Died On October 11th

Discover the most famous people who died on October 11. The list includes people like Meriwether Lewis, Jean Cocteau, James Prescott Joule, Anton Bruckner, Chico Marx. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, political leaders, actors and sculptors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Australia and many more countries.

Robert ForsterRobert Forster
13 July 1941, American
Chesty PullerChesty Puller
26 June 1898, American
United States Marine Corps lieutenant general

Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
18 August 1774, American
Explorer, Politician

Jean CocteauJean Cocteau
05 July 1889, French
Novelist, Poet, Artist & Filmmaker

Chico MarxChico Marx
22 March 1887, American
American comedian

Paul ShenarPaul Shenar
12 February 1936, American
Anton BrucknerAnton Bruckner
04 September 1824, Austrian

James Prescott JouleJames Prescott Joule
24 December 1818, British

Sri ChinmoySri Chinmoy
27 August 1931, Indian
Indian spiritual leader

Anatole BroyardAnatole Broyard
16 July 1920, American
William VickreyWilliam Vickrey
21 June 1914, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Redd FoxxRedd Foxx
09 December 1922, American
Television actor, Actor
Pope Boniface VIIIPope Boniface VIII
1230 AD, Italian

Dina PathakDina Pathak
04 March 1922, Indian

Dorothea LangeDorothea Lange
26 May 1895, American
Journalist, Photographer, Artist, Photojournalist
Huldrych ZwingliHuldrych Zwingli
01 January 1484, Swiss

Jörg HaiderJörg Haider
26 January 1950, Austrian
Politician, Businessperson
Louis IV, Holy Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor
01 April 1282, German

Keith MillerKeith Miller
28 November 1919, Australian
Cricketer, Australian rules footballer

Paul RiccaPaul Ricca
14 November 1897, American
Louise of OrléansLouise of Orléans
03 April 1812, French

Maurice de VlaminckMaurice de Vlaminck
04 April 1876, French
Painter, Writer, Sculptor, Graphic artist
14 May 1874, French
Actor, Singer, Stage actor

Roberta CowellRoberta Cowell
08 April 1918, British
Racecar driver, Fighter pilot

Dirk HartogDirk Hartog
30 October 1580, Dutch

Jean-Henri FabreJean-Henri Fabre
22 December 1823, French
Entomologist, Writer, University teacher, Poet
Georges DumézilGeorges Dumézil
04 March 1898, French
French philologist
Louis Le VauLouis Le Vau
1612 AD, French
architect, artist

Kazimierz PułaskiKazimierz Pułaski
06 March 1745, Lithuanian, Polish, American

Lars AhlforsLars Ahlfors
18 April 1907, Finnish

Vito VolterraVito Volterra
03 May 1860, Italian
John MurphyJohn Murphy
1959 AD, Australian

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David AntinDavid Antin
01 February 1932, American
Art critic, Poet, Performance artist

David HuntDavid Hunt
20 May 1960, British
racing driver

Sir Thomas WyattSir Thomas Wyatt
1503 AD, British

Ferdinand EisensteinFerdinand Eisenstein
16 April 1823, German
James Earle FraserJames Earle Fraser
04 November 1876, American

Lawrence Brooks HaysLawrence Brooks Hays
09 August 1898, American
Santōka TanedaSantōka Taneda
03 December 1882, Japanese
Poet, Writer, Bhikkhu