Music is not just a form of art but the ultimate food for the soul. It is also considered by many to be a great stress buster. It’s a popular belief that language is no barrier when it comes to music. While peppy tunes from the west have been welcomed by the eastern nations, folk music from continents such as Asia has managed to garner acclaim in the other parts of the world. France has produced many great musicians who have mesmerized their audience with their work. The compositions of these legendary French musicians vary from genres like classical, jazz, hip-hop, pop, to even comedy. Amongst the many great names of French music, some of the famous ones are Robert Ballard, Jean-Baptiste Arban, Arnold Dolmetsch, and Vincent Monteil. Even present day musicians such as Gaspard Michel Andre Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have made their country proud by receiving prestigious awards such as the ‘Grammy’. Many of their famous compositions draw inspiration from French culture. Get an insight into the lives of some of the most famous French musicians through this collection of biographies. Read on to explore more about their life stories, timelines and also learn a few interesting facts & trivia related to their lives.

Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne
27 September 1984
Vanessa ParadisVanessa Paradis
22 December 1972

Edith PiafEdith Piaf
19 December 1915
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Kathie Lee GiffordKathie Lee Gifford
16 August 1953
TV Host, Actress

Claude DebussyClaude Debussy
22 August 1862

David GuettaDavid Guetta
07 November 1967
Disc Jockey
Maurice RavelMaurice Ravel
07 March 1875

Yo-Yo MaYo-Yo Ma
07 October 1955

Erik SatieErik Satie
17 May 1866
Jean-Michel JarreJean-Michel Jarre
24 August 1948

Serge GainsbourgSerge Gainsbourg
02 April 1928
Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt
23 January 1910

Camille Saint-SaensCamille Saint-Saëns
09 October 1835
Composer, Organist, Pianist

Thomas MarsThomas Mars
15 April 1976

Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
14 January 1875
Philosopher, Theologian

Romain GaryRomain Gary
21 May 1914
Louis-Hector BerliozHector Berlioz
11 December 1803
Music Composer

Francis PoulencFrancis Poulenc
07 January 1899

Georges BizetGeorges Bizet
25 October 1838

Rick DufayRick Dufay
02 February 1952
Musician, Songwriter
Gabriel FauréGabriel Fauré
12 May 1845
French Composer & Pianist

Olivier MessiaenOlivier Messiaen
10 December 1908
Composer, organist
Josquin des PrezJosquin des Prez
1450 AD

Jean-Baptiste LullyJean-Baptiste Lully
28 November 1632

Jean-Philippe RameauJean-Philippe Rameau
25 September 1683
Music composer and theorist
Bilal HassaniBilal Hassani
09 September 1999

Nadia BoulangerNadia Boulanger
16 September 1887
Charles GounodCharles Gounod
17 June 1818

Gian Carlo MenottiGian Carlo Menotti
07 July 1911
Composer and librettist

Paul DukasPaul Dukas
01 October 1865

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Germaine TailleferreGermaine Tailleferre
19 April 1892
Guillaume DufayGuillaume Dufay
05 August 1397
Music Composer

Jacques ArcadeltJacques Arcadelt
1507 AD

Kayden BocheKayden Boche
03 June 1985

Cesar FranckCesar Franck
10 December 1822
Composer, pianist, organist and music teacher
Claudin De SermisyClaudin De Sermisy
1490 AD
French composer
Sara DallinSara Dallin
17 December 1961
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Jean Michel JarreJean Michel Jarre
24 August 1948

Jeanne MoreauJeanne Moreau
23 January 1928
Film actor, Film director, Singer, Screenwriter,

17 January 1933
Actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician, Model
Khatia BuniatishviliKhatia Buniatishvili
21 June 1987

M. PokoraM. Pokora
26 September 1985
Composer, Singer

Thomas BangalterThomas Bangalter
03 January 1975
Disc jockey, Singer, Guitarist, Director,

Guy-Manuel de Homem-ChristoGuy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
08 February 1974
Musician, Composer, Screenwriter

