Chileans are known for their sense of humor, fun-loving nature, and love for music and dance. They are also famous for their prudence and wisdom. Chile was under Spanish colonial rule from mid-16th century to early 19th century until Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme together with José de San Martín, freed Chile from Spanish rule. Hard working and determined, Chileans began rebuilding their nation and Chile is today one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations. The country’s population is made up of people from varied backgrounds, the influence of which is reflected in their diverse cultures.

Cote de PabloCote de Pablo

12 November 1979

Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
(Former President of Chile)

25 November 1915

Pablo NerudaPablo Neruda
(Chilean poet)

12 July 1904

Salvador AllendeSalvador Allende
(Former President of Chile)

26 June 1908

Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende

02 August 1942

Gabriela MistralGabriela Mistral
(Chilean poet)

07 April 1889

Bramty JulietteBramty Juliette

19 June 1995

Roberto MattaRoberto Matta
(Surrealist Painter)

11 November 1911

Alexis SanchezAlexis Sanchez

19 December 1988

Andres BAndres B
(YouTuber, Viner)

25 November 1977

Mayte RodríguezMayte Rodríguez

25 January 1989

Sebastian PineraSebastian Pinera
(Former Chilean President)

01 December 1949

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Mariela GrifforMariela Griffor
(Poet, Publisher, Diplomat)

29 September 1961

HolaSoyGerman (Germán Garmendia)HolaSoyGerman (Germán Garmendia)
(YouTuber, Singer, Author)

25 April 1990

Andrés BurgosAndrés Burgos

25 November 1977

Arturo VidalArturo Vidal
(Chilean footballer)

22 May 1987

Alejandro JodorowskyAlejandro Jodorowsky
(Writer, Film director, Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, Film editor, Science fiction writer)

17 February 1929

Tom ArayaTom Araya
(Singer, Songwriter)

06 June 1961

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Michelle BacheletMichelle Bachelet
(Politician, Surgeon, Epidemiologist)

29 September 1951

Víctor JaraVíctor Jara
(Teacher, theater director, poet, singer-songwriter and political activist)

28 September 1932

José de San MartínJosé de San Martín
(soldier, politician)

25 February 1778

Roberto BolañoRoberto Bolaño
(Writer, Poet, Journalist, Literary critic)

28 April 1953

Iván ZamoranoIván Zamorano
(Football striker)

18 January 1967

Marcelo SalasMarcelo Salas

24 December 1974

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Marcelo RíosMarcelo Ríos
(Tennis player)

26 December 1975

Mauricio IslaMauricio Isla
(Chilean footballer)

12 June 1988

Fernando GonzálezFernando González
(Tennis player)

29 July 1980

Miguel SerranoMiguel Serrano
(Diplomat, Writer)

10 September 1917

Nicolás MassúNicolás Massú
(Chilean tennis player)

10 October 1979

Patricio AylwinPatricio Aylwin
(Former President of Chile)

26 November 1918

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Beto CuevasBeto Cuevas
(Singer, Songwriter)

12 September 1967

Eduardo Frei MontalvaEduardo Frei Montalva
(Chilean Political leader)

16 January 1911

David PizarroDavid Pizarro

11 September 1979

Orlando LetelierOrlando Letelier
(Politician, Diplomat)

13 April 1932

Ricardo LagosRicardo Lagos
(Lawyer, Economist, Politician, Professor, Diplomat)

02 March 1938

Chris WatsonChris Watson
(Politician, Trade unionist)

09 April 1867

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Ariel DorfmanAriel Dorfman
(screenwriter, writer, playwright, journalist)

06 June 1942

Mark GonzálezMark González

10 July 1984

Andrés BelloAndrés Bello
(Poet, Legislator, Philosopher, Educator, Philologist, Diplomat, Politician, Translator, Writer)

29 November 1781

Eduardo Frei Ruiz-TagleEduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle
(Civil engineer, Politician)

24 June 1942

Alfredo JaarAlfredo Jaar
(Artist, Painter, Architect)

05 February 1956

Miiko AlbornozMiiko Albornoz
(Association football player)

30 November 1990

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Isabel Allende BussiIsabel Allende Bussi

18 January 1945

Sergio Badilla CastilloSergio Badilla Castillo

30 November 1947

Hugo Gunckel LüerHugo Gunckel Lüer

10 August 1901

The nation’s folk music was revived in the mid 20th century by composers like Raul de Ramon, Margot Loyola, Luis Aguirre Pinto, and Violeta Parra. Chileans call their country país de poetas — country of poets—and for good reason. The nation has produced writers like Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda who received the Nobel Prize for Literature. Chileans have also made their mark in the fields of cinema and sports. Manuel Plaza Reyes, Luis Vicentini and Estanislao Loayza are among the great sportsmen born in the nation. Read on to discover about the life and works of famous Chileans.