Moon is accountable for the personality traits typical to all Cancerian individuals, as it is the reigning celestial body of the zodiac sign. However, the actual date in which individuals are born is rule by different planets which explain the plausible difference in the characteristic of individuals falling in the same zodiacal group. People born on July 17 come under the influence of Saturn and Moon. Thus, the probabilities of their personality are different and unique. These people possess a commonsensical yet realistic approach to life. They have a cheerful outlook and a soft heart. They are not biased folks and believe in having a balanced view of the circumstances and conditions. Additionally, these people have lots of patience, perseverance and loyalty in them. The only thing that fails to work for July 17 individuals is their obstinate streak, which can cause misjudgement.

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Diahann CarrollDiahann Carroll
84, American
Billie LourdBillie Lourd
27, American

Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland
84, Canadian

Camilla Parker BowlesCamilla Parker Bowles
72, British
British duchess

Angela MerkelAngela Merkel
65, German
Chancellor of Germany

Mike VogelMike Vogel
40, American
Eric WinterEric Winter
43, American

David HasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff
67, American

Lucie ArnazLucie Arnaz
68, American

Ali KhameneiAli Khamenei
80, Iranian
Supreme Leader of Iran
Luke BryanLuke Bryan
43, American

James CagneyJames Cagney
86, American
Actor, Dancer
Travis BrowneTravis Browne
37, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Terence TaoTerence Tao
44, Australian, American

Tom CullenTom Cullen
34, Welsh
Bitty SchramBitty Schram
51, American

Alun ArmstrongAlun Armstrong
73, British
Konnie HuqKonnie Huq
44, British
Television Presenter

Tom FletcherTom Fletcher
34, British

Georges LemaîtreGeorges Lemaître
71, Belgian
Scientist & Priest
Sean Hepburn FerrerSean Hepburn Ferrer
59, Swiss
Film Producer

Alex ErnstAlex Ernst
23, American
29, American

Matti NykänenMatti Nykänen
56, Finnish
Olympic athlete

Elbridge GerryElbridge Gerry
70, American
Former Vice President of the United States

Mary NighyMary Nighy
35, British
Jessica AmleeJessica Amlee
25, Canadian
Elle MillsElle Mills
21, Filipino
YouTube Star

Dagmara DominczykDagmara Dominczyk
43, Polish, American

Berenice AbbottBerenice Abbott
93, American
American photographer

Shona VertueShona Vertue
35, Australian
Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher
Matt YoakumMatt Yoakum
39, American
YouTube Personality

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Yang JiangYang Jiang
39, Chinese

Tiffany TaylorTiffany Taylor
42, American
Model & Actress

Meghan CamarenaMeghan Camarena
32, American

Sasha CzackSasha Czack
69, American
Kayla PhillipsKayla Phillips
28, American
Model, Instagram Star

Coby CottonCoby Cotton
32, American
40, American, South Korean
Comedian, YouTuber, Instagram Star

Theo HaraldssonTheo Haraldsson
14, Swedish
Theo 'Theoz' Haraldsson

Cory CottonCory Cotton
32, American
YouTube Star
Roman AvdeevRoman Avdeev
52, Russian
Entrepreneur, Banker

Ruben RadaRuben Rada
76, Uruguayan
Frederick Henry BallFrederick Henry Ball
91, American
Brother of Lucille Ball

Jacqueline RayJacqueline Ray
67, American

Jason ClarkeJason Clarke
50, Australian

Samyuktha HegdeSamyuktha Hegde
21, Indian

Carey HartCarey Hart
44, American
Motorcycle racer
Alex WinterAlex Winter
54, British, American

Ravi KishanRavi Kishan
50, Indian

Gavin McInnesGavin McInnes
49, Canadian, British
Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Comedian, Columnist,

F. Gary GrayF. Gary Gray
50, American
Phyllis DillerPhyllis Diller
95, American
Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, Stage actor,

Benjamin MendyBenjamin Mendy
25, French
Association football player
Heather LangenkampHeather Langenkamp
55, American

Wong Kar-waiWong Kar-wai
61, Chinese
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

48, American
Marcos MaidanaMarcos Maidana
36, Argentinian

Art LinkletterArt Linkletter
97, Canadian, American
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality
P. BharathirajaP. Bharathiraja
78, Indian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

Jaap StamJaap Stam
47, Dutch
Association football player, Association football

Elena AnayaElena Anaya
44, Spanish
Josh FrydenbergJosh Frydenberg
48, Australian
Politician, Investment banker