Fab MorvanFab Morvan
14 May 1966
Model, Singer, Dancer, Songwriter
Christine and the QueensChristine and the Queens
01 June 1988

Alexandre DesplatAlexandre Desplat
23 August 1961
Composer, Music educator, Film score composer
29 April 1974
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Manu ChaoManu Chao
21 June 1961
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Record producer,

Françoise HardyFrançoise Hardy
17 January 1944
actor, singer-songwriter, musician, astrologer
Emir KusturicaEmir Kusturica
24 November 1954
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Johnny HallydayJohnny Hallyday
15 June 1943
Singer, Actor, Composer
Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre
13 September 1924

Amanda LearAmanda Lear
18 November 1946
Painter, Singer, Actor, Model, Composer

Mylène FarmerMylène Farmer
12 September 1961
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Singer, Actor,

Chevalier de Saint-GeorgesChevalier de Saint-Georges
25 December 1745
Composer, Conductor, Fencer, Concertmaster,

France GallFrance Gall
09 October 1947
Peter AbelardPeter Abelard
1079 AD

Richard ClaydermanRichard Clayderman
28 December 1953
Pianist, Composer, Musician

Lou DoillonLou Doillon
04 September 1982
Actor, Model, Singer

Cathy GuettaCathy Guetta
27 March 1967
Jacques OffenbachJacques Offenbach
20 June 1819
Composer, Cellist, Conductor, Impresario

31 July 1975
Actor, Disc jockey
22 October 1985
actor, singer-songwriter, singer

Michel LegrandMichel Legrand
24 February 1932
Conductor, Composer, Actor, Singer, Pianist, Music

Henrik, Prince Consort of DenmarkHenrik, Prince Consort of Denmark
11 June 1934
Poet, Writer, Visual artist, Pianist
Yann TiersenYann Tiersen
23 June 1970
French musician

Adolphe AdamAdolphe Adam
24 July 1803
Bertrand CantatBertrand Cantat
05 March 1964
Singer, Guitarist, Lyricist, Singer-songwriter,

Claude FrançoisClaude François
01 February 1939
Singer, Music executive, Composer, Songwriter

Jean Philippe RameauJean Philippe Rameau
25 September 1683
Ibrahim MaaloufIbrahim Maalouf
05 December 1980
Trumpeter, Pianist, Jazz musician, Composer, Film

Pierre BoulezPierre Boulez
26 March 1925
Conductor, Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist,
30 May 1994
Disc jockey, Record producer, Songwriter

09 December 1976
Rapper, Singer

Victoria LegrandVictoria Legrand
28 May 1981

Sylvie VartanSylvie Vartan
15 August 1944
Singer, Actor
Quentin DupieuxQuentin Dupieux
14 April 1974
George EnescuGeorge Enescu
19 August 1881
Romanian composer

Jean-Luc PontyJean-Luc Ponty
29 September 1942
Composer, Jazz musician

Elsa LunghiniElsa Lunghini
20 May 1973
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Éric SerraÉric Serra
09 September 1959
Composer, Film score composer
Iannis XenakisIannis Xenakis
29 May 1922

Bob SinclarBob Sinclar
10 May 1969
Club DJ, Disc jockey, Composer, Record producer

Sébastien IzambardSébastien Izambard
07 March 1973
Singer, Pianist, Record producer, Composer

Ferdinand Walsin EsterhazyFerdinand Walsin Esterhazy
16 December 1847
Military personnel, Spy, Composer

Tristan TzaraTristan Tzara
16 April 1896
Art collector, Poet, Writer, Diplomat, Film
Stéphane GrappelliStéphane Grappelli
26 January 1908
Street artist, Composer, Jazz musician, Pianist

Charles TrenetCharles Trenet
18 May 1913
Composer, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter
15 November 1982

Caterina ValenteCaterina Valente
14 January 1931
François-André Danican PhilidorFrançois-André Danican Philidor
07 September 1726
Michel PetruccianiMichel Petrucciani
28 December 1962
Pianist, Jazz musician, Composer