Famous People Who Died In 1995

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1995. This list includes people like Eazy-E, Selena, Dean Martin, Jerry Garcia, Elizabeth Montgomery and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, physicists and philosophers who died in 1995. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Selena QuintanillaSelena
16 April 1971, American
Singer, Songwriter
Bob RossBob Ross
29 October 1942, American

07 September 1964, American

Dean MartinDean Martin
07 June 1917, American
Actor, Comedian, Singer

Roxie RokerRoxie Roker
28 August 1929, American

Elizabeth MontgomeryElizabeth Montgomery
15 April 1933, American
Fred WestFred West
29 September 1941, British
Serial Killer

Jerry GarciaJerry Garcia
01 August 1942, American

Morarji DesaiMorarji Desai
29 February 1896, Indian
Politician, Prime Minister of India

Mickey MantleMickey Mantle
20 October 1931, American
Baseball Player
Lana TurnerLana Turner
08 February 1921, American

Ann DunhamAnn Dunham
29 November 1942, American
Barack Obama's Mother
Harold WilsonHarold Wilson
11 March 1916, British
Former British Prime Minister

Ginger RogersGinger Rogers
16 July 1911, American
American actress

Cheyenne BrandoCheyenne Brando
20 February 1970, French
Doug McClureDoug McClure
11 May 1935, American

Yitzhak RabinYitzhak Rabin
01 March 1922, Israeli
5th Prime Minister of Israel
Rose KennedyRose Kennedy
22 July 1890, American
American philanthropist

Melvin FranklinMelvin Franklin
12 October 1942, American
R&B Singer

Jonas SalkJonas Salk
28 October 1914, American
Medical researcher
Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharSubrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
19 October 1910, Indian

Aneta CorsautAneta Corsaut
03 November 1933, American
Actress, Writer
Iqbal MasihIqbal Masih
1983 AD, Pakistani
Children's Rights Activist

Mary WickesMary Wickes
13 June 1910, American

Madge SinclairMadge Sinclair
28 April 1938, Jamaican, American

Frank PerryFrank Perry
21 August 1930, American
Howard CosellHoward Cosell
25 March 1918, American
Alexander GodunovAlexander Godunov
28 November 1949, American, Russian
Ballet Dancer

Big John StuddBig John Studd
19 February 1948, American
Professional Wrestler

Fred PerryFred Perry
18 May 1909, British

Murray RothbardMurray Rothbard
02 March 1926, American
Kingsley AmisKingsley Amis
16 April 1922, British
Poet, novelist and lecturer

Eugene Paul Eugene Wigner
17 November 1902, American
Physicist & Mathematician

Nancy KellyNancy Kelly
25 March 1921, American

Alfred EisenstaedtAlfred Eisenstaedt
06 December 1898, German
Father of Photojournalism

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Robertson DaviesRobertson Davies
28 August 1913, Canadian
Author and Journalist
Ernest WaltonErnest Walton
06 October 1903, Irish

Jack ClaytonJack Clayton
01 March 1921, British
Film Director
William Alfred FowlerWilliam Alfred Fowler
09 August 1911, American
Nuclear Physicist and Astrophysicist

James MeadeJames Meade
23 June 1907, British

Christian Boehmer AnfinsenChristian Anfinsen
26 March 1916, American
Ronald KrayRonald Kray
24 October 1933, British

Warner E BurgerWarren Earl Burger
07 September 1907, American
Former Chief Justice of the United States
Georges J. F. KohlerGeorges J. F. Kohler
17 April 1946, German
Immunologist, Biologist

Peter Edward CookPeter Edward Cook
17 November 1937, British
Actor, Comedian, Satirist, Writer

Anatoly DyatlovAnatoly Dyatlov
03 March 1931, Ukrainian, Russian

Don CherryDon Cherry
18 November 1936, American
trumpeter, composer, jazz musician

Eva GaborEva Gabor
11 February 1919, Hungarian, American
Actor, Voice actor, Socialite, Stage actor,
Rory GallagherRory Gallagher
02 March 1948, Irish

