Died On September 25th

Discover the most famous people who died on September 25. The list includes people like John Bonham, Edward Said, Arnold Palmer, Erich Maria Remarque, Wangari Maathai. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, mathematicians, spiritual & religious leaders and soldiers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

John BonhamJohn Bonham
31 May 1948, British
Drummer of Rock Band Led Zeppelin
Arnold PalmerArnold Palmer
10 September 1929, American
Golf Player

Philip I of CastilePhilip I of Castile
22 July 1478, Belgian
King of Castile

Don AdamsDon Adams
13 April 1923, American

Harald HardradaHarald Hardrada
1015 AD, Norwegian
King of Norway (1046 to 1066)

Edward SaidEdward Said
01 November 1935, American
Erich Maria RemarqueErich Maria Remarque
22 June 1898, German

Wangari MaathaiWangari Maathai
01 April 1940, Kenyan
Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Franco ModiglianiFranco Modigliani
10 June 1918, Italian

Johann Heinrich LambertJohann Heinrich Lambert
26 August 1728, Swiss, German, French
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer
John M. FordJohn M. Ford
10 April 1957, American
Novelist, Writer, Game Designer

José FernándezJosé Fernández
31 July 1992, Cuban, American
Baseball Pitcher
Andy WilliamsAndy Williams
03 December 1927, American
Singer, Art collector, Musician, Putita

Leopold III of BelgiumLeopold III of Belgium
03 November 1901, Belgian

Walter PidgeonWalter Pidgeon
23 September 1897, Canadian, American
Actor, Singer, Stage actor, Television actor,
09 September 0214, Turkish

Mary AstorMary Astor
03 May 1906, American
Pope Clement VIIPope Clement VII
26 May 1478, Italian

John B. WatsonJohn B. Watson
09 January 1878, American

Hugo BlackHugo Black
27 February 1886, American
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of
Jeff CooperJeff Cooper
10 May 1920, American
Officer, Author, Journalist, Sport shooter, Writer

Johann Strauss IJohann Strauss I
14 March 1804, Austrian
Austrian composer
Urie BronfenbrennerUrie Bronfenbrenner
29 April 1917, American
Psychologist, Academic, University teacher, Writer

Emily PostEmily Post
27 October 1872, American

Jacob SchiffJacob Schiff
10 January 1847, American
Banker, Financier

Agnes von KurowskyAgnes von Kurowsky
05 January 1892, American
César ManriqueCésar Manrique
24 April 1919, Spanish
Painter, Architect, Sculptor
Viktor SchaubergerViktor Schauberger
30 June 1885, Austrian
Forester, Inventor, Writer

Paul EhrenfestPaul Ehrenfest
18 January 1880, Austrian
Physicist, Theoretical physicist, University

Abba KovnerAbba Kovner
14 March 1918, Israeli
Writer, Poet

Elizabeth Van LewElizabeth Van Lew
25 October 1818, American
Kurt ZeitzlerKurt Zeitzler
09 June 1895, German

Lewis MilestoneLewis Milestone
30 September 1895, Russian

R. S. ThomasR. S. Thomas
29 March 1913, British
Poet, Author, Writer

Jacques MacDonaldJacques MacDonald
17 November 1765, French
Politician, Diplomat, Officer, Military personnel

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Lancelot AndrewesLancelot Andrewes
16 July 1555, British
priest, translator, theologian, Bible translator
Sergius of RadonezhSergius of Radonezh
14 May 1314, Russian
monk, hermit, hegumen

Nikolay SemyonovNikolay Semyonov
15 April 1896, Russian
Carol RamaCarol Rama
17 April 1918, Italian

Samuel ButlerSamuel Butler
03 February 1612, British
Writer, Poet,

Timothy Joseph LyneTimothy Joseph Lyne
21 March 1919, American
Catholic priest
Edward Wadie SaïdEdward Wadie Saïd
01 November 1935, American

Étienne-Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonaldÉtienne-Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonald
17 November 1765, French
Military leader
William Alton Billy Carter IIIWilliam Alton Billy Carter III
29 March 1937, American