The astrological planet that rules the people born on this particular day is Venus, producing highly creative personalities that have a great appreciation for all things ‘fine’. The people born on this day are easy-going, fun-loving, charming and are fairly open-minded. Apart from these traits, they usually find themselves breaching rigid norms and tend to amaze people with this particular quality of theirs. Fairly logical, these Aquarians have a thirst for sophistication but underneath all of it, they are willing to reveal their defenselessness to those they love. The Aquarians born on this day are the perfect amalgam of manic outbursts of passion on the inside and calm and restrain on the outside, which strikes a balance in their lives.

Sharon TateSharon Tate
26, American
Model, Film Actress, Television Actress
John BelushiJohn Belushi
33, American

Neil DiamondNeil Diamond
79, American

Ed HelmsEd Helms
46, American

Tatyana AliTatyana Ali
41, American

Carrie CoonCarrie Coon
39, American
Kristen SchaalKristen Schaal
42, American

Ernest Borgnine Ernest Borgnine
95, American

Rick SalomonRick Salomon
51, American
Poker Player
62, Italian
Roman Emperor

Frankie GrandeFrankie Grande
37, American
Actor, YouTuber, Television host
Moon Jae-inMoon Jae-in
67, South Korean
Current President of South Korea

Nastassja KinskiNastassja Kinski
59, German

Aaron NevilleAaron Neville
79, American
Singer & Musician

Warren ZevonWarren Zevon
56, American
Rock Singer-songwriter

Daveed DiggsDaveed Diggs
38, American
Chad HurleyChad Hurley
43, American

Kenya MooreKenya Moore
49, American
Actress & Model

Edith WhartonEdith Wharton
75, American

Henry MorganHenry Morgan
53, British, Welsh
Privateer, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica
Ray StevensRay Stevens
81, American

Michael OntkeanMichael Ontkean
74, Canadian, American
Walter ModelWalter Model
54, German
Military Officer

Oral RobertsOral Roberts
91, American

Raviv UllmanRaviv Ullman
34, Israeli, American
E. T. A. HoffmannE. T. A. Hoffmann
46, Prussian

Erwin BachErwin Bach
64, German
Tina Turner's Husband
Allison DuBoisAllison DuBois
48, American

Mark KozelekMark Kozelek
53, American

Calum HoodCalum Hood
24, Australian
Bassist & Social Media Star
Johnny OrlandoJohnny Orlando
17, Canadian

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Gustav III of SwedenGustav III of Sweden
46, Swedish
Telli SwiftTelli Swift
33, Filipino
Model, Reality TV Star, Fiancée of Deontay Wilder

Johann UrbJohann Urb
43, Estonian

Michelle HunzikerMichelle Hunziker
43, Swiss, Italian, Dutch
Model, Actress

Benjamin LincolnBenjamin Lincoln
77, American
Luis SuarezLuis Suarez
33, Uruguayan
Uruguayan Footballer
Robert MotherwellRobert Motherwell
76, American
Abstract Painter

Rye BeaumontRye Beaumont
24, British
Pop Singer

Dan ShechtmanDan Shechtman
79, Israeli

Susan SchneiderSusan Schneider
56, American
Artist, Robin Williams’ Wife
Ferdinand CohnFerdinand Cohn
70, Polish
Founder of Bacteriology and Microbiology

Ashley Jade SternAshley Jade Stern
27, American
Howard Stern's Daughter

20, Canadian

Georges LeBarGeorges LeBar
47, Australian

Amelia GethingAmelia Gething
21, British
TikTok ( Star
Frederick the GreatFrederick The Great
74, German
King of Prussia

Tyler HagenTyler Hagen
28, American
YouTuber, Musician
Amanda PavillardAmanda Pavillard
19, American
Instagram Star, YouTuber

Melinda FarrellMelinda Farrell
35, Australian

William MasonWilliam Mason
79, American
Composer, Pianist
Michael ProvostMichael Provost
22, American

22, Russian
Youtube Star
Jay VersaceJay Versace
22, American
Viner, YouTuber

Joey GattoJoey Gatto
26, American
Youtube Star

Melody NafariMelody Nafari
14, Canadian
TikTok star

Olmo Teodoro CuarónOlmo Teodoro Cuarón
15, American
Alfonso Cuarón's Son

Matthew LillardMatthew Lillard
Film Actor, Theater Actor, Television Actor
D. ImmanD. Imman
37, Indian
Singer, Composer

