Famous People Who Died In 1953

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1953. This list includes people like Joseph Stalin, Mary of Teck, Lavrentiy Beria, Hank Williams, Jim Thorpe and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, poets and physicists who died in 1953. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin
18 December 1878, Georgian, Russian
Communist Revolutionary & Ruler of former USSR
Mary of TeckMary of Teck
26 May 1867, British
Former Queen of the United Kingdom

Hank WilliamsHank Williams
17 September 1923, American
Father of contemporary country music

Lavrentiy BeriaLavrentiy Beria
29 March 1899, Georgian

Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
28 May 1888, American

Ibn SaudIbn Saud
15 January 1876, Saudi Arabian
Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas
27 October 1914, Welsh
Poet & Writer

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Eugene O'Neill
16 October 1888, American

Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt
23 January 1910, French

Sergei ProkofievSergei Prokofiev
23 April 1891, Ukrainian
Composer and pianist
Guccio GucciGuccio Gucci
26 March 1881, Italian, British
Italian Businessman

Hilaire BellocHilaire Belloc
27 July 1870, French, British
Robert Andrews MillikanRobert Andrews Millikan
22 March 1868, American

Ivan BuninIvan Bunin
22 October 1870, Russian

Syama Prasad MookerjeeSyama Prasad Mookerjee
06 July 1901, Indian
Indian Politician
Edwin Powell HubbleEdwin Powell Hubble
20 November 1889, American
Astronomer & Mathematician

Emanuel VidovićEmanuel Vidović
24 December 1870, Croatian
Gerd von RundstedtGerd von Rundstedt
12 December 1875, German

Edwin HubbleEdwin Hubble
20 November 1889, American

Carol II of RomaniaCarol II of Romania
15 October 1893, Portuguese
Jorge NegreteJorge Negrete
30 November 1911, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Abdullah Yusuf AliAbdullah Yusuf Ali
14 April 1872, Indian
Wilhelm StuckartWilhelm Stuckart
16 November 1902, German
Lawyer, Judge, Politician, Jurist

Bill TildenBill Tilden
10 February 1893, American
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Francis PicabiaFrancis Picabia
22 January 1879, French
Painter, Writer, Screenwriter, Poet

Citizen KaneHerman J. Mankiewicz
07 November 1897, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Journalist
Hugo SperrleHugo Sperrle
07 February 1885, German
Military personnel, Aviator
Raoul DufyRaoul Dufy
03 June 1877, French

Klement GottwaldKlement Gottwald
23 November 1896, Czech

Hugh Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of WestminsterHugh Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster
19 March 1879, British

Hans FritzscheHans Fritzsche
21 April 1900, German
Journalist, Politician
Hugo SchmeisserHugo Schmeisser
24 September 1884, German
Inventor, Engineer

Vladimir TatlinVladimir Tatlin
28 December 1885, Russian

George Herbert WalkerGeorge Herbert Walker
11 June 1875, American
Banker, Financier

Toni WolffToni Wolff
18 September 1888, Swiss

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Albert GleizesAlbert Gleizes
08 December 1881, French
Painter, Artist
Richard Walther DarréRichard Walther Darré
14 July 1895, German
Politician, Agronomist

Ibn Saud of Saudi ArabiaIbn Saud of Saudi Arabia
15 January 1876, Saudi Arabian
Erich MendelsohnErich Mendelsohn
21 March 1887, German, British

Arnold BaxArnold Bax
08 November 1883, British
Composer, Poet, Writer, Pianist

Ludwig PrandtlLudwig Prandtl
04 February 1875, German
Physicist, Mechanical engineer, University teacher
Alice PrinAlice Prin
02 October 1901, French
Actor, Painter, Art model, Amy Elise Boyfriend,

Lewis Fry RichardsonLewis Fry Richardson
11 October 1881, British
Paramedic, Cartographer, Mathematician,
Richard von MisesRichard von Mises
19 April 1883, Austrian
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher, Engineer,

René FonckRené Fonck
27 March 1894, French
Politician, Military personnel

Hans ReichenbachHans Reichenbach
26 September 1891, German
Philosopher, Physicist, University teacher

Ernst ZermeloErnst Zermelo
27 July 1871, German
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher

Nobuyuki AbeNobuyuki Abe
24 November 1875, Japanese
Prime Minister
George EdaljiGeorge Edalji
29 February 1876, British

Roger QuilterRoger Quilter
01 November 1877, British

Julian TuwimJulian Tuwim
13 September 1894, Polish

Julius RosenbergJulius Rosenberg
12 May 1918, American
War Crimes, Spy, electrical engineer
Vera MukhinaVera Mukhina
01 July 1889, Latvian, Russian

John MarinJohn Marin
23 December 1870, American
painter, architect
Francesco Saverio NittiFrancesco Saverio Nitti
19 July 1868, Italian
Prime Minister, Economist

Mary AndersonMary Anderson
19 February 1866, American

Ugo BettiUgo Betti
04 February 1892, Italian
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Judge
Fred VinsonFred Vinson
1890 AD
Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Representative, Judge

John ChristieJohn Christie
08 April 1899, British
serial killer
Florence SabinFlorence Sabin
1871 AD
Biologist, Immunologist, Educator

George H. WalkerGeorge H. Walker
11 June 1875, American
Banker, Financier

Emmerich KalmanEmmerich Kalman
24 October 1882, Hungarian
Rudolph SchindlerRudolph Schindler
05 September 1887, Austrian

James FinlaysonJames Finlayson
27 August 1887, Scottish
actor, comedian, stage actor
Florence Beatrice PriceFlorence Beatrice Price
1887 AD
Pianist, Songwriter

James Earle FraserJames Earle Fraser
04 November 1876, American

Chōjun MiyagiChōjun Miyagi
25 April 1888, Japanese

Étienne BalsanÉtienne Balsan
11 February 1880, French
horsebreeder, jockey
Louise-Rose-Etiennette GerardLouise-Rose-Etiennette Gerard
05 April 1871, French
Mărgărita Miller-VerghyMărgărita Miller-Verghy
01 January 1865, Romanian
Nurse, Linguist, Writer, Literary historian,