Died On June 28th

Discover the most famous people who died on June 28. The list includes people like Rod Serling, James Madison, Terry Fox, GG Allin, Theodora. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, military leaders and philosophers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Austria and many more countries.

James MadisonJames Madison
16 March 1751, American
4th President of the United States
GG AllinGG Allin
29 August 1956, American
Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Terry FoxTerry Fox
28 July 1958, Canadian

Rod SerlingRod Serling
25 December 1924, American
Screenwriter, TV Producer, Narrator

Robert ByrdRobert Byrd
20 November 1917, American

Frank SuttonFrank Sutton
23 October 1923, American
Stanley BakerStanley Baker
28 February 1928, Welsh

Prasanta Chandra MahalanobisPrasanta Chandra Mahalanobis
29 June 1893, Indian

Mikhail TalMikhail Tal
09 November 1936, Latvian
Chess Player

Meshach TaylorMeshach Taylor
11 April 1947, American
Pat SummittPat Summitt
12 June 1952, American

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Archduke Franz Ferdinand
18 December 1863, Austrian
The person whose assassination sparked the First
Alexander BerkmanAlexander Berkman
21 November 1870, French, Russian

Maria MitchellMaria Mitchell
01 August 1818, American

Alfred NoyesAlfred Noyes
16 September 1880, British
0497 AD, Turkish
Byzantine empresses

Yanka KupalaYanka Kupala
07 July 1882, Belarusian, Russian
Charlotte BrosnanCharlotte Brosnan
27 November 1971, British
Actress, Daughter of Pierce Brosnan

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of AustriaArchduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
18 December 1863, Austrian
Archduke of Austria

Billy MaysBilly Mays
20 July 1958, American
American salesperson
Michael P. MurphyMichael P. Murphy
07 May 1976, American

Chris SquireChris Squire
04 March 1948, British
Bassist, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Film score
Vannevar BushVannevar Bush
11 March 1890, American
Scientist, Engineer, Politician, University

Philippe CousteauPhilippe Cousteau
30 December 1940, French

Buddy RyanBuddy Ryan
17 February 1931, American
American football player, Head coach

Sophie, Duchess of HohenbergSophie, Duchess of Hohenberg
01 March 1868, Czech, German
Franz StanglFranz Stangl
26 March 1908, Austrian
Police officer, Officer
Buddy RyanBuddy Ryan
17 February 1934, American

0530 AD, Serbian

Italo BalboItalo Balbo
06 June 1896, Italian
politician, military personnel

Scotty MooreScotty Moore
27 December 1931, American
Guitarist, Audio engineer
Mortimer J. AdlerMortimer J. Adler
28 December 1902, American
Philosopher, Teacher, Writer, University teacher

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Abraham OrteliusAbraham Ortelius
14 April 1527, Belgian

Edward CarpenterEdward Carpenter
29 August 1844, British
Poet, Philosopher, Writer

FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron RaglanFitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan
30 September 1788
Politician, Military personnel

Gerhard von ScharnhorstGerhard von Scharnhorst
12 November 1755, German, Prussian
Politician, Officer
Kiichi MiyazawaKiichi Miyazawa
08 October 1919, Japanese
Prime Minister, politician

Pope Leo IIPope Leo II
0611 AD, Italian, Kosovar
Yigael YadinYigael Yadin
20 March 1917, Israeli
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Politician,

Victor TrumperVictor Trumper
02 November 1877, Australian

Domenico FontanaDomenico Fontana
1543 AD, Italian
Primož TrubarPrimož Trubar
19 June 1508, Slovenian
writer, translator,theologian, Bible translator

Harriet E. WilsonHarriet E. Wilson
15 March 1825, American
American novelist
Ștefan LuchianȘtefan Luchian
01 February 1868, Romanian
painter, pastelist, watercolourist

Andronikos IV PalaiologosAndronikos IV Palaiologos
11 April 1348, Turkish

Andrei BogolyubskyAndrei Bogolyubsky
1111 AD, Russian

Eugene Bennett FluckeyEugene Bennett Fluckey
05 October 1913, American
Navy Rear Admiral