Gary HartGary Hart
66, American

Justin BaldoniJustin Baldoni
36, American

Abigail DisneyAbigail Disney
60, American
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
53, American
Stand-up comedian, Actor, Film director,

Jools HollandJools Holland
62, British
Musician, Composer, Pianist, Bandleader
Michio KakuMichio Kaku
73, American
Theoretical physicist, Science writer, Popularizer

Beth HartBeth Hart
48, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Composer

Vic ReevesVic Reeves
61, British
Comedian, Autobiographer, Singer
Zack KassianZack Kassian
29, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Subhash GhaiSubhash Ghai
75, Indian
Julie DreyfusJulie Dreyfus
54, French
Actor, Fashion model, Film actor

Mary Lou RettonMary Lou Retton
52, American
Artistic gymnast

Ki Sung-yuengKi Sung-yueng
31, South Korean
South Korean footballer
Klaus NomiKlaus Nomi
39, German

Kyle BrandtKyle Brandt
41, American
Television host
Vince RussoVince Russo
59, American
Screenwriter, Podcaster

John GaramendiJohn Garamendi
75, American

Henri NouwenHenri Nouwen
Presbyter, Writer, University teacher,

Gennifer FlowersGennifer Flowers
70, American
Callan McAuliffeCallan McAuliffe
25, Australian
Charles James FoxCharles James Fox
57, British

John MyungJohn Myung
53, American
Bassist, Musician

Daniel AuteuilDaniel Auteuil
70, Algerian, French
Actor, Film director, Theatre director

Maria TallchiefMaria Tallchief
88, American
Ballet dancer
Jade EwenJade Ewen
32, British
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Singer

Desmond MorrisDesmond Morris
92, British

Hermann EbbinghausHermann Ebbinghaus
59, German
Psychologist, Educationist, University teacher

Joachim GauckJoachim Gauck
80, German
Politician, Pastor, Non-fiction writer, University

Karl Hermann FrankKarl Hermann Frank
48, German
Rekha BhardwajRekha Bhardwaj
56, Indian

56, Italian
Michael KiskeMichael Kiske
52, German
Singer, Musician

Adrian EdmondsonAdrian Edmondson
63, British
Comedian, Musician, Screenwriter
William CongreveWilliam Congreve
58, British
Playwright, Poet, Writer, Translator
Craig HornerCraig Horner
37, Australian
Television actor, Actor, Film actor

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 24th

People born on the 24th of January have a ‘larger-than-life’ aura. These Aquarians are never short of admirers as they always seem to be cheerful and tend to exude a positive energy to those around them. They believe in ‘authenticity’ and genuineness, which comes through in the professions that they take up or the relationships they pursue. Since ‘Venus’ is the astrological planet that rules the lives of these Aquarians, these individuals are affable, easygoing, independent and love others easily. Though on the flipside, these people may come across as fiercely competitive.

When it comes to their health, these individuals need to make sure that they find the right ‘balance’; they can either be too slipshod or too obsessive about their health or lifestyle. They have great vitality overall, but if they don’t find a right balance when it comes to their health routine, it could have detrimental effects. They would particularly benefit from sporting activities and meditation for overall health.

The individuals born on this day can be a little careless when it comes to finances as they are more of ‘spendthrifts’ than ‘savers’. They need to maintain a proper account of their expenses so as to maintain a proper cash flow. These individuals run into liquidity problems very easily if they are not careful about how they handle their money.

The Aquarians born on this day know exactly what they want to pursue from very early on in life. What’s more, they also find immense success in the fields that they choose to pursue. Since they are hard-working individuals and tend to work tirelessly, they achieve a great deal of success. These individuals are drawn to careers concerning philosophy, law, writing, psychology, sociology or the entertainment world.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The people born January 24th constantly need to feel loved but are extremely frightened of intense emotions, rejection or sudden commitment. They are passionate lovers, warm, appreciative and friendly. However, they do tend to have problems opening up to a person in a short span of time, unless they believe they have found their ‘soul mate’. If married, the people born on this day are fiercely committed but need to have their ‘space’ and independence. As parents, they are sometimes insecure and are extremely cautious about not making any mistakes when it comes to raising children.

Lucky Colors:  Electric Blue, Lilac, Cerise
Lucky Numbers: 6, 7
Lucky Days (of the Month): 6th and 7th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Friday and Saturday