
Panio GianopoulosPanio Gianopoulos
44, American

Ashton IrwinAshton Irwin
25, Australian, Irish, American
Drummer, Singer

Dylan SprayberryDylan Sprayberry
21, American

Allen PayneAllen Payne
51, American
Jeremy KyleJeremy Kyle
54, British
Television Presenter

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Holly HaganHolly Hagan
27, British
Model, Reality TV Personality

George CukorGeorge Cukor
83, American
Film Director

Christian CamargoChristian Camargo
48, American

Camillo GolgiCamillo Golgi
82, Italian
Physician, Pathologist, Biologist
Skylander MomSkylander Mom
39, American

Gian Carlo MenottiGian Carlo Menotti
95, French, Italian, American
Composer and librettist
Mullah KrekarMullah Krekar
63, Iraqi
Founder of the terrorist organization Ansar

Gilmher CroesGilmher Croes
26, Aruban
TikTok Star

Kasi BennettKasi Bennett
29, Jamaican
Usain Bolt's Girlfriend
Lauren WeberLauren Weber
30, American

14, Spanish
13, Australian
Junior Model, YouTube Personality

Matthew EspinosaMatthew Espinosa
22, American
Viner, YouTuber, Actor

Yanka KupalaYanka Kupala
59, Belarusian, Russian

Sunday Rose Kidman UrbanSunday Rose Kidman Urban
11, American
Nicole Kidman's Daughter

Billy CampbelBilly Campbel
60, American
Gyanendra of NepalGyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
72, Nepalese
Former King of Nepal

Will KopelmanWill Kopelman
41, American
Art Consultant

Jackie ChristieJackie Christie
50, American
Reality TV Star, Fashion Designer

James MarriottJames Marriott
22, Swiss
Jamie FlattersJamie Flatters
19, British

19, American
Instagram Star
Julia ZelgJulia Zelg
25, Brazilian, Portuguese

Peter Paul LoughranPeter Paul Loughran
50, Northern Irish
Ex-husband of Lena Headey

Shaun McBrideShaun McBride
32, American
Snapchat Star
Tyler ColeTyler Cole
21, American

Jim GaffiganJim Gaffigan
53, American
Stand-up comedian
Steven CrowderSteven Crowder
32, Canadian, American
political commentator

Eve HewsonEve Hewson
28, Northern Irish

Cree SummerCree Summer
50, Canadian, American
Toni GarrnToni Garrn
27, German

Jon PertweeJon Pertwee
76, British
Lisa LeslieLisa Leslie
47, American
Basketball player

Kathy ReichsKathy Reichs
71, American

Jessica HahnJessica Hahn
60, American
Model, Actor

Sophie SimmonsSophie Simmons
27, Canadian, American
Karen Malina WhiteKaren Malina White
54, American
Doc SeverinsenDoc Severinsen
92, American

Gyanendra of NepalGyanendra of Nepal
72, Nepalese

Akiva GoldsmanAkiva Goldsman
57, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Writer

Kailash KherKailash Kher
46, Indian
Singer, Composer
Bill OddieBill Oddie
78, British

Julianna GuillJulianna Guill
32, American

Blondie ChaplinBlondie Chaplin
68, South African
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Record producer

Mohammad AshrafulMohammad Ashraful
35, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi cricketer

Vittorio De SicaVittorio De Sica
73, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film
Jessica ChobotJessica Chobot
42, American
Screenwriter, Television presenter, Model

Joe SakicJoe Sakic
50, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Bérénice BejoBérénice Bejo
43, Argentinian, French
Actor, Film actor

Rakeysh Omprakash MehraRakeysh Omprakash Mehra
56, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter

Elizabeth of HungaryElizabeth of Hungary
24, Hungarian
Tadamichi KuribayashiTadamichi Kuribayashi
53, Japanese
Poet, Writer, Officer

Ezzard CharlesEzzard Charles
53, American
American professional boxer
Nina HossNina Hoss
44, German
Stage actor, Film actor

Shweta PanditShweta Pandit
33, Indian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter

Tikka KhanTikka Khan
86, Pakistani

Joe ZawinulJoe Zawinul
75, Austrian
Pianist, Organist, Composer, Jazz musician,
Alberto AquilaniAlberto Aquilani
35, Italian
Association football player

Tamara MellonTamara Mellon
52, British
Fashion designer
William KunstlerWilliam Kunstler
76, American
Lawyer, Actor

Toto CutugnoToto Cutugno
76, Italian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Songwriter
Chris StampChris Stamp
70, American
Record producer, Talent agent, Talent manager,

Stevie StarrStevie Starr
53, British
Stage magician
Joseph Marie JacquardJoseph Marie Jacquard
82, French
Inventor, Weaver, Merchant

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born on July 7th

People born on July 7 have great confidence in their abilities, which allows them to follow their dreams. They are intuitive and thoughtful regarding others, which makes them popular in social circuits. They are extremely competitive, not allowing anything to stand in their way when pursuing something they desire. Due to their great ambition, they can be a great influence on others. They are creative people, who desire to occasionally be left alone. People with July 7 birthdays, do wish to explore their spiritual side, and are very open to different beliefs of spirituality.

People born on this day, need to be weary of boredom and must not sit idle. They should also try to reduce stress and anxiety from their life, as it may cause health hazards. It is important for them to attend regular checkups, to ensure their wellbeing.

Finances are always well taken care of, for the July 7 natives. Those who share this birthday, are excellent at saving money, and will save enough money which will get rid of any financial hardships in their life. They do not recklessly spend their money, and prefer to purchase items of necessity. Shopping is surely not a hobby for them.

Those who share a July 7 birthday prefer jobs which are glamorous and unique. You will rarely see an individual with this birthday, stuck behind a cubicle. They often pursue career in modeling, or photography.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on July 7 are willing to do anything, for the ones they love and cherish. They treasure their relationships, and try their best to make their loved ones happy. Individuals born on this day, crave attention from loved ones, but also at times need their own space. These individuals make good parents, but need to be able to discipline their children. Since they are motivated people themselves, they will try their best to inspire their children to achieve greater heights in life.

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Lucky Numbers: 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, and 70
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 7, 16 & 25