Died On April 29th

Discover the most famous people who died on April 29. The list includes people like Alfred Hitchcock, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Albert Hofmann, John Kenneth Galbraith, Wallace Carothers. Famous personalities featured on this list, include philosophers, journalists, chemists and political scientists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Canada, Italy and many more countries.

Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock
13 August 1899, British
Film Director and Producer
Ludwig WittgensteinLudwig Wittgenstein
26 April 1889, Austrian

Albert HofmannAlbert Hofmann
11 January 1906, Swiss
The First Person to Synthesize LSD

John Kenneth GalbraithJohn Kenneth Galbraith
15 October 1908, Canadian

Wallace Hume Carothers Wallace Carothers
27 April 1896, American
Inventor of Neoprene & Nylon

Salvador MazzaSalvador Mazza
28 February 1905, Argentinian
Physician and Epidemiologist
Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins
26 October 1942, British

Mick RonsonMick Ronson
26 May 1946
Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter, Record producer

Catherine of SienaCatherine of Siena
25 March 1347, Italian

Nick JoaquinNick Joaquin
04 May 1917, Filipino
Writer, Journalist
Michiel de RuyterMichiel de Ruyter
24 March 1607, Dutch

Irving FisherIrving Fisher
27 February 1867, American
Economist, Statistician
Russell KirkRussell Kirk
19 October 1918, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, Literary critic,

Wilhelm Ritter von LeebWilhelm Ritter von Leeb
05 September 1876, German
Military personnel

Constantine P. CavafyConstantine P. Cavafy
29 April 1863, Egyptian, Greek, British
Poet, Writer, Civil servant, Journalist
Anagarika DharmapalaAnagarika Dharmapala
17 September 1864, Sri Lankan

Robert PlutchikRobert Plutchik
21 October 1927, American
Psychologist, Emotion psychologist, University
Rufus KingRufus King
24 March 1755, American
politician, lawyer, diplomat

William GilletteWilliam Gillette
24 July 1853, American
actor, screenwriter, stage actor, writer

Charles TillyCharles Tilly
27 May 1929, American
Historian, Political scientist, Sociologist,
Babu Chiri SherpaBabu Chiri Sherpa
22 June 1965, Nepalese

Emily StoweEmily Stowe
01 May 1831, Canadian
Teacher, Physician
Reuven FeuersteinReuven Feuerstein
21 August 1921, Israeli, Romanian
Educationist, Educator

Walter WalshWalter Walsh
04 May 1907, American

Pham Van DongPham Van Dong
01 March 1906, Vietnamese

Giovanni CanestriGiovanni Canestri
30 September 1918, Italian
Theologian, University teacher, Catholic priest