Famous People Born In 1893

Discover the most famous people born in 1893. The list includes people like Mao Zedong, Yip Man, Mae West, Wilfred Owen, Huey Long and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, soldiers and diplomats born in 1893. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & India and many more countries.

Mao ZedongMao Zedong
26th December, Chinese
Communist Leader of China
Mae WestMae West
17th August, American

Huey LongHuey Long
30th August, American

Roy O. DisneyRoy O. Disney
24th June, American
Co-Founder of Walt Disney Company

Omar N BradleyOmar Bradley
12th February, American
Former U. S. Army General

Joachim von RibbentropJoachim von Ribbentrop
30th April, German
Nazi Minister
Edsel FordEdsel Ford
6th November, American
Henry Ford's Son

Leslie HowardLeslie Howard
3rd April, British

Joan MiróJoan Miró
20th April, Spanish

William Moulton MarstonWilliam Moulton Marston
9th May, American
Paramahansa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda
5th January, Indian

Jimmy DuranteJimmy Durante
10th February, American
Actor, Comedian, Singer, Pianist
Wilfred OwenWilfred Owen
18th March, British

Alfred RosenbergAlfred Rosenberg
12th January, German
Nazi Party Ideologue, Author

Allen DullesAllen Dulles
7th April, American
Former Diplomat & Head of CIA
Prasanta Chandra MahalanobisPrasanta Chandra Mahalanobis
29th June, Indian

Fatima JinnahFatima Jinnah
31st July, Pakistani
Sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Conrad VeidtConrad Veidt
22nd January, German, British

Meghnad SahaMeghnad Saha
6th October, Indian

Yip ManYip Man
1st October, Chinese
Martial Artist
Albert von Szent-Györgyi Albert Szent-Györgyi
16th September, Austrian, Hungarian, American

Harold UreyHarold Urey
29th April, American
Albert JackaAlbert Jacka
10th January, Australian
Victoria Cross Winner

Mário de AndradeMário de Andrade
9th October, Brazilian

William DieterleWilliam Dieterle
15th July, German
Actor, Director

Ammon HennacyAmmon Hennacy
24th July, American
Christian Anarchist, Social Activist
Sam ShoemakerSam Shoemaker
30th November, American
Hermann GoringHermann Goring
12th January, German
German Military Leader

Andres SegoviaAndres Segovia
21st February, Spanish

Edward G. RobinsonEdward G. Robinson
12th December, Romanian, American

Dorothy ParkerDorothy Parker
22nd August, American
columnist, poet, screenwriter, writer
Lillian GishLillian Gish
4th October, American

Harold LloydHarold Lloyd
20th April, American
Actor, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter,

Madeleine AstorMadeleine Astor
19th June, American

Roland FreislerRoland Freisler
30th October, German
Judge, Politician, Lawyer

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Bugs MoranBugs Moran
21st August, American
Carol II of RomaniaCarol II of Romania
15th October, Portuguese

Dorothy L. SayersDorothy L. Sayers
13th June, British
Writer, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,
Francis OuimetFrancis Ouimet
8th May, American

Ivor NovelloIvor Novello
15th January, British
Actor, Playwright, Composer, Writer, Screenwriter,

Vera BrittainVera Brittain
29th December, British
Nurse, Writer, Poet, Novelist, Feminist, Pacifist,
Walter UlbrichtWalter Ulbricht
30th June, German

Mikhail TukhachevskyMikhail Tukhachevsky
16th February, Russian
Military personnel, Officer
Lazar KaganovichLazar Kaganovich
22nd November, Ukrainian, Russian

Raymond LoewyRaymond Loewy
5th November, French, American
Designer, Automotive designer, Postage stamp

Soong Ching-lingSoong Ching-ling
27th January

Emmy GöringEmmy Göring
24th March, German
Stage actor, Film actor

Alexander of GreeceAlexander of Greece
1st August, Greek
Frankie YaleFrankie Yale
22nd January, American

Dean AchesonDean Acheson
11th April, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Henry MurrayHenry Murray
13th May, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Blind Lemon JeffersonBlind Lemon Jefferson
24th September, American
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Street artist,
George GroszGeorge Grosz
26th July, German, American
Painter, Draughtsperson, Photographer, University

Juana BormannJuana Bormann
10th September, German
I. A. RichardsI. A. Richards
26th February, British
Literary critic, Philosopher, Writer

Prince Paul of YugoslaviaPrince Paul of Yugoslavia
27th April, Russian

Lili BoulangerLili Boulanger
21st August, French
Bill TildenBill Tilden
10th February, American
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Rahul SankrityayanRahul Sankrityayan
9th April, Indian
Linguist, Author, Autobiographer, Biographer
Walter WhiteWalter White
1st July, American
American civil rights activist

Fritz PerlsFritz Perls
8th July, German
Psychologist, Psychiatrist

Dora CarringtonDora Carrington
29th March, British
Chaim SoutineChaim Soutine
13th January, French

Palmiro TogliattiPalmiro Togliatti
26th March, Italian
Karl MannheimKarl Mannheim
27th March, German, Hungarian, British
Sociologist, University teacher, Writer

Ernst TollerErnst Toller
1st December, German
Playwright, Politician, Writer, Screenwriter, Poet

Frederick McKinley JonesFrederick McKinley Jones
17th May, American

Harley EarlHarley Earl
22nd November, American
Designer, Automotive designer
Hermann BalckHermann Balck
7th December, German
soldier, officer
Muhammad Zafarullah KhanMuhammad Zafarullah Khan
6th February, Indian, Pakistani
Politician, Diplomat, Judge, Lawyer

Hans FalladaHans Fallada
21st July, German
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Dorothy ThompsonDorothy Thompson
9th July, American
Journalist, Writer

Bai ChongxiBai Chongxi
18th March, Taiwanese
Herbert ReadHerbert Read
4th December, British
Art historian, Poet, Writer, Philosopher,

Gopalswamy Doraiswamy NaiduGopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu
23rd March, Indian

Norman Bel GeddesNorman Bel Geddes
27th April, American
Architect, Designer, Scenographer

Damdin SükhbaatarDamdin Sükhbaatar
2nd February, Mongolian
Army leader

Erwin PlanckErwin Planck
12th March, German
Erwin PiscatorErwin Piscator
17th December, German
Theatre director

Raymond DartRaymond Dart
4th February, Australian
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Prehistorian,
Federico MompouFederico Mompou
16th April, Spanish
Composer, Pianist

John P. MarquandJohn P. Marquand
10th November, American

James Bryant ConantJames Bryant Conant
26th March, American
Chemist, Diplomat, Teacher, University teacher
Roy Oliver DisneyRoy Oliver Disney
24th June, American

Edward Adelbert DoisyEdward Adelbert Doisy
13th November, American
American biochemist
Lewis Blaine HersheyLewis Blaine Hershey
12th September, American

Kurt HeegnerKurt Heegner
16th December, German

Roy BrownRoy Brown
23rd December, Canadian
aviator, military personnel

Dorothy L SayersDorothy L Sayers
30th November
Author, Scholar
Frederick JonesFrederick Jones
17th May, American
American inventor

Samuel Moor ShoemakerSamuel Moor Shoemaker
27th December, American
Karl Augustus MenningerKarl Augustus Menninger
22nd July, American

Thomas Raymond KellyThomas Raymond Kelly
30th November, American

John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton,John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton,
7th June, British

John Nash (Painter)John Nash (Painter)
11th April, British