Died On May 9th

Discover the most famous people who died on May 9. The list includes people like Tenzing Norgay, Lena Horne, Friedrich Schiller, Albert A. Michelson, Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, composers and historians and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Italy and many more countries.

Freddie StarrFreddie Starr
09 January 1943, British
Lena HorneLena Horne
30 June 1917, American

Tenzing NorgayTenzing Norgay
29 May 1914, Nepalese

Keith WhitleyKeith Whitley
01 July 1955, American

Haji MastanHaji Mastan
01 March 1926, Indian
Gangster, Smuggler

Friedrich SchillerFriedrich Schiller
10 November 1759, German
Poet, Playwright, Historian & Philosopher
Alan KingAlan King
26 December 1927, American
American actor

Albert Abraham MichelsonAlbert A. Michelson
19 December 1852, American

Joseph Louis Gay-LussacJoseph Louis Gay-Lussac
06 December 1778, French
Chemist and Physicist

Benjamin LincolnBenjamin Lincoln
24 January 1733, American
Dieterich BuxtehudeDieterich Buxtehude
24 June 1637, German, Danish
Musical Composer and Organist

Francis HopkinsonFrancis Hopkinson
21 September 1737, American
Former United States District Judge
Michael ParksMichael Parks
24 April 1940, American

Obafemi AwolowoObafemi Awolowo
06 March 1909, Nigerian
politician, lawyer, trade unionist

Alice FayeAlice Faye
05 May 1915, American
Robert MilesRobert Miles
03 November 1969, Swiss, Italian

Vidal SassoonVidal Sassoon
17 January 1928, British
Businessperson, Autobiographer
Brenda FassieBrenda Fassie
03 November 1964, South African

Julius NeposJulius Nepos
0430 AD, Italian

Aldo MoroAldo Moro
23 September 1916, Italian
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher
Frederick William, Elector of BrandenburgFrederick William, Elector of Brandenburg
16 February 1620, German

Ulrike MeinhofUlrike Meinhof
07 October 1934, German
Journalist, Writer, Sociologist
Akhmad KadyrovAkhmad Kadyrov
23 August 1951, Kazakh, Russian
Politician, Theologian

Hans KammlerHans Kammler
26 August 1901, German
architect, engineer

Talat MahmoodTalat Mahmood
24 February 1924, Indian
Actor, Singer

C. W. PostC. W. Post
26 October 1854, American
Kenan EvrenKenan Evren
17 July 1917, Turkish
Kate PeruginiKate Perugini
29 October 1839, British

Ezio PinzaEzio Pinza
18 May 1892, Italian
Singer, Actor, Opera singer

George MaciunasGeorge Maciunas
08 November 1931, Lithuanian, American
Artist, Architect, Painter

Luigi NonoLuigi Nono
29 January 1924, Italian
Composer, Conductor
Theodore H. WhiteTheodore H. White
06 May 1915, American
Journalist, historian, writer, novelist

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Wouter WeylandtWouter Weylandt
27 September 1984, Belgian

William BradfordWilliam Bradford
19 March 1590, British
Plymouth Colony governor

0292 AD, Egyptian

Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
15 September 1918, American
George BrownGeorge Brown
29 November 1818, Canadian
politician, publisher, journalist

Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell
22 December 1883, American
U.S. Representative