Famous People Who Died In 1998

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1998. This list includes people like Frank Sinatra, Phil Hartman, Sonny Bono, Linda McCartney, Pol Pot and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, artists and composers who died in 1998. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & Germany and many more countries.

Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra
12 December 1915, American
Singer and Actor
Phil HartmanPhil Hartman
24 September 1948, Canadian, American
Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian

Matthew ShepardMatthew Shepard
01 December 1976, American
Gay Hate Murder Victim

Pol PotPol Pot
19 May 1925, Cambodian
Dictator, War Criminal

Sonny BonoSonny Bono
16 February 1935, American

Linda Louise McCartneyLinda McCartney
24 September 1941, American
Photographer, Musician
James Earl RayJames Earl Ray
10 March 1928, American

George WallaceGeorge Wallace
25 August 1919, American

Stokely CarmichaelStokely Carmichael
29 June 1941, Guinean, Trinidadian, American

Lloyd BridgesLloyd Bridges
15 January 1913, American
Film & TV Actor
Akira KurosawaAkira Kurosawa
23 March 1910, Japanese

John DerekJohn Derek
12 August 1926, American
Roddy McDowallRoddy McDowall
17 September 1928, British

Roy RogersRoy Rogers
05 November 1911, American
King of the Cowboys

Alan ShepardAlan Shepard
18 November 1923, American
Astronaut, Aviator, Entrepreneur
Tammy WynetteTammy Wynette
05 May 1942, American

Michelle ThomasMichelle Thomas
23 September 1968, American
Enoch PowellEnoch Powell
16 June 1912, British

Ted HughesTed Hughes
17 August 1930, British
Poet and Children's Writer

Rob PilatusRob Pilatus
08 June 1965, German
Gulzarilal NandaGulzarilal Nanda
04 July 1898, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India

Harry CarayHarry Caray
01 March 1914, American
Jack LordJack Lord
30 December 1920, American
Television actor

Flip WilsonFlip Wilson
08 December 1933, American
Comedian & Actor

Carlos CastanedaCarlos Castaneda
25 December 1925, American

Karla Faye TuckerKarla Faye Tucker
18 November 1959, American
First woman to be executed in the US since 1984
Martha GellhornMartha Gellhorn
08 November 1908, American
Journalist & Writer
Eldridge CleaverEldridge Cleaver
31 August 1935, American

Jeanette NolanJeanette Nolan
30 December 1911, American

Persis KhambattaPersis Khambatta
02 October 1948, Indian
Actress, Model

Michel TrudeauMichel Trudeau
02 October 1975, Canadian
Pierre Trudeau's son
Leo PennLeo Penn
27 August 1921, American

Benjamin Spock Benjamin Spock
02 May 1903, American
Pediatrician and Political Activist

Jerome RobbinsJerome Robbins
11 October 1918, American
Dance Choreographer

Mary FrannMary Frann
27 February 1943, American

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Octavio PazOctavio Paz
31 March 1914, Mexican
Writer, Poet, Diplomat and Noble Prize Laureate
Vasili ArkhipovVasili Arkhipov
30 January 1926, Russian
Naval Officer

Vladimir Petrovich DemikhovVladimir Demikhov
18 July 1916, Russian
Organ Transplant Pioneer
Henny YoungmanHenny Youngman
16 March 1906, American

Michael TippettMichael Tippett
02 January 1905, British

Nizar QabbaniNizar Qabbani
21 March 1923, Syrian
Galina UlanovaGalina Ulanova
08 January 1910, Russian
Ballet Dancer, Choreographer

Alfred SchnittkeAlfred Schnittke
24 November 1934, German, Russian
Helen CarterHelen Carter
19 September 1927, American

Frederick ReinesFrederick Reines
16 March 1918, American

Alan Lloyd HodgkinAlan Lloyd Hodgkin
05 February 1914, British
Biophysicist & Physiologist

Theodore William Schultz Theodore Schultz
30 April 1902, American

Allan McLeod Cormack Allan McLeod Cormack
23 February 1924, British, American, South African
Kenichi Fukui Kenichi Fukui
04 October 1918, Japanese

