Died On November 15th

Discover the most famous people who died on November 15. The list includes people like Johannes Kepler, Emile Durkheim, Margaret Mead, Stokely Carmichael, Lionel Barrymore. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, theologians, political leaders and journalists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Lil PeepLil Peep
01 November 1996, American
Saeed JaffreySaeed Jaffrey
08 January 1929, Indian, British

Stokely CarmichaelStokely Carmichael
29 June 1941, Guinean, Trinidadian, American

Johannes KeplerJohannes Kepler
27 December 1571, German
Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer

Empress Dowager CixiEmpress Dowager Cixi
29 November 1835, Chinese
Chinese Empress Dowager

Lionel BarrymoreLionel Barrymore
28 April 1878, American
Margaret MeadMargaret Mead
16 December 1901, American
Cultural Anthropologist

Vinoba BhaveVinoba Bhave
11 September 1895, Indian
Social Reformer

Iskander MirzaIskander Mirza
15 November 1899, Pakistani
Former President of Pakistan

Kim PorterKim Porter
15 December 1970, American
Model, Actress
Christoph Willibald GluckChristoph Willibald Gluck
02 July 1714, German

Emile DurkheimEmile Durkheim
15 April 1858, French
Sociologist & Philosopher
Alfred WernerAlfred Werner
12 December 1866, Swiss

Charles Thomson Rees WilsonCharles Thomson Rees Wilson
14 February 1869, British

Aelbert CuypAelbert Cuyp
20 October 1620, Dutch
Dutch Landscape Painter
Raphael KalinowskiRaphael Kalinowski
01 September 1835, Polish
Discalced Carmelite Friar

Nathuram GodseNathuram Godse
19 May 1910, Indian
Politician, Journalist
Al SwearengenAl Swearengen
08 July 1845, American

Tyrone PowerTyrone Power
05 May 1914, American

Alger HissAlger Hiss
11 November 1904, American
Jurist, Lawyer, Diplomat
Vincent MargeraVincent Margera
03 July 1956, American
Television actor, Actor, Film actor

Albertus MagnusAlbertus Magnus
1200 AD, German
Henryk SienkiewiczHenryk Sienkiewicz
05 May 1846, Polish
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Journalist

Adrian RogersAdrian Rogers
12 September 1931, American

Martin FrobisherMartin Frobisher

Maria II of PortugalMaria II of Portugal
04 April 1819, Brazilian, Portuguese
Jean GabinJean Gabin
17 May 1904, French
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Screenwriter
John Amos ComeniusJohn Amos Comenius
28 March 1592, Czech
Writer, Linguist, Presbyter, Theologian,

Joe NuxhallJoe Nuxhall
30 July 1928, American
Radio Personality, Famous Baseball Players

John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon
05 February 1723, American
Politician, Theologian

Edoardo AgnelliEdoardo Agnelli
09 June 1954, American
Frederick VII of DenmarkFrederick VII of Denmark
06 October 1808, Danish

William MurdochWilliam Murdoch
21 August 1754, British
Inventor, Engineer

Wilhelm StuckartWilhelm Stuckart
16 November 1902, German
Lawyer, Judge, Politician, Jurist

Oswald ChambersOswald Chambers
24 July 1874, British
Author, Theologian

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Jean-Baptiste SayJean-Baptiste Say
05 January 1767, French
Economist, Politician, Writer, Professor,
Mose AllisonMose Allison
11 November 1927, American
Pianist, Jazz musician, Singer

James Mayer de RothschildJames Mayer de Rothschild
15 May 1792, French
Banker, Art collector, Economist, Businessperson
Thomas Neill CreamThomas Neill Cream
27 May 1850, British

Fereydoon BatmanghelidjFereydoon Batmanghelidj
1931 AD, Iranian

Felipe de AlbaFelipe de Alba
29 April 1924, Mexican
Actor, Lawyer
Méret OppenheimMéret Oppenheim
06 October 1913, Swiss, German
Photographer, Writer, Painter, Model, Visual

Daniel RutherfordDaniel Rutherford
03 November 1749, Scottish
botanist, chemist
Fritz ReinerFritz Reiner
19 December 1888, Hungarian, American
Conductor, Composer

Hans Christian GramHans Christian Gram
13 September 1853, Danish
Physician, Bacteriologist, University teacher,

Irving JanisIrving Janis
26 May 1918, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Nicoletta MachiavelliNicoletta Machiavelli
01 August 1944, Italian
Actor, Film actor

Agnes RepplierAgnes Repplier
01 April 1855, American
Essayist, Biographer
George RomneyGeorge Romney
26 December 1734, British

John Cross Jr.John Cross Jr.
27 January 1925, American
Civil Rights activist

John Watson FosterJohn Watson Foster
02 March 1836, American

Oswald J. ChambersOswald J. Chambers
24 July 1874, Welsh