Died On May 20th

Discover the most famous people who died on May 20. The list includes people like Christopher Columbus, Gary Coleman, Robin Gibb, Stephen Jay Gould, Barbara Hepworth. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, composers, economists and mathematicians and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Canada and many more countries.

Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus
31 October 1451, Italian
Niki LaudaNiki Lauda
22 February 1949, Austrian
Former Formula One driver

Randy SavageRandy Savage
15 November 1952, American
Professional Wrestler

Gary ColemanGary Coleman
08 February 1968, American

Robin GibbRobin Gibb
22 December 1949, British

Stephen Jay GouldStephen Jay Gould
10 September 1941, American
Mary Ellen TrainorMary Ellen Trainor
08 July 1952, American

Barbara HepworthBarbara Hepworth
10 January 1903, British

Marquis de LafayetteMarquis de Lafayette
06 September 1757, French
French Aristocrat and Military Leader

John ClareJohn Clare
13 July 1793, British
English poet
Philipp LenardPhilipp Lenard
07 June 1862, German

Clara Wieck SchumannClara Wieck Schumann
13 September 1819, German
Musician & Composer
John HicksJohn R Hicks
08 April 1904, British

Jon PertweeJon Pertwee
07 July 1919, British

Ray ManzarekRay Manzarek
12 February 1939, American
American musician
Clara SchumannClara Schumann
13 September 1819, German
Pianist, Composer, Music educator

Bao ZhengBao Zheng
11 April 0999, Chinese
Osman IIOsman II
03 November 1604, Turkish

Richard N. GoodwinRichard N. Goodwin
07 December 1931, American

Anton DiffringAnton Diffring
20 October 1916, German
Linda Lee ThomasLinda Lee Thomas
17 November 1883, American

Bogd KhanBogd Khan
13 October 1869, Mongolian
Gilbert du Motier, marquis de LafayetteGilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette
06 September 1757, French
Military officer

Josef PrillerJosef Priller
27 July 1915, German
Aviator, Fighter pilot

Pope John XXIPope John XXI
1215 AD, Portuguese
Pope, writer, university teacher

Stanley MillerStanley Miller
07 March 1930, American
Chemist, Biologist, University teacher
Ingrid von RosenIngrid von Rosen
17 January 1930, Swedish
Hector GuimardHector Guimard
10 March 1867, French

Walter RudinWalter Rudin
02 May 1921, American
Mathematician, University teacher

Beatriz Enríquez de AranaBeatriz Enríquez de Arana
1467 AD, Spanish

George-Étienne CartierGeorge-Étienne Cartier
06 September 1814, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Arthur EricksonArthur Erickson
14 June 1924, Canadian
Architect, University teacher

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Charles BonnetCharles Bonnet
13 March 1720, Swiss
naturalist and philosophical writer

Sandra BemSandra Bem
22 June 1944, American

Verner von HeidenstamVerner von Heidenstam
06 July 1859, Swedish
Swedish poet

Lewis Blaine HersheyLewis Blaine Hershey
12 September 1893, American
William EmersonWilliam Emerson
14 May 1701, British

Sir John Richard HicksSir John Richard Hicks
08 April 1904, British
Sir Henry Maximilian BeerbohmSir Henry Maximilian Beerbohm
24 August 1872, British

Gilda Susan RadnerGilda Susan Radner
28 June 1946, American

Josip JelačićJosip Jelačić
16 October 1801, Serbian
Military officer
Paul RicœurPaul Ricœur
27 February 1913, French

Władysław IV VasaWładysław IV Vasa
09 June 1595, Polish