John Jacob AstorJohn Jacob Astor
84, German, American
Geezer ButlerGeezer Butler
70, British

32, American
Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Record producer,

António CostaAntónio Costa
58, Portuguese
Politician, Lawyer

Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson
45, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Catherine SchellCatherine Schell
75, British
Mark BurnettMark Burnett
59, British, American

J. Michael StraczynskiJ. Michael Straczynski
65, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Novelist, Journalist,

Summer BishilSummer Bishil
31, American

Fern BrittonFern Britton
62, British
Television presenter
Cécile de FranceCécile de France
44, Belgian
Actor, Film actor

Cory DoctorowCory Doctorow
48, Canadian

Phoebe SnowPhoebe Snow
60, American

Ismail IIsmail I
36, Iranian
sovereign, poet, writer

Natasha HamiltonNatasha Hamilton
37, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Stage actor, Actor
Lucio TanLucio Tan
85, Filipino

Robin ShouRobin Shou
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer,
Verne LundquistVerne Lundquist
79, American
Sports commentator

Brian K. VaughanBrian K. Vaughan
43, American
Comic Book Writer

Carlos Alberto TorresCarlos Alberto Torres
72, Brazilian
Association football player, Association football
Letsie III of LesothoLetsie III of Lesotho
56, Mosotho
King of Lesotho

44, Finnish
Disc jockey, Record producer
Julie BishopJulie Bishop
63, Australian
Jurist, Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Erle Stanley GardnerErle Stanley Gardner
writer, lawyer, novelist, poet lawyer

Mélanie ThierryMélanie Thierry
38, French
Actor, Model

Wayne SleepWayne Sleep
71, British
Artistic director, Choreographer
Isaac WattsIsaac Watts
74, British

Vladimir K. ZworykinVladimir K. Zworykin
94, American, Russian
engineer, physicist, inventor
Kelly EvansKelly Evans
34, American

Connie HawkinsConnie Hawkins
75, American
Basketball Player
Gale GarnettGale Garnett
77, American
Actor, Singer, Novelist

Jimmy ScottJimmy Scott
88, American
Amanda WarrenAmanda Warren
37, American

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on July 17

Warm-hearted, practical and determined are some of the traits that are seen in individuals born on July 17. These people are endowed with the usual charm and charisma and have a considerate nature as well. This, however is not just it, for July 17 individuals are naturally intuitive, compassionate and considerable as well.  They have a cheery disposition and good social and listening skills.  These people have a mixed sense of responsibility and are ambitious and disciplined. They have an over active imagination, and like to remain busy all the time with plenty of interests and hobbies. Fun-loving and humoristic, these people never seem to feel that they are too old for enjoyment and fun.

The general health condition of individuals born on July 17 is usually robust. These people are extremely conscious about their healthy being and are thus, watchful of their diet and cautious regarding health matters. They do not believe in any sort of overindulgence and instead, have an affinity for sport activities which helps them stay fit and hydrated. The only thing that July 17 natives need to work on is getting the desired amount of relaxation. They are mostly stressed out which leads to feeling fatigued, moody and miserable. These people need to release their tension and anxiety some way or the other to enhance their overall vitality and give a boost to their well-being.

July 17 folks have a careful approach towards finance. These people are cautious about the way they spend and hence do not indulge in any kind of overspending or impulsive shopping. They ordinarily display intense honesty while dealing with finances. Since these people have a strong luck, they are known to make great monetary benefits from buying and selling of land.

Making a career choice for July 17 individuals is not a difficult task as these people are determined and destined for success. Endowed with a business oriented mind, these people not only do well in case of self-employment but also while working with others. They have the acumen for working hard and making a progressive growth in the chosen occupation. What’s more, their warm companionable temperament, practical nature and highly responsible attitude help them attain success in their professional front.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Typically affectionate, caring and responsive, Cancerians born on July 17 maintain cordial relationship with family and friends. These people crave for love and understanding from each of their relationships and the same holds true for romantic associations as well. In matters of love, these people seek comfort, security and commitment. They avoid arguments of any kind and consider compromise as a better option. These individuals mostly talk calmly with their lovers and are always with full of patience and exuberance.  However, July 17 individuals can be a tad bit oversensitive and clingy. Being protective of their lover comes naturally to these folks. as far as parenting is concerned, July 17 individuals can be tagged as the most responsible and capable parents. They believe in providing their children with complete freedom and are less likely to inflict any pressure on them.

Lucky Color: Deep Blue, Black
Lucky Number: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 8, 17, 26