Vladimir PrelogVladimir Prelog
23 July 1906, Swiss

Derek Harold Richard BartonDerek Barton
08 September 1918, British

Martin Rodbell Martin Rodbell
01 December 1925, American
George H. HitchingsGeorge H. Hitchings
18 April 1905, American

Andre WeilAndre Weil
06 May 1906, French
Barry Morris GoldwaterBarry Morris Goldwater
02 January 1909, American
Former United States Senator

Raman LambaRaman Lamba
02 January 1960, Indian

Florence Griffith JoynerFlorence Griffith Joyner
21 December 1959, American
Carl WilsonCarl Wilson
21 December 1946, American
Musician, Guitarist, Record producer, Composer

Francys ArsentievFrancys Arsentiev
18 January 1958, American
Esther RolleEsther Rolle
08 November 1920, American
Theater Actress, Film Actress, Television Actress

Wendy O. WilliamsWendy O. Williams
28 May 1949, American

Lenny McLeanLenny McLean
09 April 1949, British
Actor, Boxer
Gene AutryGene Autry
29 September 1907, American
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician,

Sani AbachaSani Abacha
20 September 1943, Nigerian
Politician, Military personnel
Roy BenavidezRoy Benavidez
05 August 1935, American

Carl PerkinsCarl Perkins
1932 AD
Guitarist, Songwriter

Shari LewisShari Lewis
17 January 1933, American
Actor, Television presenter, Puppeteer,

Norman FellNorman Fell
24 March 1924, American
Beverley CrossBeverley Cross
13 April 1931, British
Screenwriter, Librettist
Cozy PowellCozy Powell
29 December 1947, British

Bob KaneBob Kane
24 October 1915, American
Painter, Artist, Writer, Screenwriter

Justin FashanuJustin Fashanu
19 February 1961, British
Association football player

Shirley Ardell MasonShirley Ardell Mason
25 January 1923, American
Archie MooreArchie Moore
13 December 1916, American
Professional boxer

Ernst JüngerErnst Jünger
29 March 1895, German
Soldier, Author, Entomologist

Yang ShangkunYang Shangkun
05 July 1907

Marjory Stoneman DouglasMarjory Stoneman Douglas
07 April 1890, American
Journalist, Feminist

Protima BediProtima Bedi
12 October 1948, Indian
Alan J. PakulaAlan J. Pakula
07 April 1928, American
American film director

14 November 1947, Indian
film director
Jean-François LyotardJean-François Lyotard
10 August 1924, French
Philosopher, Philologist, Writer, Linguist,

Dan OsmanDan Osman
11 February 1963, American
Rock climber

Grandpa JonesGrandpa Jones
20 October 1913, American
Banjoist, Singer, Songwriter
Florence Griffith-JoynerFlorence Griffith-Joyner
21 December 1959, American
American track and field athlete

Niklas LuhmannNiklas Luhmann
08 December 1927, German
Philosopher, Scientist, Sociologist, University
Raymond CattellRaymond Cattell
20 March 1905, British, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Jean MaraisJean Marais
11 December 1913, French
Film actor, Actor, Sculptor, Painter, Theatre

Otto KretschmerOtto Kretschmer
01 May 1912, German
Soldier, Submariner

Conrad SchumannConrad Schumann
28 March 1942, German
Christian MortensenChristian Mortensen
16 August 1882, Danish, American

Todor ZhivkovTodor Zhivkov
07 September 1911, Bulgarian
Talat MahmoodTalat Mahmood
24 February 1924, Indian
Actor, Singer

David McClellandDavid McClelland
20 May 1917, American
Psychologist, University teacher, Sociologist

Ferdinand Anton Ernst PorscheFerdinand Anton Ernst Porsche
19 September 1909, Austrian
Entrepreneur, Engineer

Mahbub ul HaqMahbub ul Haq
22 February 1934, Pakistani
Economist, Politician, Financier, Banker
Jon PostelJon Postel
06 August 1943, American
Computer scientist