Kenny EverettKenny Everett
25 December 1944, British
Radio personality

Donald PleasenceDonald Pleasence
05 October 1919, French

Jeremy BrettJeremy Brett
03 November 1933, British
Wolfman JackWolfman Jack
21 January 1938, American
Radio personality, Disc jockey

Gilles DeleuzeGilles Deleuze
18 January 1925, French
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, University
Burl IvesBurl Ives
14 June 1909, American
American singer

Bobby RiggsBobby Riggs
25 February 1918, American
Tennis player

Juan Manuel FangioJuan Manuel Fangio
24 June 1911, Argentinian
Entrepreneur, Formula One driver, Racecar driver
James HerriotJames Herriot
03 October 1916, British
Writer, Veterinarian, Autobiographer, Children's

Teresa TengTeresa Teng
29 January 1953, Taiwanese
Art FlemingArt Fleming
01 May 1924, American
Officer, Radio personality

Louis MalleLouis Malle
30 October 1932, French
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Camera

Charlie RichCharlie Rich
14 December 1932, American
Singer, Musician, Pianist, Soldier,
Warren E. BurgerWarren E. Burger
17 September 1907, American
Judge, Lawyer

Patricia HighsmithPatricia Highsmith
1921 AD, American
Simon Fraser, 15th Lord LovatSimon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat
09 July 1911, British
Politician, Justice of the Peace, Military

Siad BarreSiad Barre
06 October 1919, Somalian

Konrad ZuseKonrad Zuse
22 June 1910, German
German civil engineer

Aditya Vikram BirlaAditya Vikram Birla
14 November 1943, Indian
Business magnate
Odette HallowesOdette Hallowes
28 April 1912, French, British
Intelligence agent
Emil CioranEmil Cioran
08 April 1911, French, Romanian
Philosopher, Writer, Diarist, Aphorist

Orville RedenbacherOrville Redenbacher
16 July 1907, American

Roger ZelaznyRoger Zelazny
13 May 1937, American
American poet

Ken Saro-WiwaKen Saro-Wiwa
10 October 1941, Nigerian
Writer, Poet, Screenwriter
Emmanuel LevinasEmmanuel Levinas
12 January 1906, French, Lithuanian
Philosopher, University teacher, Ethicist, Writer

Stephen SpenderStephen Spender
28 February 1909, British
Poet, Writer, Essayist, University teacher,

Alonzo ChurchAlonzo Church
14 June 1903, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Michael EndeMichael Ende
12 November 1923, German
writer, children's writer, screenwriter, science

Chen YunChen Yun
13 June 1905
William KunstlerWilliam Kunstler
07 July 1919, American
Lawyer, Actor

Gunnar NordahlGunnar Nordahl
19 October 1921, Swedish
Association football player, Association football
Joe SlovoJoe Slovo
23 May 1926, South African

Lola FloresLola Flores
21 January 1923, Spanish
Actor, Singer, Choreographer

Michael A. HessMichael A. Hess
05 July 1952, American
Mikhail BotvinnikMikhail Botvinnik
17 August 1911, Russian, Russian
Electrical engineer, Chess Champion

Joseph NeedhamJoseph Needham
09 December 1900, British
historian, biochemist, writer
George AbbottGeorge Abbott
25 June 1887, American
Actor, Film director, Playwright, Screenwriter,

Robert BoltRobert Bolt
15 August 1924, British
Actor, Screenwriter, Playwright, Writer

Arthur MullardArthur Mullard
19 September 1910, British
Comedian, Actor

Mentuhotep IIMentuhotep II
Ahmad KhomeiniAhmad Khomeini
01 March 1945
Politician, Theologian

U NuU Nu
25 May 1907, Burmese
Pierre SchaefferPierre Schaeffer
14 August 1910, French
Composer, Radio personality, Engineer,

Mehdi BazarganMehdi Bazargan
01 September 1907, Iranian
politician, engineer

Ernest GellnerErnest Gellner
09 December 1925, British
Philosopher, Anthropologist, Professor,

Philip Taylor KramerPhilip Taylor Kramer
12 July 1952, American
Ingrid von RosenIngrid von Rosen
17 January 1930, Swedish