Famous People Who Died In 1965

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1965. This list includes people like Winston Churchill, Malcolm X, T. S. Eliot, Nat King Cole, Le Corbusier and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, playwrights, novelists and diplomats who died in 1965. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill
30 November 1874, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Malcolm XMalcolm X
19 May 1925, American

Stan LaurelStan Laurel
16 June 1890, British, American

T. S. EliotT. S. Eliot
26 September 1888, American

Nat King ColeNat King Cole
17 March 1919, American
Vocalist, Pianist

Le CorbusierLe Corbusier
06 October 1887, Swiss, French
Dorothy Jean DandridgeDorothy Dandridge
09 November 1922, American

Viola DesmondViola Desmond
06 July 1914, Canadian, American

Adlai Stevenson IIAdlai Stevenson II
05 February 1900, American

Shirley JacksonShirley Jackson
14 December 1916, American
Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
14 January 1875, French
Philosopher, Theologian

Lauri TörniLauri Törni
28 May 1919, Vietnamese, Russian
Henry A. WallaceHenry A. Wallace
07 October 1888, American
33rd Vice President of the U.S.A.

Dorothy KilgallenDorothy Kilgallen
03 July 1913, American

Clara BowClara Bow
29 July 1905, American
Syngman RheeSyngman Rhee
26 March 1875, South Korean

Lee Hoi-chuenLee Hoi-chuen
04 February 1901, Chinese
Opera Singer, Actor
William M. BranhamWilliam M. Branham
06 April 1909, American
American Christian minister

Linda DarnellLinda Darnell
16 October 1923, American

Nannie DossNannie Doss
04 November 1905, American
Serial Killer
Judy Holliday Judy Holliday
21 June 1921, American

Paul TillichPaul Tillich
20 August 1886, German, American
Martin BuberMartin Buber
08 February 1878, Austrian, Israeli

Viola LiuzzoViola Liuzzo
11 April 1925, American
Civil Rights Activist

Milton AveryMilton Avery
07 March 1885, American

Hermann StaudingerHermann Staudinger
23 March 1881, German
Paul Hermann MüllerPaul Hermann Müller
12 January 1899, Swiss
Edward Victor AppletonEdward Victor Appleton
06 September 1892, British

William MaughamWilliam Maugham
25 January 1874, British
Novelist & Playwright

Fan S. NoliFan S. Noli
06 January 1882, Albanian
Prime Minister of Albania

Joseph ErlangerJoseph Erlanger
05 January 1874, American
Philip Showalter HenchPhilip Showalter Hench
28 February 1896, American

Max VolmerMax Volmer
03 May 1885, German

Edgard VareseEdgard Varese
22 December 1883, American

Gloria Morgan VanderbiltGloria Morgan Vanderbilt
23 August 1904, American
Socialite, Actor

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Edward R. MurrowEdward R. Murrow
25 April 1908, American
W. Somerset MaughamW. Somerset Maugham
25 January 1874, French, British
Playwright, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter

Eli CohenEli Cohen
06 December 1924, Israeli
Farouk of EgyptFarouk of Egypt
11 February 1920, Egyptian
Politician, Coin collecting

Lorraine HansberryLorraine Hansberry
19 May 1930, American
Writer, Theatre director, Screenwriter,

Dorothea LangeDorothea Lange
26 May 1895, American
Journalist, Photographer, Artist, Photojournalist
Alan FreedAlan Freed
15 December 1921, American
Disc jockey, Radio personality

David O. SelznickDavid O. Selznick
10 May 1902, American
American film producer
Malcolm Wheeler-NicholsonMalcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
04 January 1890, American
Entrepreneur, Writer

Spike JonesSpike Jones
1911 AD, American

Owney MaddenOwney Madden
18 December 1891, British, American

Frances PerkinsFrances Perkins
10 April 1880, American
politician, sociologist

Frederick FleetFrederick Fleet
15 October 1887, British
Constance BennettConstance Bennett
22 October 1904, American

Father DivineFather Divine

Frederick BrowningFrederick Browning
20 October 1896, British
Military personnel

Sonny Boy Williamson IISonny Boy Williamson II
05 December 1912, American
Maxime WeygandMaxime Weygand
21 January 1867, French
Military personnel, Officer

Edogawa RanpoEdogawa Ranpo
21 October 1894, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Literary critic,
Geoffrey de HavillandGeoffrey de Havilland
27 July 1882, British
Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Test pilot, Aviator,

Gheorghe Gheorghiu-DejGheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej
08 November 1901, Romanian
Politician, Diplomat

Margaret DumontMargaret Dumont
20 October 1882, American
Henry CowellHenry Cowell
11 March 1897, American
Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist, Pianist

Moshe SharettMoshe Sharett
15 October 1894, Israeli, Ukrainian
Politician, Diplomat, Translator
Bill BlackBill Black
17 September 1926, American

Freddie MillsFreddie Mills
26 June 1919, British

H. V. EvattH. V. Evatt
30 April 1894, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Writer, Lawyer, Judge
Jimmie Lee JacksonJimmie Lee Jackson
1938 AD
Civil Rights Activist

Nickolas MurayNickolas Muray
15 February 1892, American
Photographer, Fencer
Ingrid JonkerIngrid Jonker
19 September 1933, South African
Poet, Writer

Hayato IkedaHayato Ikeda
03 December 1899, Japanese
Prime Minister, Politician

Arthur HolmesArthur Holmes
14 January 1890, British
Geophysicist, Geologist

Hugh Lawson WhiteHugh Lawson White
19 August 1881, American
Eduard EinsteinEduard Einstein
28 July 1910, Swiss
David SmithDavid Smith
09 March 1906, American

Abdul HamidAbdul Hamid
01 July 1933, Indian

William Somerset MaughamWilliam Somerset Maugham
25 January 1874, British

Kurt HeegnerKurt Heegner
16 December 1893, German
Harry Blackstone, Sr.Harry Blackstone, Sr.
27 September 1885, American

Thomas Stearns EliotThomas Stearns Eliot
26 September 1888, British, American

Bernard Mannes BaruchBernard Mannes Baruch
19 August 1870, American