Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile’? Well, most of you must have had, but how many of you do actually go by it? Only a handful, must say. Laughter is the best therapy to get past the teensy-weensy dose of blue and lift yourself up from the sense of sadness being experienced, but it is hardly ever used. However, thanks to the comedians who have stampeded television and films alike, we now have a reason to not just smile but laugh heartily. It may look insignificant and petty but all those funny remarks, silly conduct and hilarious one-liners go under the knife umpteenth times before being creatively polished and refined to make the audience laugh. Comedy is an art and comedians artists who swish their magic wand of words aided by their facial expression, body language and perfect timing to extract that magical laughter out of their spectators. And just like science, it has it genres to - wordplay, satire, black comedy and so on. Amused, are you now? If yes, the go through this list of British comedians who through their quirky one-liners and laughter-inducing packed performance have given more reasons to smile and laugh than frown!
Rowan AtkinsonRowan Atkinson
06 January 1955
Actor & Comedian
James CordenJames Corden
22 August 1978

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen
13 October 1971

Jack WhitehallJack Whitehall
07 July 1988

Freddie StarrFreddie Starr
09 January 1943

Ricky GervaisRicky Gervais
25 June 1961
Actor, Comedian
John OliverJohn Oliver
23 April 1977

Stephen FryStephen Fry
24 August 1957
Comedian, Actor

Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie
11 June 1959

John CleeseJohn Cleese
27 October 1939
Actor & Comedian
13 June 1974

Stan LaurelStan Laurel
16 June 1890
Noel FieldingNoel Fielding
21 May 1973

Rik MayallRik Mayall
07 March 1958

Richard AyoadeRichard Ayoade
12 June 1977
Richard Beckinsale Richard Beckinsale
06 July 1947
TV & Film Actor

Benny HillBenny Hill
21 January 1924
Graham ChapmanGraham Chapman
08 January 1941

Michael PalinMichael Palin
05 May 1943
Comedian, Actor

Sandi ToksvigSandi Toksvig
03 May 1958
Comedian, Writer
Eric IdleEric Idle
29 March 1943

Brian BlessedBrian Blessed
09 October 1936
Tommy CooperTommy Cooper
19 March 1921

Cilla BlackCilla Black
27 May 1943

Dawn FrenchDawn French
11 October 1957

Russell HowardRussell Howard
23 March 1980
Justin FletcherJustin Fletcher
15 June 1970
Actor, Comedian
Spike MilliganSpike Milligan
16 April 1918

Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams
22 February 1926

Johnny VegasJohnny Vegas
11 September 1971

Sarah AlexanderSarah Alexander
03 January 1971
Tim VineTim Vine
04 March 1967
Comedian, Actor, Writer

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Donald SindenDonald Sinden
09 October 1923

Mollie SugdenMollie Sugden
21 July 1922

Jack DeeJack Dee
24 September 1961
Stand-Up Comedian & Actor

Mark ThomasMark Thomas
11 April 1963
Peter Edward CookPeter Edward Cook
17 November 1937
Actor, Comedian, Satirist, Writer

Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
07 February 1962
Comedian, Voice actor, Stage actor, Film actor
Gavin McInnesGavin McInnes
17 July 1970
Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Comedian, Columnist,

Matt BerryMatt Berry
02 May 1974
Actor, Screenwriter

Stephen MerchantStephen Merchant
24 November 1974
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Radio personality,
Michael BarrymoreMichael Barrymore
04 May 1952
Actor, Comedian, Television presenter

Jimmy CarrJimmy Carr
15 September 1972
Actor, Comedian, Television presenter
Steve CooganSteve Coogan
14 October 1965
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Film producer

Paddy McGuinnessPaddy McGuinness
14 August 1973

Mathew HorneMathew Horne
06 September 1978

Greg DaviesGreg Davies
14 May 1968

Nick FrostNick Frost
28 March 1972
Miriam MargolyesMiriam Margolyes
18 May 1941
Actor, Voice actor, Comedian

Peter SerafinowiczPeter Serafinowicz
10 July 1972
Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, Screenwriter,

Paul MertonPaul Merton
09 July 1957
Comedian, Actor

Michael McIntyreMichael McIntyre
21 February 1976
Actor, Stand-up comedian, Presenter
Sue PerkinsSue Perkins
22 September 1969

Matt LucasMatt Lucas
05 March 1974
Television actor, Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Sharon HorganSharon Horgan
13 July 1970

Rob BrydonRob Brydon
03 May 1965
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Comedian,

Martin ClunesMartin Clunes
28 November 1961
Comedian, Actor, Film director, Musician
Bradley WalshBradley Walsh
04 June 1960
Association football player, Comedian, Film actor

Les DennisLes Dennis
12 October 1953
Actor, Comedian
Tony RobinsonTony Robinson
15 August 1946
Television producer, Television actor, Film actor,

Ben MillerBen Miller
24 February 1966
Film director, Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Film

Terry JonesTerry Jones
01 February 1942
Actor, Comedian, Film director, Screenwriter,
Simon AmstellSimon Amstell
29 November 1979
Comedian, Television presenter, Screenwriter,

Lee MackLee Mack
04 August 1968
Television actor, Autobiographer
Mark GatissMark Gatiss
17 October 1966
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Novelist, Voice

Mackenzie CrookMackenzie Crook
29 September 1971

Simon BirdSimon Bird
19 August 1984
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Film actor

David FrostDavid Frost
07 April 1939
Journalist, Writer, Screenwriter, Television
Sarah MillicanSarah Millican
29 May 1975
Tamsin GreigTamsin Greig
12 July 1966

Hugh DennisHugh Dennis
13 February 1962

Jo BrandJo Brand
23 July 1957
Comedian, Actor, Autobiographer, Screenwriter

Caroline AherneCaroline Aherne
24 December 1963
Actor, Comedian, Television producer, Television
Julian BarrattJulian Barratt
04 May 1968
Actor, Comedian, Composer

Michael CrawfordMichael Crawford
19 January 1942
Film actor, Singer, Comedian, Stage actor

Sean LockSean Lock
22 April 1963
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter

Tracey UllmanTracey Ullman
30 December 1959

Alan CarrAlan Carr
14 June 1976
Actor, Comedian, Film actor, Screenwriter
Josh WiddicombeJosh Widdicombe
08 April 1983

Vic ReevesVic Reeves
24 January 1959
Comedian, Autobiographer, Singer
Julia DavisJulia Davis
25 August 1966

Ronnie CorbettRonnie Corbett
04 December 1930
Comedian, Author, Writer, Film actor, Stage actor,

Ronnie BarkerRonnie Barker
25 September 1929
Actor, Comedian, Entrepreneur
Craig CharlesCraig Charles
11 July 1964

Harry EnfieldHarry Enfield
30 May 1961
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Bill BaileyBill Bailey
13 January 1964
Actor, Television actor, Comedian, Screenwriter,

Jasper CarrottJasper Carrott
14 March 1945

Robert WebbRobert Webb
29 September 1972
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Comedian,

Armando IannucciArmando Iannucci
28 November 1963
Satirist, Writer, Comedian, Radio producer,
Bernard CribbinsBernard Cribbins
29 December 1928

Chris LanghamChris Langham
14 April 1949
Comedian, Screenwriter
Adil RayAdil Ray
26 April 1974
Comedian, Screenwriter

Peter KayPeter Kay
02 July 1973
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter
Alexander ArmstrongAlexander Armstrong
02 March 1970
Actor, Comedian, Television presenter, Dub actor

Jim DaleJim Dale
15 August 1935
Nicholas ParsonsNicholas Parsons
10 October 1923
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality,