Died On November 7th

Discover the most famous people who died on November 7. The list includes people like Leonard Cohen, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alfred Russel Wallace, John Nance Garner, Will Durant. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, poets and boxers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, India, United Kingdom & Germany and many more countries.

Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen
21 September 1934, Canadian
Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
11 October 1884, American
Wife of American President Franklin Delano

Ann DunhamAnn Dunham
29 November 1942, American
Barack Obama's Mother

Joe FrazierJoe Frazier
12 January 1944, American

Butch CassidyButch Cassidy
13 April 1866, American

Bahadur Shah ZafarBahadur Shah Zafar
24 October 1775, Indian
Last Mughal Emperor
Howard KeelHoward Keel
13 April 1919, American

Janet RenoJanet Reno
21 July 1938, American
78th Attorney General of the United States

Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
08 January 1823, British
Naturalist, Explorer, Geographer, Anthropologist

John Nance GarnerJohn Nance Garner
22 November 1868, American
32nd Vice President of the United States
Will DurantWill Durant
05 November 1885, American
Writer, Historian, Philosopher

Richard SorgeRichard Sorge
04 October 1895, Russian
Soviet Military Intelligence Officer
Chidambaram SubramaniamChidambaram Subramaniam
30 January 1910, Indian
Former Indian Politician & Freedom Activist

Germaine TailleferreGermaine Tailleferre
19 April 1892, French

Steve McQueenSteven McQueen
24 March 1930, American
Alexander DubcekAlexander Dubcek
27 November 1921, Czech, Slovak

Roy HalladayRoy Halladay
14 May 1977, American
Baseball Players
Lawrence DurrellLawrence Durrell
27 February 1912, British

Tom of FinlandTom of Finland
08 May 1920, Finnish
Painter, Illustrator

Manfred RommelManfred Rommel
24 December 1928, German
Writer, Politician, Jurist
Bahadur Shah IIBahadur Shah II
24 October 1775, Indian

Victor McLaglenVictor McLaglen
10 December 1886, British, American
Actor, Boxer
Ingrid of SwedenIngrid of Sweden
28 March 1910, Swedish

Gene TunneyGene Tunney
25 May 1897, American

Li HongzhangLi Hongzhang
15 February 1823, Chinese
Diplomat, Mandarin

Hannah SzenesHannah Szenes
17 July 1921, Hungarian
Writer, Poet
Adelaide HallAdelaide Hall
20 October 1901, American
Singer, Artist, Jazz musician, Actor, Stage actor
David SassoonDavid Sassoon
30 September 1792, Indian

Jitendra AbhishekiJitendra Abhisheki
21 September 1929, Indian
Actor, Composer

Paul BaltesPaul Baltes
18 June 1939, German
Psychologist, Author

Yitzhak NavonYitzhak Navon
09 April 1921, Israeli
Politician, Writer, Playwright, Educator
Arnold DeutschArnold Deutsch
1904 AD, Austrian

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Rafael del RiegoRafael del Riego
09 April 1784, Spanish

Anne GrantAnne Grant
21 February 1755, British
Poet, Historian

John PatrickJohn Patrick
17 May 1905, American
Screenwriter, Playwright

Ōkido MoriemonŌkido Moriemon
13 May 1876, Japanese
İlhan Erdostİlhan Erdost
17 December 1944, Turkish